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    Lucas Serenes
    Boys Dorm - Room 150

    Once Lucas finished playing his ocarina he laid back down on the bed lost in thought for some time. Just when he was about to doze off again he noticed Riolu trying to get up. Lucas sat up on the bed and told Riolu "Don't try to push yourself, you have at least until the storm clears to recover from earlier." He then paused for a moment and then asked "Or do you want to go back downstairs?"

    Riolu thought it over for a few seconds and nodded to Lucas.

    Lucas then got off the bed and picked up Riolu before heading out of the room.

    Lucia Ashford
    Boys Dorm - Lobby

    Lucia listened intently as Dema and Roxy told everyone about their connection to a certain Pokemon in their team.

    She noticed Justin hadn't said anything regarding his connection with any of his Pokemon and was about to ask him about it when Lucas walked in holding Riolu, who appeared to be wide awake. So instead Lucia asked Lucas "How's Riolu? Is he feeling any better?"

    Lucas nodded to her saying "I think he's recovered quite a bit, hopefully he'll be able to at least walk on his own by the time we leave."

    Lucia then remembered the new kid, Jason, and told Lucas "Oh ya, Lucas this boy's name is Jason. Jason Adriam."

    Lucas looked in Jason's direction and slightly stuttered "H-Hello." before sitting on the couch next to Lucia with Riolu on his lap.

    Lucas noticed Riolu giving a puzzled look in Roxy and Dema's direction and decided to tell him "I guess you haven't really seen them much since you were asleep most of the time. These are our new friends Roxy and Dema. Dema's the one who saved you near the forest earlier."

    Upon hearing Lucas tell him this Riolu raised his paw and waved to Roxy and Dema happily saying "Rio!"
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