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    Marina glanced to the source of the familiar voice.
    "Keith! Shay's teaching meeee! She just had a little bit of trauma!" Marina hollered back to the male on a Aggron.
    Shay groaned and her eyes snapped wide open when she saw the huge Aggron, "Holy Reshiram!" she screamed again.
    "Whoa, calm down, Shay! Breathe in and out!"
    "Its not helping", Shay groaned again, backing away from the Steel type pokemon.
    Marina's Zorua snickered, wagging her aqua tipped bushy tail, seeming to make fun out of Shay's situation, her Roserade glaring at Marina's Zorua in warning.
    "Pause, please!" Marina yelled before bounding over to Keith.

    "Hey! Sorry about the drama, Shay is scared of Bug and Steel types among some others, she's a tad overdramatic", Marina grinned sheepishly, her Volcarona trailing behind her, bright fiery wings beating slowly.
    "I'm right here you know", Shay huffed in response, hating how Marina told her weaknesses to someone.
    "Anyway, what are you doing here?" Marina asked curiously.

    Unknown Person (Hint: Initials are: A.B)
    Chillshore Beach& Boys' dorms

    A male drifted past Chillshore Beach, heading towards the Headmaster who waited.
    A few moments later, the unknown male nodded before setting off to the male dorms.

    "Hah, what do you know, Flame? Look at us, accepted to Realix Academy and winning the Sliver Conference", the male smirked cockily to an equally cocky looking shiny Charizard who breathed out red fire in response.
    "What do you mean, we're going the wrong way?!" the male demanded to his Charizard who grabbed him and flew off before gently setting him onto the ground at the front of some tall buildings.
    "...okay...I was wrong, man. Lets see, room 113...", the male flicked his hair out of his eyes, before opening the door.
    He strode down the corridor, with the utmost confidence, to the room that was assigned to him which he opened.
    He eyed at it in disdain, "Could have been better but it will do", he unpacked his things.
    Several moments later, he was finished, his glossy midnight hair threatening to fall back to his jade eyes again.
    He groaned in frustration before wondering out the dorm again, his Charizard keenly following him.

    He rounded a corner, "For some reason I have a feeling that we went round and round in circles", he uttered to his Charizard, ignoring the flirtatious looks from female students.
    "Hey look, seems like there's an amateur battle going on", he smirked to his Charizard who nudged him to another battle.
    "Oh look, another one. Probably some amateurs", he scoffed, glancing at the other battle.
    "Now which to watch...fully evolved pokemon going against each other or not", he pondered, reluctantly forcing himself to spectate a battle.
    Weighing all the pros and cons in his mind, he finally came to a decision.
    The fully evolved one it is, he thought in satisfaction, making his way to an awfully familiar voice.

    "Drew?" the said girl looked at him in shock.
    "OMG, ITS DREW!" the younger girl who he identified as Marina, squealed in happiness, tugging an older male along with her.
    "Hehe, oops, sorry Keith", Marina smiled sheepishly to the male now identified as 'Keith'.
    "What are you doing here? I thought you left and we're in the middle of a battle", Shay narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms, huffing haughtily.
    The others sweatdropped.
    Drew copied her huff and flicked his hair dramatically, "Oh, I won the Silver Conference and decided to study here, after all, my grades are flawless. I didn't see you battling that much"
    The dark haired girl twitched, resisting the urge to strangle the cocky, confident, male.
    "For your information, I won the Higaki Conference back in Unova!" Shay snapped.
    "They haven't really I changed, much, didn't they, Rua? And I can't waait for the roman-", Marina began dreamily.
    "As if that'll ever happen!" Drew and Shay yelled in unison, Shay blushing furiously before hiding her face.
    Marina began to gush on about what happened.A
    'Uhhh...Marina? Battle and Keith?' her Zorua hesitantly reminded her of her battle and the male beside her.
    "Huh? Ohhh right...sorry Keith!" Marina apoligized again, "How about we do a double battle instead?"
    "You know what? That's the second smartest thing you said today", Shay smirked.
    "Sure, I'm in, let me warn you, I'm tough though", Drew shrugged while smirking casually.
    "So, are you in, Keith? If you are, Drewy and Shay are in a team and we're in the other team," Marina asked before saying the rest in a rush, eyes sparkling.

