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Thread: AuraChannelerChris's Lucario & Riolu HQ

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    Default AuraChannelerChris's Lucario & Riolu HQ

    Since a nice suggestion came from a user who suggested me to open up my own thread, I will post my art in this topic.

    Now, before you move on, I completely hold the Riolu/Lucario line in high regard. There's a bit of characterization in the art I'm going to be posting here, namely, the main characters of my main fic The Subspace Emissary: World's Conquest and the prequel called The Bond of Aura.

    Chris: A normal teenager who is not really like many stereotypical heroes, he is well reserved and thinks clearly before doing anything. Chris is a very smart guy who manages to get high grades in school. His family is kind of rich, at the cost that his parents are very rarely home ever since he was 7. Raised by his relatives, he has managed to mature and take care of himself. Though all changes once a Lucario ends up in the real world by fate.

    However, he abhors the idea of thinking too much that he has never spent too much time with somebody in special, and thus wishes to get Lucario to stay...

    Lucario: He is not like your average Lucario. Though he retains the usual calm and serious nature, this one is admittedly vastly superior than any other Lucario due to the facts that he measures 6'7'' (not counting the ears) and has an unbelievable Herculean strength. Feeling that the only way to avoid doing anything wrong in the real world is through Chris's guidance, Lucario is mildly forced to listen to him.

    Only with time, though, will he realize that the real world is such an amazing place, and that Chris is perhaps the one who can give so much to him...

    That's the gist of both of my characters.

    Now, I COULD post other art, but it'll be rare. So, without further ado, enjoy the art I have for the moment. Each piece of art has a title and a summary to convey the art's setting.

        Spoiler:- Santa Cario:

        Spoiler:- The (Already) Big Lucario Grows:

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    Right now, I'm trying to draw Chris's appearance (which will resemble me in some ways). This specific artwork has Chris standing right in front of Lucario (you'll be surprised how tall the latter is).

    ...But the problem I'm having is that I can't choose a right set of eyes for Chris, but they need to be kind of anime-ish. I'm looking for some eyes that reflect Chris's mature attitude with a hint of kindness and worry. He better look the part if I want people to think that he deserves to be a worthy Lucario trainer.

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    It's about time I start drawing Chris from "The Bond of Aura" and "The Subspace Emissary: World's Conquest".

        Spoiler:- A Fateful Encounter:

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    Whoa, that's the biggest Lucario ever. Your latest work is pretty good but I admit, you can improve your works a bit but nonetheless, It's a good job.

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    Thank you for the support.

    Here's yet another piece of art I finished just recently.

        Spoiler:- A Teen & His Lucario:

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    Here's yet another artwork of mine. The original idea was to make it look a little more serious-looking, but the rather cartoony look I ended up with looked pretty peculiar.

        Spoiler:- A Christmas With Lucario:

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    This time, I decided to pay more attention to background details, as well as lighting and shading.

        Spoiler:- Keeping You Warm:

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    And 'bout time you do on your backgrounds because this one's actually good. The shading's also good. In fact, you improved on this recent artwork of yours.

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    Here goes, now characters of my fiction "The Subspace Emissary: World's Conquest" start to appear in my art.

        Spoiler:- Battle Party:
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    I think I'm on a serious roll with my artwork. Here's yet another Subspace Emissary's Worlds Conquest art featuring Lucario, Chris (as an Aura Apprentice), and Ash's Pikachu. (Funnily enough, I used this during Humanities class as a demonstration of what Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa influenced me to do: draw my own art).

        Spoiler:- Ride Through The Sky:

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    Now that I'm getting adept at drawing Chris and Lucario, it's time I moved on to drawing Fox himself.

        Spoiler:- Honorary Star Fox Member:

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    This special artwork was done for a friend of mine I finally got to talk to. It's a crossover with Lucario, Chris, and Fox meeting some wild Pokemon: an Absol, an Eevee, and another Lucario.

        Spoiler:- Emissaric Human-Watching: Art Gift for lupyne:
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    Here's a promotional artwork for the beginning chapters of "Return to Normality" Saga of the Subspace Emissary's Worlds Conquest.

        Spoiler:- Interrogation Battle:

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    It was about time I got to draw more Lucario and Riolu.

        Spoiler:- Licking Tears:

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    Aaaaaaaand here's a special artwork done for something I have I mind. I won't tell what it is, though.

        Spoiler:- The World Ends With Them:

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    A request from a friend of mine (lupyne). I let him suggest me what he wanted me to draw: a scene from The Bond of Aura.

        Spoiler:- Fluffycario The Terrible:

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    This is a promotional artwork for the chapter "A Reading Experience" of The Bond of Aura. Also, I tried to do some perspective training with this.

        Spoiler:- A Reading Experience:

    I guess the couch needs an angle adjustment.

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    And now for a bunch of Pokemon that will make Chris's team in the near future.

        Spoiler:- Not Everything Is Black & White:

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    This is a promotional artwork for the second chapter of "The Bond of Aura"

        Spoiler:- Eating Human Food 101:

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    To celebrate the announcement for Gen 6, here's Fennekin, my new favorite Fire-type!

        Spoiler:- Suddenly, Fennekin:

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    Lookie here, another artwork! I really like how Lucario turned out in this one. It just gives you a sense that it was an official artwork at some point.

        Spoiler:- Wii Boxing Is Serious Business:

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    Here's yet another TWEWY artwork, this time showcasing a particular pre-Noise battle scene of chapter 201 from The Subspace Emissary's Worlds Conquest.

        Spoiler:- ARE YOU READY:

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    Here's a new piece of artwork. It's the one that represents "A Carnivorous Aura Pokemon" from "The Bond of Aura".

        Spoiler:- Tasty Bone Is Tasty:

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    A quickie I did. It looks like my artwork is slowly developing... This one is a scene from the chapter "An Unbelievable Strength" from "The Bond of Aura".

        Spoiler:- The Powerful Lucario:
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    A new artwork is here, but this time I tried to work with perspectives once more.

        Spoiler:- Swimming With Lucario:

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