The caramel haired girl beamed at Keith, "Hello! Nothing much, the usual with Shay and Drew! How are you?"
As if to prove her point, two mentioned students was in a deep glaring contest.
"It was your fault, hair-gel lover!" the darker haired sister snarled at the male.
"My fault? You got to be kidding me", the 'hair-gel lover' snorted in disbelief.
Marina sweatdropped.
"So, is that your friend over there?" Marina asked, mentioning the late student, "Oh, he's late, but my sister is usually late to her lessons too! She either skips, sleeps in, or naps in class!"
Shay glared at Marina.
"You didn't have to tell him all that!" she barked in annoyance.
"Hehe, sorry", Marina laughed sheepishly while Shay sighed.
"Oh, what's up, Keith?" Drew greeted casually, just noticing him.
Shay twitched, "Stop acting like a..."
"Like a what?" Drew challenged.

Marina sweatdropped again.
"Come on! Sit down before the grouchy looking teacher notices you're not sitting down!" Marina urged, still smiling cheerfully as she patted the seat next to her.

Meanwhile Shay and Drew was still in a fight, bickering a bit quieter than before to avoid the teacher.
"What do you mean, I act like a freakin' Snorlax?" Shay hissed.
"Like how you eat and sleep so much!"
"I do not eat much! I only sleep more!"
"My bad", Drew smirked, enjoying teasing the fuming female.
Shay huffed, giving up, "Bickering with you have no point"
Drew lazily smirked and slung his arm around her shoulders.
So cute! Marina inwardly squealed.

"Anyway, Keith, what's your next class?" Marina asked, aquamarine eyes filled with curiousity.