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Thread: Gpxplus Club v.3 (i think)

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    Cool Gpxplus Club v.3 (i think)

    The first gpxplus club I could find was started by Flurried Rains, but that one was closed, and restarted by Walcott, but hasn't been posted in since here's my try!

    This club is (if you haven't guessed already) all about gpxplus. gpxplus or Global PokedeX Plus, is a website themed around hatching pokemon eggs, and raising the pokemon that hatch from said eggs. We will talk about all things gpxplus here from site events to discussing any new novelty's that come our way.

    1.All SPPF rules apply.
    2.To join post using this sign-up sheet.
    Username: Espeon EX
    Gpxplus Username: Microwave101
    Your Fav Novelty: Charmander Clone
    Link To gpxplus Profile:
    Fav thing about gpxplus: The Novelty's

    3.ABSOLUTELY NO SPAM!! This includes one liners and off topic posts.
    4.This is not an egg guide because those are against gpxplus rules, if you need help finding out what your egg is you will not get it here.
    5.NO SWEARING AT ALL!! Young people use these forums too.
    6.And try to keep inappropriate references to a maximum of 0(meaning none!)
    7.Have fun!

    Banner coming soon!!

    Members List

    Espeon EX

    Have Fun And Please Join!
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