    "Wait, before that, we should stop the Dragon pokemon first", Drew urged, pointing to the band of pokemon.
    "Zekrom, sorry again, Keith! After, promise", Marina apoligized yet again before catching up to Drew and Shay.

    "Kiseki! Blizzard!" Drew threw a pokeball into the air, releasing an elegant seahorse like pokemon who released a cold, white ice blanket over a few of the Dragon pokemon.
    "Kazan, help out, use Heat Wave!"
    "Brav, Dragon Claw, Kazumi, Blizzard and Ice Beam!"
    The attacks hit the Dragon pokemon straight on, some burning them, some freezing them while Kazumi's Blizzard attack missed.
    "Kiseki! Use Ice Beam on the Flygon!" Drew pointed at a Flygon who was surrounding two students.
    'King...dra', she released a beautiful, icy blue beam at the Flygon who recoiled at the diirect hit, staggering about, wings struggling to flap.
    "Kazan! Help eliminate the rest!" Marina instructed, gesturing towards the rest of the wild Dragon types.
    Drew suddenly smirked, "Ultra Ball, go!"
    "What!?" Shay screeched, "This isn't time for capturing pokemon!"
    Drew ignored her and the Ultra Ball clicked and the Flygon was captured successfully.
    "Shay! Watch your back!" Marina yelled, making Shay jump back and instruct her Milotic to use Hydro Pump on the Dragonite.
    "Reshiram, watch your back!" Shay gasped in horror as a Dragon type advanced to a distracted Marina.
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    Lucas Serenes and Lucia Ashford
    Trainer's Courtyard

    As the battle between the two girl's raged on, Lucia noticed Lucas and Riolu were nearby and went to up to them saying, "I should've figured you'd be watching this too."

    Lucas scratched the back of his head in response and said, "Well, we heard the noise so we came to check it out."

    But before the conversation went any further there was a sudden flash that knock Lucas, Riolu, and Lucia, who had Pichu on her shoulder, off their feet.

    When Lucas regained his sight, he looked to see Riolu on the ground rubbing his eyes, "Riolu! Are you alright?", Riolu then blinked several times before looking up at Lucas, "Rio!", He said with a reassuring nod.

    As a bunch of Dragon Type Pokemon showed up Lucia looked around saying, "What's going on, where did all these Dragon Pokemon come from!?"

    Lucas watched as the Pokemon started attacking people in the area and exclaimed, "Wherever they came from, we have to do something, people are gonna get hurt!"

    Lucia then looked at Lucas and responded, "But what are we gonna do? None of our Pokemon are all that effective against Dragon Types."

    "Then we'll do our best with what we have, we can try to hold them off until more help arrives!", Lucas stated, "Riolu!", Riolu exclaimed in agreement.

    Lucia let out a sigh and said, "Alright, if you're gonna fight them off here then I'll make sure people get to safety. But please be careful Lucas.", to which Lucas nodded to her saying, "I will. You be careful too."

    Once Lucia left to go help the others, Lucas turned around and saw a boy with a Glaceon going up against two Tyranitar and a Flygon.

    "Hey, three against one's not fair! Riolu, help them with Focus Blast!" Lucas shouted, prompting Riolu to get in front of Lucas and charge up a Focus Blast before firing it at one of the two Tyranitar.

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    Keith Weston
    Trainer Courtyard

    "What's her problem?" Keith wondered.
    "Mech aint nothing but a big ol' Teddy bear."

    "Anyway, what are you doing here?" Marina asked curiously

    " Just letting my Pokemon stretch a bit." Keith motioned toward the Pidgey and Palpitoad before patting Mech on his head.

    "Me and ol'Mech here thought we'd come see yall battling. See if Shay is as good as sh-" Keith was cut off.


    Marina the took off, dragging him with her. Keith felt goofy, him being su much taller and being dragged by Marina.
    "Oops, sorry Keith!" Marina apologized.

    "Dont worry about it. Im guessing you're Drew?" Keith stuck out his hand, but could tell Drew wasn't much of a hand shaker.
    Keith stood there listening to the conversation, when a battle was suggested.

    "What do you say to a double battle?" Keith was asked.
    "Sure, but I must say, Im not a great battler. I'm here for breeding."
    Just then, Mech started having a low growl, and Keith noticed him becoming uneasy.
    "What's wrong?" Keith noticed Mech really worried.

