Currently I'm tackling this new fan-fic with my ideas. It'll involve a theme called bond and blah blah blah. That's not the main point however.

I'm extremely curious to know your views on fossil Pokemon. For one, I know Fossil Pokemon are extremely rare. But in the anime episode: Archeops in the Modern World BW036, a swarm of Archeops appeared and the main archeops joined their gang and flew off.

This left me a huge question mark. Is it possible for swarms of fossil Pokemon to appear in my fan fic? My plot is to make the main character getting a wild Archen as his first Pokemon, as well as a herd of Archeops attacking him? Is it possible for a Archeops to appear in another region, say Johto (or Sinnoh in my fic?)

What are your views and thoughts on fossil pokemons? And the above questions?