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    Default Having trouble with the pwt

    like the title says, i'm having trouble with the pokemon world tounrament, the world leaders to be specific, i hope i don't have to raise completely new pokemon... if my team is seriously that bad i would like someone to let me know.

        Spoiler:- my team:

    well, i'm now rebuilding my team to the natures suggested:
    steps completed:
    1.catch a ditto
    2.hatched zoura with hardy nature
    3.caught a new marill and golduck
    4.successfully EV trained zoroark, placed 1st Pokemon into battle box
    5.hatched a marill with lonely nature (it was the closest i could get to adamant)
    6.caught a magnemite with mild nature (again, closest i could get to modest, i also changed its ability to sturdy)
    7.successfully EV trained marill, placed 2nd pokemon into battle box
    8.first world leaders win

    current goals:
    finish azumarill's moves
    find a held item for azumarill
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