    Just then, a flash of light happened between them, then Keith heard Drew taking about the dragon Pokemon and Keith looked in the direction Drew was pointing. Keith saw a bunch of Pokemon.

    "What made them so angry?!" Keith yelled, hoping on Mechs shoulders. Keith returned Rose, and called tank.

    "Mech lets go!" Keith saw a flygon and 2 tyranitars closing in on a girl. "Tank go help the trainer with the Riolu! Mech, take down." Keith jumped pff, and watched his giant Pokemon hit the other tyranitar. "Head smash! Tank, hydro pump!"

    The blue frog used a powerful attack, knocking back the Tyranitar. While battling with the Riolu. Mech Bent down his head, and hit the Tyrannitar dead on. "Mech stand your ground!" Keith saw there tyrannitar charging in. It hit Mech back, but Mech was showing no sign of giving up. "Tank! Waterfall! Mech grab Tyrannitar, and use take down up close!" Tank hit his enemy, but it retaliated, with a hyper beam, knocking Tank out. "Tank return! You did good. Heh, you! Just keep it up, its weakened!" Keith yelled out to the other trainer.
    Mech hit the Tyrannitar hard, running until he knocked down two trees. The Tyrannitar was knocked out. "Damn..." Keith said as he saw the huge trees on the ground.

    Keith noticed a Garchomp running towards Marina. "Marina! Mech, head smash again!" Keith yelled. The huge metal bodied Pokemon took off. Hitting the land shark right before it got to Marina, and knocking it into a huge boulder.
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    Eliazabeth Greene
    Girl's Dormitary

    The girl introduced herself as Samantha Sparks. She seemed like a nice enough girl, even if she seemed to completely lack confidence. Immediately after that though a strange and off putting girl came from behind her and stared at Elizabeth. Something wasn't right about her...other than the fact that she only had one eye and she was giving Elizabeth an intimidating stare.

    Of course, Elizabeth didn't say anything. She knew it didn't leave a good first impression to someone when you show them fear when they try to force it out of you. Instead, Elizabeth stared back, and gave her a polite nod to signify that she was aware of her presence, and not afraid of her either.

    The strange girl patted Samantha on the head (Which Elizabeth thought was a little creepy), then held out her hand. "Thi- this is Silence Dogood, coordinator. I'm a combat trainer. She doesn't sp- speak much..." Samantha told Elizabeth.

    Elizabeth returned the gesture and shook her hand while saying, "Its a pleasure to meet you Silence. I am Elizabeth Greene. So, are the two of you friends?"

    Suddenly, Elizabeth heard what sounded like shouting and fighting outside. "What on earth is that?" Elizabeth stood still for a moment to listen. "Must be coming from the courtyard outside. Shall we investigate?"


    Johnathan Jones
    His Room, Boy's Domitary

    Johnny was suddenly woken up by a loud noise outside. "What in tarnation was that?" He quickly got out of bed and looked out the window, which had a perfect view of the Trainer's Courtyard. Holy hell, that's alot of dragons! I gotta go help!

    Johnny grabed his belt with his Pokeballs on it and ran out to the courtyard. I gotta go help...famous last words if I ever heard 'em.


    Sergio Valentine
    Trainer's Courtyard

    Man, this sucks. I haven't found anyone who wants to battle me! At least I can watch other people battle I guess... Sergio was watching several battles happen at once when suddenly a battle between two girls ended abruptly when an attack that came from the forest knocked out both trainer's Pokemon.

    "The hell?" Sergio said out loud when he suddenly noticed several dragon coming from the forest. "Oh, now we're talking! Blaze, Spike, Bolt, its go time!!"

    He threw all three Pokeballs at once, releasing all three of his Pokemon. He had absolutely no idea what was happening, but since it meant he got to actually battle he honestly didn't care. Now, Sergio wasn't a total idiot. He knew his team couldn't take on all these large Dragon Pokemon, so he picked one out from the crowd.

    A large Haxorus was charging towards a group of students. Perfect. "Bolt, stop him in his tracks with Spark! Blaze, follow up with Torment to grab his attention! Spike, use Dig and attack from behind!"

