Since a nice suggestion came from a user who suggested me to open up my own thread, I will post my art in this topic.

Now, before you move on, I completely hold the Riolu/Lucario line in high regard. There's a bit of characterization in the art I'm going to be posting here, namely, the main characters of my main fic The Subspace Emissary: World's Conquest and the prequel called The Bond of Aura.

Chris: A normal teenager who is not really like many stereotypical heroes, he is well reserved and thinks clearly before doing anything. Chris is a very smart guy who manages to get high grades in school. His family is kind of rich, at the cost that his parents are very rarely home ever since he was 7. Raised by his relatives, he has managed to mature and take care of himself. Though all changes once a Lucario ends up in the real world by fate.

However, he abhors the idea of thinking too much that he has never spent too much time with somebody in special, and thus wishes to get Lucario to stay...

Lucario: He is not like your average Lucario. Though he retains the usual calm and serious nature, this one is admittedly vastly superior than any other Lucario due to the facts that he measures 6'7'' (not counting the ears) and has an unbelievable Herculean strength. Feeling that the only way to avoid doing anything wrong in the real world is through Chris's guidance, Lucario is mildly forced to listen to him.

Only with time, though, will he realize that the real world is such an amazing place, and that Chris is perhaps the one who can give so much to him...

That's the gist of both of my characters.

Now, I COULD post other art, but it'll be rare. So, without further ado, enjoy the art I have for the moment. Each piece of art has a title and a summary to convey the art's setting.

    Spoiler:- Santa Cario:

    Spoiler:- The (Already) Big Lucario Grows: