Roxy Lockhearte and Demeitra Hansen
Road to Overgrown Forest

Dema and Roxy were on the ground, in pain from the recent blast of water scraping their bodies against the dirt floor. "Enough time wasted on these peasants!" Valora exclaimed as she pulled something out of her pocket. She held a crimson red gem shaped like a heart with an arrow going through the center. "Feraligatr and Sceptile focus your attention on finding the target" she said into the gem. Ferlaligatr's eyes flashed red twice and he race off into the halls in search of "the target".

" that?" Dema was able to mutter out a question while trying to catch her breath.

"That's nothing you need to know about, silly child" Valora chuckled. "But, I will let you know something, it's no ordinary gem that you find lying around" she said in an ominous voice.

"Why are you here?" Roxy asked in a distressed voice. "Have you not caused enough destruction to this school with your Pokemon?" she exclaimed.
"No, actually we haven't. But child, if you know what's best for you you'll not speak to me so rudely. You should be somewhat honored to have such a grand presence here" she stated arrogantly.

"And what presence is that?" Dema questioned defiantly.

"In due time, stupid girl. In due time" she said ominously.

Justin Metrix
Room 201

Justin saw that everyone had fled the room, so he quickly returned his Pokemon and headed out of the room. He began speeding down the hallway when he looked back and saw two flashes of red then a roar from Sceptile. Sceptile ran out of the room and down the stairs towards something or someone. "Where could it be going?" he questioned.

Justin then focused back on the task at hand. "Everyone get to your dorms! That's the safest place to be!" he exclaimed down the halls. Justin headed down the stairs and saw no sign of any Pokemon nearby. He saw the back door and decided to take that way out.

He was headed straight towards the boys dorm building, when he saw at a distance three figures. He looked closer and saw that he knew two of those figures off towards the Overgrown Forest. Roxy and Dema were on the floor, clearly in pain. Then some oddly attractive woman who looked like bad news by the expression on her face. "They're definitely in trouble" Justin whispered. "But should I help them?" he questioned himself.

(OOC: Sorry if this post is a bit rushed and short. I wrote this in the morning before school.)