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    Default ☢ Colress/Akuroma Club ☢

    ☢ Welcome to the Colress/Akuroma Club ☢

    Who is Colress?
    Colress is a scientist who is researching the power of pokemon, his goal is to bring out the full potential of pokemon, he is also the boss of team plasma in Black 2 and White 2, however Science always comes 1st for him and he doesn't really care about team Plasma as a whole.

    Click Here for More Infomation.

    ☢ Rules ☢

    1) All SPPf Rules Apply.
    2) No flaming, spamming or single sentience answers.
    3) Inactive members will be removed from the list after 1 month, you may rejoin if you choose to.
    4) No inappropriate discussion or posting.
    5) If you use or post any Fan art you must credit the artist.
    6) Breaking any of the rules will result in a strike.
    7) Have fun and try and keep the conversation going.

    ☢ Art Corner ☢

    If You have any fan art that you have made, feel free to post it and I will add it here.

        Spoiler:- Fan Art:

    ☢ Forms ☢

    ☢Sign Up Form☢
        Spoiler:- Sign up form:

    ☢Name Change Form☢
        Spoiler:- Name Change form:

    ☢ Members ☢

    Blood Red Absol

    spyro and sonic
    your boss

    ☢ Strikes and Bans ☢

    [x] = 1 Day Ban
    [xx] = 1 Week Ban
    [xxx] = 1 Month Ban
    [xxxx] = Permanent Ban

        Spoiler:- Strikes & Bans:

    ☢ Club Banners ☢

    Banners to help advertise this club, feel free to order one from an art shop or make your own, if you want to use any of these be sure to credit the artist.

        Spoiler:- Club Banners:

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