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    Credit to AWildMew for the banner!^
    The Sacred Lake

    Welcome to The Sacred Lake. A lake that lies hidden away from everything but it's inhabitants, who live in peace and harmony with the lake and each other.

    News and announcements
    How to join
    Rank up and ranks
    Points and guild money

    News and announcements
    None currently.

    1. Follow all SPPf rules.
    2. Respect everyone here. Don't brag about your win or complain about your loss. Everyone wins and loses at some point.
    3. If you have a problem, get others to help. Don't use this as an excuse to say you lost to someone and complain about it, treat problems seriously. And don't annoy people about it when they can't help you, contact a leader.
    4. Don't join and quit every five seconds. If you join and quit frequently, you will be banned and unable to join ever again. Also if you do rejoin, mention what rank and how much money you had previously so you won't have to restart.
    5. All guild battles count unless both parties state and agree otherwise. If the battle ends due to disconnection, it will be seen as a draw and both parties must agree on a rescheduled date.
    6. Everyone MUST post at least once every two weeks unless.we are notified otherwise. If you can't post within that time, PM me or another leader or else you will be PMed that you have a week to post or you'll be kicked out.
    7. Have fun! :-)
    8. All guild battles MUST be recorded in this form:

    Opponent's Serebii name:
    Your rank:
    Their rank:
    Points and Lake Coins earned:
    Total points (out of 100):
    Total Lake Coins:

    You must be actively posting in the guild at least once every two weeks to stay in the guild. If you don't, you'll be PMed that you have one week to post or you'll be kicked out, then you can rejoin if you wish. If you can't post within that time, you must alert a leader.

    How to join
    Joining is simple. Just fill out the form and leave it as a reply. You don't have to copy the things in the parenthesis.
    Serebii username:
    Friend Code (3DS/B2/W2 or any other pokemon game you have. You don't have to put all of them unless you want to, however you must put your 3DS and one of your pokemon games.):
    Competitive experience:
    Reason for joining:
    Referred by (if anyone):
    Additional information (PO/PS name, etc.):

    Rank up and ranks
    So far, there is only 5 ranks. Guild members are welcome to post new ranks if they want. To rank up, you must battle either someone from another guild in a guild war, or challenge someone here in the guild. You get points no matter the outcome, but you get more points for a win, and even more for beating someone from another guild. You only need 100 points to rank up. The userbars aren't available just yet, but bear with us, we'll get them up soon!

    Rank 1: Trainee. You've recently been accepted and should start training right away.

    Rank 2: Lake Citizen. You're basically an average Joe. Not bad, but could be better...

    Rank 3: Junior Knight. You've been accepted into the Lake Knight Army. You don't have much experience, you're really just like most other knights in the army.

    Rank 4: Lake Knight. You're among some of the best Lake Knights ever. You only have one rank to go, you should be proud of yourself!

    Rank 5: Lake Guardian. You have made it to the final rank, and are the best warriors here. You command the Lake Knight Army with pride, and are some of the few lucky ones to be in the Lake Council, the only people who can contact the Lake. Congratulations!

    Points and guild money
    Points and Lake Coins will be distributed based upon the outcome of the battle.The points and Lake Coins earned will typically be the same and are as follows:

    Win: 10 points and 20 Lake Coins. 20 points and 40 Lake Coins for beating someone from another guild.

    Draw: 5 points and 10 Lake Coins. 10 points and 20 Lake Coins.

    Lose: 1 point and 5 Lake Coins. 5 points and 10 Lake Coins.

    So far, there is only two job positions available. Members may request a new job position if other members agree the position is needed. The jobs available are:

    Artist: About 4 needed
    Tutor: About 4 needed

    To request a job, fill out this form:

    Job wanted:
    Why you deserve it:

    If the request is accepted, you will be given a test to prove your skills. Payment for artists will depend on the art in question. Payment for tutors will be 50 Lake Coins per session.
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