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    Quote Originally Posted by playerking View Post
    Kotetsu has a Gigalith, or he faced one I think.
    He faced one with Riolu...

    Quote Originally Posted by Chomper4 View Post
    Is Dino out?
    Nope, he's in! Dino for Champion!! I'm surprised Heatmor dude is out, and that Antonio is in..

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucario At Service View Post
    I think this is the first time in the anime that even-though a pokemon activated its ability, still ended up losing immediately.

    Also it seems the move which Krookodile dropped turned out to be Crunch. I really hope now that the writers really make Krookodile similar to Cilan's Pansage.

    Nice animation for Sludge Wave,

    Nope, happened quite a few times before.. And Leavanny didn't lose immediately. Eitherway, she did most of the work against Sawk.

    - Stone Edge
    - Dig
    - Dragon Claw
    - Aerial Ace
    - String Shot
    - Razor Leaf
    - Energy Ball
    - X-scissor
    - Mud Shot
    - Hydro Pump
    - Supersonic
    - Sludge Wave
    - Flame Charge
    - Fire Pledge
    - Flamethrower
    - New Fighting-type move?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dephender View Post
    Round 4 matchups
    My man Dino still in the game!

    They could just troll us all, and have Katherine win the league.. :P Eitherway, we know that everybody left aside from Kotetsu and Virgil are slight pushovers..
    - Ramone: Beaten by Dawn's Piplup
    - Dino: Beaten by Palpitoad once.
    - Antonio: Beaten by Dino once.
    - Katherine: Beaten by Ash once.
    - Itomaru: Don't see him winning against Virgil..

    Quote Originally Posted by Graham Aker View Post
    Katherine is still in the game huh? It's a bit disappointing they haven't interacted with her at all.
    I think this is quite the case.. But they haven't interacted with Dino either.. Funny..

    I can't remember correctly if Flora was Virgil's opponent, if so, then her Gothorita has evolved.

    Quote Originally Posted by An00bis View Post
    Think it's the first time for the " boost when you're down " abilities (Blaze/Torrent/Overgrow/Swarm). A few Pokemon lost with other abilities last region.

    I guess similar to Ash and Paul's Lake battle this is to show us that an Ability Pull won't always equal a win.
    Barry's Empoleon's Torrent kicked in and did nothing to save Barry's life.
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    Answer to all the bad things in the world: Give up on trying to make everything better. Hence, accepting it for what it is. YOLO! <- Click the link and daw.. -.-

    "If I had my way in DP, Ash would've hit the league with: Pikachu, Ambipom (his to keep), Torterra (Grass/Starter), Lucario (Ace), Chingling (Cute), Bidoof (Water-type) and Heatran (Fire-type)."

        Spoiler:- GenVII Starter names speculation:

    The second line is meant to be sarcastic.. Though there was a random trainer with a Heatran at the Sinnoh League..

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