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Thread: Are you as obsessed as I am?

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    Default Are you as obsessed as I am?

    Okay, I have recently gotten back into Shipping about two weeks ago after a long break from it, don't know what happened but I have really, really gotten into it again.

    Like most days it is actually all I can think about. I think about it at school for the entire day, what my next fanfic story will be, what's gonna happen in the next chapter..! Man it's becoming intensely bad ! I spend hours looking up Ship photo's.

    Is anyone else in this boat with me?! Or am I just weird

    ps. What's your Ship?!?!
    Mine's - LeagueShipping (Super obsessed, can't even explain aha)
    - Then PalletShipping after
    - Then PearlShipping.

    What's yours?!

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    Umm... not really sure what the topic is here beyond "Do you like Shipping?" and since this is the Shipping section, I think we can pretty much assume the answer :P

    If you'd like to talk about why you like shipping this topic would be the place. As for talking about specific ships, if you want to talk about PearlShipping then here's the topic to do it in. We don't have a LeagueShipping or PalletShipping topic at the moment, but you could discuss both ships in the Favorite shipping involving Ash? thread.

    So, with all those bases covered and what with the fact that there's not much here to discuss besides the obvious, I'm going to close this. Feel free to check out the topics I've linked.

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