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Thread: Wishful Thinking

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    Default Wishful Thinking

    Things you want it to come true but not.

    List one thing you hope it will come true!

    I have alot though.

    I shall list Pokemon game related.

    IV banning in Global Trade and Random Battling. Too many people I faced I can tell they used RNG abuse for shinies and IVs. With IV banning, battle will be much fairer. As I said, this is just a wishful thinking so this suggestion will not be approved...
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    What on earth is "IV banning"?

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    I'm guessing that she means you can limit who you encounter on those platforms by specifying the level of IVs on Pokemon and how many IVs they have close to a certain level. So you don't encounter a person who has six pokemon with perfect IVs in every category or something similar.
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    Too many things, probably..I have a big imagination, and lots of longings.. yeah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toobworm View Post
    Too many things, probably..I have a big imagination, and lots of longings.. yeah.
    A very agreeable statement.

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    That people in my school would stop acting like idiots
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