As I had promised, I made a Club Banner. Featuring Gothitelle, Gigalith and Reuniclus, since they were the first Pokémon to be released and revealed at the same time via the first Triple Battle-styled screenshot. What do you guys think? I'd like to know your thoughts, so that I may improve on my Graphics for the future.

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Would you be interested in regularly held tournaments of Triple Battles? Would you be interested in Thematic or Special Restriction style tournments every so often, as well? If so (to both or either), what would you like to see? Certain rules? Prizes? Round Robin? Single Elimination? Something else?
Definitely interested. Thematic may be hard for some of us though. Restrictions would be interesting. I'd like to see some like "No Auto-Weather" or "No Tailwind/ Trick Room" etc. Maybe a PWT-style Elimination Tournament would be interesting.

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Setting up a permanent weather with zero consequences is unfair,no questions asked.
You only stand a decent chance if you run a weather team of your own, and they become very one-dimensional at times > <
Sometimes I wish GF gave Kyogre and Groudon signature moves, not abilities.

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Although I did have a battle with this one person who wiped the floor with me using a rain team and a Lumineon sweeper.Nice battle
I got swept by a Clamperl once. Without Rain. It was embarrassing, and also a great learning experience. For starters, I learnt that Deepseatooth Clamperl was a OPed sweeper in Trick Room.