After eating the delicious meal provided by the school, Alex hung out with Eva for a bit, before heading off to his dorm to get some sleep before the big day of first classes tomorrow.

Alex Caverly
Dorm Room

"Alrighty, let's get some sleep." Alex mumbled to himself. He brushed his teeth and showered before bed, before laying down in his bed. "Hopefully tomorrow will be an easy day." Alex thought to himself. He knew school was supposed to be hard, but usually the teachers lenient on the forst week of school, where the main focus is getting to know one another, and setting class expectations, etc.

The only real worry Alex had, was the competition. He knew to be one of the best trainers at the school, he would have to have the best Pokemon. His Pokemon weren't the best out there, but they were all he had. Alex groaned a bit as he turned over in his bed, and covered his body with a blanket.

"I'll start worrying tomorrow....I should probably get some rest." He mumbled, as he shut his eyes, trying to doze off.