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Thread: <<Crimson Infinite>> Online ~PG14~

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    Count DVB
    Diego Vendrix
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    Diego sweatdropped at Red Athena's antics. "A regular fantasista, huh?" Diego said as he recalled when Nami called Zoro that. In Japanese, it stood for someone who had too much imagination. Oddly enough, it was also the Italian term for a striker in soccer.

    Diego saw Karai was the first person to go and save Athena, using her wolf to attack them. He then saw Crimson go and attack them also. However, he also that Crimson was starting to run out of Mana. Diego cursed hinwardly for his lack of buying potions. Then again, Monks could slowly regen their HP and MP or rather QP through meditation outside of battle.

    He then noticed it was his turn. He decided that he could fight with normal weapons for the time being, but Crimson needed his mana.

    <<Neidan: Qi Gift>>

    Diego pointed his bisento toward Crimson. The tip nearly touched his noses. Diego then let the qi flow through him and into the weapon before it sparked from the tip of the bisento and flowed into Crimson.

    <<Crimson: +15 MP>>

    Crimson Flame:
    80 HP
    75 MP

    Count DVB:
    90 HP
    70 QP

    Diego saw the wolves were still attacking Karui's.

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    The Hawkeye
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    Alleline grinned and began following Morningstar, the party of two were certainly an odd match for most other players, a Berserker and a Ranger. But Alleline didn’t care, she was actually quite happy to have someone like that on her team, someone tough and able to take care of themselves. The duo walked towards Deep Blue Beach, only being stopped once by a rather tough looking Serpent.

    Alleline jumped back and readied her bow, she watched her companion begin mutilating the small serpent. The screeching noises the small snake was making sounded so.. real, it actually somewhat sickened Alleline to think o the pain that poor snake must be feeling.


    What was she saying? This was a game. It wasn’t like her and Morningstar were actually fighting real creatures, even though it felt like they were. Steel yourself Alleline, let’s finish this thing off.

    Alleline fired her Crossbow in the snake’s direction, hitting it with a fine shot through the chest. The snake let out another horrible screech of pain, Alleline winced and fired once again, trying to put the snake out of it’s misery more than defeat it.

    <<Lesser Serpent | Hp: 55%>>

    Alleline readied her bow once again, hoping their combined efforts would finish the snake off.


    Amelia Watson
    Level 1 | Necromancer | Pear Des City

    Meulin glanced around the fantastic world that had generated in front of her, watching all the other players beginning to warp into the world at a rather fast pace. She glanced around. From what she knew about MMO’s you needed three things; One, a weapon, which she had already equipped and was ready to fight with. Two, a goal, and her current goal was to grind and hopefully gain some levels. And three, a party. That, was her second goal, she needed to find someone who looked strong, someone who seemed to be like a good help.

    She pulled out the world map once again, looking at the various shops that appeared on the map. She began walking towards one, hoping to find a party there, her face was buried in the map, watching her cursor move to the shop.


    She had just bumped into something, her cat ears darted up and she looked up from the map. it was a rather tough looking male avatar, he was wearing a scary looking wolf pelt atop his head. Her ears went down defensively and she looked at him.

    “S-sorry... I wasn’t watching where I was going...” She said, trembling. The boy’s name was <<Pyro>> according to the little icon floating above his head.

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    "There!" With a final cry, Daisuke brought down his blade upon his fifth <<Wolf>> in an overhead strike. The sword sliced through the wild canine's flank, its flesh unveil its digital insides. In a howl of pain, the mutt exploded into worthless data, revealing a scrap of fur that represented the <<Wolf's Pelt>>. 'Well then, that's one quest down, on to the next...' Daisuke thought, going over his next plan of action while sheathing <<Muramusa.>> 'Finish off a few more quests, buy that blade, see what the next town has in store.' Unclipping a vial from his hip, the blond samurai took a swig of a health potion, revitalizing him.

    <<Minor Health Potion used.>>
    <<Daisuke: 67% -> 77%>>

    'Hmph. Should look into alchemy,' he though, dissatisfied with the result of the concoction. 'Or maybe cooking, could carry into real life.' Daisuke snickered to himself, walking away from his hunting grounds, hoping natural regen would take care of the rest. He didn't get far when he spied upon a party of level ones struggling with a pack of <<Wolves>>. A girl with long white hair and heavy red armor made an attempt at the three <<Wolves>>, but after one swing of her whip, she fell into a trance, as it appeared to Daisuke. It inly made the mutts angry, who began to chase her around her teammates. Chuckling at the sight, the samurai took small steps towards the group, watching with interest. An Asian looking Lycan Rouge with sizable breasts called her own wolf to distract the wild ones, and chipped down their health in a couple wide slashes. A monk whom reminded Daisuke of an old cartoon took to the healing of the tamer's wolf, while a red mage sporting the classic wizard outfit went of the offensive.

    Mulling over his options, Daisuke stepped forward. The natural regen recovered 5%, good enough for him.With his hand gripped on the handle, Daisuke gave a shout. "Hey uglies! Over here!" The three <<Wolves>> ignored the samurai's futile taunt, instead keeping their attacks on the beast tamer's companion. 'Huh, not enough agro.' Daisuke pondered. 'But this makes things easier.' "<<Quick Draw,>>" Daisuke muttered, and in a flash of the blade, three quick cuts found their way on to the canines, wittingly there health.

    <<<Wolf 1: 23>>
    <<<Wolf 2: 67%>>
    <<<Wolf 3: 67%>>

    And while its attention was focused otherwise, Daisuke made his own assault on the weakest link.
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