    All three Pokemon immediately went to work. "Biii!" Spike quickly dug a hole in the ground and disappeared from view. "Luuuuuuuux!" Bolt charged the Haxorus and tackled him from the side with Spark. Since the Haxorus was huge and resistant to Electricity, all Bolt managed to do is throw him off balance and piss him off; exactly what was intended. Before the Haxorus could retaliate though, a rock hit him on the back of his head. The Haxorus turned around to see Blaze throwing more rocks at him and slapping his a**.

    "ROOOOOOOOOWR!" The Haxorus instantly drew his attention to Blaze instead, and charged at him. Blaze jumped out of the way and climbed up a tree, dodging his attack. The Haxorus charged the tree and cut it down with a single stroke of it's blades, but Blaze jumped out of the tree and onto the Haxorus' head then slided down his back and hopped off his tail. The Haxorus roared loudly again, but was suddenly cut shory when the ground gave way under him and Spike attacked him from below while at the same time trapping him in his tunnel.

    Spike tunneled his way out from under the Haxorus as it struggled to free itself from the hole. "Now's your chance! Throw everything you got at 'em guys!" Bolt immediately charged into action and used Bite on the Haxorus from behind. As he turned around to strike Bolt, Blaze unleased a flurry of Fury Swipes at him. The Haxorus roared again, but this time sounding somewhat weak. "Time to finish him off! Use Dragon Claw Spike!" Spike was just climbing his way out of another hole as he heard the command and charged at the Haxorus. "Gabiiiiiiiii!" The Haxorus swiped at Spike, but missed as Spike jumped up into the air and struck the final blow on him from above. The Haxorus let out one more weak sounding roar before collapsing into the hole it was stuck in.

    "You guys rocked out there!" Sergio said, complementing his team. The three Pokemon looked pleased at their work; though Blaze poked the Haxorus just to make sure it was knocked out. "And to the winner goes the spoils," Sergio said while taking out a Pokeball, ready to catch the Haxorus with it.

    (OoC: I just want to make sure you'd be ok with Sergio catching the Haxorus before I do anything. It would probably not be a permanant member to his team; he'd likely show to other people as bragging rights then give it to someone else. He likes balance, so since he already has a Dragon on his team he probably wouldn't want him.

    And yes, he did just take a Haxorus down with his team without them taking damage. Sure, it was 1 vs 3, but still. I wasn't kidding when I said Sergio is a really good Trainer. )
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    "Whoa, that was close", Marina gasped, "Thank you, Keith!"
    "Marina! Are you okay?" Shay yelled, concern written all over her face.
    "Yes, thanks to Keith! Behind you, again!"
    Shay groaned, "Kazumi, use Blizzard on the Haxorus!"
    The sunset colour Milotic responded, blowing a white blanket of ice and snow, almost knocking out the opponent.
    "Ultra Ball!"

    "Hypocrite!" Marina heard Drew yell.
    Shay shrugged, "Desperate measures"
    Drew smirked, "Guess I'm the trend setter then"
    Shay twitched again.
    "Marina! Try to capture one pokemon! It'll make this thing easier!" Shay decided to ignore Drew.
    Marina scrambled to her feet before releasing her Roserade who was still hurt from the previous battle.
    "Rua, Kazan, Bara! Attack that Garchomp!" Marina ordered, a bit hesitant.
    Her Zorua attacked it furiously with her signature move, Night Daze, releasing a dark matter.
    Her Volcarona used Bug Buzz before her Roserade unleashed a veil of petals.
    The Garchomp retaliated by using a move Drew recognized.
    "Run! Its Draco Meotor!"
    "Too late", Shay commented.
    A meotor hit her Roserade badly, knocking her out.
    "Return! Thank you for the help...", Marina trailed off before locking her gaze at the weak Garchomp, "Go, Ultra Ball!"

    Drew released his Zweilous, "Daini, use Draco Meteor!"
    Once again, rocks and meteors crashed onto the land.
    "You're paying", Shay muttered, wincing at the damage done.
    Drew smirked, "No worries"

    Shay faced the three Dragon types: a Dragonite, Tyranitar and a Hydreigon.
    "Kazumi, quickly, Blizzard and Ice Beam combo!" she barked.
    Her Milotic blasted out ice attacks with such ferocity that Shay had to shield herself from the impact.
    "Now, Brav! Dragon Claw on the Hydreigon and Dragonite using Aerial Ace and Fly!"
    Her Braviary obediently swooped down, speed increasing by his Aerial Ace attack, claws gleaming with a purple glow before he screeched and attacked the Dragon types.

