View Poll Results: What Nate shipping?

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  • Visorshipping: Nate x Rosa

    29 50.00%
  • GreySkyshipping Nate x Hugh

    12 20.69%
  • GirlNextDoorshipping Nate x Hugh's Little Sister

    4 6.90%
  • BassGuitarshipping: Nate x Roxie

    5 8.62%
  • Blacksquaredshipping Hilbert x Nate

    4 6.90%
  • Royaleshipping Nate x Iris

    8 13.79%
  • Brightnessshipping: Nate x Elesa

    3 5.17%
  • Transceivershipping: Nate x Yancy

    23 39.66%
  • Nate x Colress

    6 10.34%
  • Other

    7 12.07%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What Nate shipping You support?

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    GreySkyshipping. I'm not gonna lie. I'm a sucker for that hothead rival of mine

    Nate and Colress are also an interesting matchup
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    Who don't I ship Nate with? Haha, I ship him with practically everyone.

    Some of my favorite ships with him are Visor, Transceiver, Greysky, SpectralColor, Takeeoff, Brightness, Array, SecondBest, BassGuitar, Advent, Nate x Dawn (forgot what the name was), Nate x May (same), Nate x Lyra, and so many more.

    I also ship Nate with White Kyruem O.O
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    GreySkyShipping for me. You don't even want to know how much I love (And how dedicated I am to) this pairing.
    I started shipping them when I was playing White 2 and was in the Castelia Sewers (Quite a charming place to start). I was on Tumblr at the time while I was playing and was going through the Hugh tag when I saw a GreySkyShipping art. I looked at the picture and down at my game console, stars formed in my eyes, and in that moment, I became the Cheshire Cat.
    And the rest, my friends, is history.
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    I always ship Nate with Rosa, though sometimes I think he and Yancy would be cute together.

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