Silence Dogood
On (his) way to the second class

Young Silence Dogood had just witnessed the battle. For Pokemon of minute size, they were definitely bursting with energy. Silence Dogood had written everything he could infer from those Pokemon. Naturally, he knew that he couldn't judge a Pokemon by appearance alone, so he still needs to learn more. Maybe in the next class he will learn more about the different trainers.

He looked beside. Samantha Sparks didn't look very fine. She was probably afraid of the battle despite the fact that she had been battling for half a decade. The timid one is a big mystery. Silence simply went 'pssst' to her, implying that they should be heading to their next class.

While they walked, Samantha stuttered while saying, "You know Silence, I- I just met you and all, but-"
Silence raised his right hand and smiled. The effeminate man smiling was getting more common ever since meeting new friends in this school. It was, however, still a very rare sight.