    "Aren't you overworking them? You should be nice to them", Marina commented, distracting the other Dragon types.
    "I'm not forcing them and I am nice to them. And by the way, you can't win famous competitions for being nice, you have to push yourself beyond your limit", Shay retorted.
    Marina grew quiet and considered her sister's words.

    "There. Defeated", Shay said with satisfaction, her pokemon finally defeating the Dragon types.
    "Kazumi, Recover and Brav, I'll heal you soon", the said pokemon had managed to survive the several super effective Thunders from the Dragon pokemon.
    Kazumi glowed a light pink, her wounds slowly disappearing while Brav winced in pain.
    "Return, thanks for the help, Brav", Shay returned her Braviary who once again, fought valiantly.

    "We're done too!" Drew called out, flicking his hair, "How about you guys, Marina and Keith?"
    "Almost!" Marina grinned weakly, obviously not very used to battling yet.

    "Finish up! We have to go to heal, then we'll come back to help", Shay called over her shoulder as she jogged away with Drew.

    "Great", Marina muttered, watching them leave, "Oh well. They're almost defeated so no use for Conference winners to help anymore"
    "Oh, I forgot to tell you Keith, Shay won the Conference in Unova and Drew won the Conference in Johto", Marina hurriedly explained while make hand signals to her pokemon to continue attacking the last few pokemon.

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    Monifa Carson | [x]
    Campus Pokemon Center

    Monifa heard what others had seen. It was a sort of odd rumble. If it weren’t for the sudden jabbering, she would have passed if off as some overly charged attack from the outside. That seemed to be the other spectators’ first assessment of the phenomenon. If only it could have stayed that way. Her ears picked up a faint click and a dying whir that could only be associated with downed electricity. The students were becoming increasingly feverish, moving around restlessly. Grunting could be heard coming from the front of the lobby from students trying to pry the glass doors open in haste. A few were at the desk, hounding Nurse Joy for their Pokémon.

    “Please remain calm everyone,” Nurse Joy tried to call above the clamor with a voice that wasn’t exactly made for issuing loud commands. “Your Pokémon are fine. All medical and emergency equipment are functioning with back up power. There’s no cause for alar-” And something exploded through the glass doors to contradict her statement. Loud, rapid flapping filled the area and zoomed around the room.

    Monifa ducked, feeling and hearing one zoom past. The noise of the creatures sounded familiar and that’s when it clicked. A swarm of Vibrava? Students were yelling and screaming, calling for their Pokémon. Those who already had theirs out began commanding attacks. Before long burning smells filled the lobby. Loud booms ricocheted back and forth off the walls. The formerly quiet Pokémon Center had turned into pandemonium central.

    A pair of paws grabbed Monifa’s shoulder and pressed her down onto the couch to narrowly evade a passing Vibrava. Her shades fell away from her face and hat off her head. “Thanks Plush,” Monifa said as she righted herself. “I know we’re not trainers, but we’ll need to help take care of this problem fast.” Plush agreed. The problem now was where to start. Her thoughts were cut short by a rapidly approaching buzz. “We have one incoming. Hit it with an egg bomb!”

    Plush lifted the egg from her pouch. It hummed with building energy and when it leveled out, Plush hurled it at the approaching Vibrava. A boom and pained cry signaled the attack hit its mark. The floor trembled slightly when the young dragon Pokémon crashed into it. Monifa congratulated her Pokémon, but their work was not yet done. All the noise made it difficult in pinpointing their next target. Without Ultros there to give her sight she would have to rely on her easily distracted Abra. I wonder how Ultros is doing. He's probably going crazy back there if he knows what's happening. No sooner had she stuck her hand in the pocket of her pants did much of the flapping and buzzing subside, somewhat.

    They landed? Monifa paused in her motion. The other trainers sounded like they did the same as well and were glancing around in confusion. Plush stood in front of her trainer, ready to block any attack that was to come. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be a concussion blast they would have to deal with. The flapping and buzzing returned with a vengeance, but it wasn’t all over the room. The Pokémon still remained in their spots, but continued to flap their wings. Monifa was probably amongst the first to catch the high frequency noise emitted by their incessant flapping. She hurriedly placed her hands over her ears as pain began creeping into her head. It wasn’t long before many of the others started feeling the effects and shielded their ears as well. As if to make their torture even worse, the vibration Pokémon unleashed a unified screech attack. Monifa’s yelling drowned amongst the other screams, cries and most of all, the screeching. It felt like someone was trying to split her brain open.

    She yelled as loud as she could. “P-Plush! This has to stop! Use gravity!” She wasn’t certain if her command got through, but she felt an uncomfortable weight applied to her shoulders, she knew it had. The screeching stopped abruptly as the invisible field forced the Vibrava to the ground. “Follow it up with sing!” If anyone else’s eardrums were like hers at the moment, she doubted sing would affect them. The only ones to really catch it would be the Vibrava. Plush’s melodic tune could barely be picked up through the uncomfortable ringing in hers ears, but covered them just to be safe as Blissey projected her voice through the lobby.

    “If anyone’s still awake, now’s your chance!” Monifa announced. The buzzing had yet to return and the gravity was still in effect. It was now or never.

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    ((OOC: I decided to replace take down with giga impact.))
    Keith Weston

    "Really? Thats cool." Keith said, walking with Marina, Mech behind, shosing his tiredness, but not willing to go back into the pokeball.

    Just then, a boulder came hurdling down, and hit Mech. It was the Tyrannitar again.

    "Mech! Use Giga Impact! Marina, run!" Mech tried but The Tyrannitar was faster and used dragon claw. It hit Mech pretty hard.
    "Mech! C'mon.... ice beam! I totally forgot!" Mech charged up, and unleashed ice beam on Tyrannitar. It froze it, so Keith decided to take advantage.

    "Giga impact!" Mech took off with large power. He hit shattering the ice, the Tyrannitar was very weak.
    "Go, heavy ball!" The pokeball pulled the Tyrannitar in. It shook 1...2...3. Click!

    "Yeah! C'mon Mech." Keith walked over, got the pokeball. And saw Marina had stayed.
    "Ha. Wouldve liked to raise it when it was younger but hey, Mech needs a training buddy. Beside, you took the Garchomp." Keith gave a gentle shove, making Marina stagger a bit.

    "Oops, sorry, forgot how short you was," Keith says jokingly, "..Hey, do you think Shay... Likes Drew? The two seem great for each other. Haha." The two walked to the Pokemon centre, taking along the way.
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    Marina laughed, "I think they liked each other for ages but they don't want to admit it!"
    She paused, "But you know, they haven't seen each other for about a couple of years so today was the first time they met in years"
    Her Zorua nodded on her shoulder,
    Marina glanced around quickly before lowering her voice, "Rumors say that his family engaged him to this daughter of a wealthy family who owns huge estates, his fangirls got sooooo mad despite it being a rumor!"
    Marina kept blabbering on, "Shay's looks strong but inside she's emotionally insecure, she's scared that her best friend would leave her again, and she's too scared to confess, she thinks that their friendship would be ruined if he rejects her"
    She suddenly looked embarrassed, "Sorry for talking so much..."

    Drew and Shay
    Pokemon Center

    Shay walked with Drew, a subtle blush on her face as she awkwardly talked with Drew.
    She hated how she acted, like a fool in love.
    Well...that's not far off...Shay trailed off in her mind.

    "So have you been?" Shay awkwardly asked, all past confidence gone.
    "Skitty got your tongue?" Drew teased, "I've been fine, a few family problems here and there, but fine"
    "Forget's your battling doing?" Shay quickly asked.
    "Better, probably better than yours right now", Drew smirked, flicking his hair.
    Instead of challenging him like she would always do, she fell silent, cherishing the meeting that happened for the first time in years.
    "How about yours?"
    "...won the Higaki Conference back in Unova", she replied carefully.
    Drew rose an elegant eyebrow, "I thought you were lying"
    Shay twitched and resisted the urge to once again, strangle him, "I didn't! Did you win the Silver Conference?"
    Drew threw his head back laughing, "Of course!"
    "Wait, we have to double battle with Keith and Marina", Shay suddenly remembered.
    "Healing first, my lady", he said before mocking her after, making a reference to her family status.
    "Whatever", was her brilliant reply.

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    Silence Dogood and Samantha Sparks
    Girl's Dormintaries

    Elizabeth Greene. That was a beautiful name. Silence Dogood simply kept his emotionless face, but deep within, he was smiling. He felt Elizabeth's hands in his own, and began to blush a little. The gender-confused silent one was not one to make good impressions, but he was definitely one with a heart of gold. Truly Silence Dogood's name was misleading, since it appeared that in this case, being silent had no benefits.

    The lady before him asked if he was friends with the yellow-clad lady by the name 'Samantha Sparks'. He simply nodded, while Samantha replied, "we... we just met..." With that, Samantha began to smile dimly.

    Just then, a loud ruckus was heard, causing the nervous wreck Samantha Sparks to tremble in fear once more. It was difficult to think of something that wouldn't make her cry. Elizabeth then asked whether they would like to investigate the ruckus. "I guess a look wouldn't hurt..." Samantha, shy and cautious, did not want to be rude. Silence Dogood did his usual nod, implying an 'OK, let's do this.' They were ready to gaze upon something...

    Trainer's Courtyard

    "Eep!" Samantha immediately hid behind Silence upon reaching the Trainer's Courtyard. Dragons were cool and such, but before their eyes was a whole swarm of dragons. To fend them off, he needed all the firepower he could get.

    Silence Dogood silently sent out his arsenal of three - a Rotom, a Cryogonal and a Beldum. Cryogonal's superior Special Defenses were great, but in turn, it had poor physical defenses, and its moves were supereffective against Dragons. Beldum has type resustance, but only knew one move. Rotom on the other hand, was practically quite weak. That is, in his regular form.

    With that, Cryogonal and Beldum went up ahead. Cryogonal began to use Blizzard on Beldum's back while it used Take Down, freezing it in solid ice while it continuously charged at the dragons. This combo may have been so overused to the extent that Silence never used it in competitions. Needless to say, it has its uses for combat. It managed to hit a pair of Vibrava, causing them to fall to the ground.

    Samantha then timidly sent out a very interesting Pokemon. This Pokemon was a Beautifly. It wasn't an ordinary Beautifly. It was a Beautifly with wings of the same colour pattern as a Monarch Butterfly, whatever that was. "Qui... Quiver Dance, then Sleep Powder!"

    With that, the Beautifly flapped its mainly-orange wings, shimmering under the sun, before dashing about at great speed, applying Sleep Powder on the flying dragons, one by one. This could take a while. A Salamence almost toasted the bug with Flamethrower, but another actually managed to soak her with Hydro Pump, pushing the bug back.

    Silence had no interest in this colony. He began to take out metal pieces from his bag. What was he building was another story. Why he was building it was the main one. Silence whispered while his Rotom made electrical yet spooky noises, feeling glee.

    Among these powerful dragons was a tiny Trapinch. It must've followed its family and gotten lost. It possessed the ability Arena Trap. That was really, really bad.

    Samantha sent out her two other Pokemon - a Jolteon and a Zebstrika. Well, that was pretty sad.

    The Trapinch curled up into a ball as much as it could, before rolling at Samantha's two Pokemon with a Bulldoze. Zebstrika negated with a Stomp, but the rolling impact of the attack pushed him away. Up next was Jolteon, dodging the attack with Magnet Rise. The Trapinch then proceeded with a Crunch to strike Rotom. This was not good. Rotom proceeded to use Shadow Ball, but the attack was negated with a Crunch, followed by another heading for Rotom...

    Just then, Samantha's Jolteon struck the Trapinch with a simple Signal Beam. Jolteon's strength greatly weakened Trapinch. With that, Samantha threw a Pokeball at it.

    3... 2... 1...
    Gotcha! Trapinch was caught!

    After Samantha picked up her Pokeballs, a Hydreigon and a pair of Deino appeared in front of the trio, and Silence was still building. Samantha almost chickened out when the Hydreigon readied its three heads for tri-attack...

    OoC: I hope you don't mind my capture. Trapinch does evolve into a Dragon-Type, and I like the fun in evolving Pokemon.
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    Monifa Carson | [x]
    Campus Pokemon Center

    Man…glad that’s over. Monifa plopped down on the cushion. She didn’t know she was holding her breath until air exited her lungs in a silent rush. Her pulse was still hammering slightly, but was slowly calming down. The ringing in her ears finally dissipated, allowing her to hear clearly once more. Being blind was bad enough; she didn’t need to suffer hearing loss as well. After Plush had issued her sing attack, Monifa wasn’t sure if her shout had gotten through to the other trainers. Whether they heard her or managed to see for themselves the downed swarm, they wasted no time in taking advantage of the opportunity given to them. In a haphazard fashion, trainers called out their Pokémon attacks that created a cacophony. The sound may have been unpleasant, but the results turned out to be favorable…for the students that is.

    Chattering was still going on throughout the lobby. The adrenalized students were detailing what went down to newcomers and even to those who were already there. Some stories she caught were a little more farfetched than necessary. She believed they were all happy to have survived an unexpected, yet very strange ordeal such as this.

    “Blis!” Plush’s almost airy voice was easily able to be picked out. The Pokémon was on the far side of the room, following Monifa’s instructions to help heal some of the Pokémon. Even if Nurse Joy hadn’t requested their assistance, Monifa would have helped out anyway because their resident nurse could use all the help she could. Nurse Joy undoubtedly became swamped afterward with people wanting her to heal their Pokémon, have their Pokémon returned from earlier, and to examine their newly captured Vibrava. Before she could accept anymore Pokémon, she had to clear out all she had in the back first. She rapidly called out names of trainers to pick up their Pokémon. If she was frazzled, she hid it well as she moved about with great efficiency. Monifa felt somewhat odd, sitting on the couch in a state of pause while everyone moved about. So she decided to do something. It might be risky, but there was something she wanted to check.

    “Baba,” she called, releasing the Abra from her ball. “Up here.” Baba teleported herself onto Monifa’s shoulders. “Take a look around first and then link up.” She figured she would let the Pokémon be entirely nosey first before asking her to sight share. Hopefully, that would make her more attentive since she would have examined her surroundings. After about five minutes or so, Monifa felt the distinct fuzzy feeling in her head before an image flared to life.

    The lobby looked a wreck: small craters dotted the floor, tiling was cracked, one of the chandeliers was hanging on by a wire, cushions had either been moved, lacerated or completely destroyed, and the potted plants, which were probably beautiful once, were limply prostrated. The automatic doors were obliterated. Glass shards glittered at the base of the wide opening, and crunched and squeaked when stepped on. Several Vibrava still lied around, unconscious and little feet twitching. Some had escaped almost immediately after the combined blow of the students’ Pokémon, leaving their fallen comrades in the clutches of the students.

    Monifa had spotted a lone, downed Vibrava and walked over to it. She poked it with her stick first; making sure it was out complete before kneeling beside it. One of its wings was crumpled beneath its body and its hide bore scorch marks of a well-aimed flame attack. Honestly, she did feel bad for it and for the swarm. Pokémon typically don’t attack without a reason. She rubbed her hand across its head, feeling the gritty sand rub off.

    “They must have come from the desert,” she muttered as she continued examining the creature. Her hand moved to its neck and it was there she felt something peculiar.

    “Hey, that was an awesome thing you did earlier,” a voice suddenly inserted. Baba’s head whipped around to the source, leaving Monifa with a momentary case of dizziness.

    “Thanks,” Monifa replied, holding her head in hopes to stop the whirling. The voice was familiar and she managed to recall it belonging to the Anorith trainer from earlier. “I’m not a trainer so my Pokémon don’t really know any high powered attacks.” Well…Plush and Baba didn’t anyway.

    “All cool beans to me,” he replied, laughing and running a hand through his red hair. “I’m just glad someone stopped that screeching.”

    “All the thanks go to Plush, my Blissey. She out helping to heal some of the Pokémon.” The trainer nodded before being called by some others. He told them “bye” before hurrying off to his friends. Not too long afterwards, her name was called by Nurse Joy. “Time to pick up Ultros. I bet he’s tearing that ball up on the inside trying to get out.” Pocketing the item she picked up off the Vibrava, Monifa and Baba walked over to the damaged counter to pick up their friend.
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    Roxy Lockhearte, Demeitra Hansen, and Justin Metrix
    Trainer's Courtyard

    The chaos was beginning to spurr out of control, even though the students were doing their best to hold off the vicious rogue Pokemon. But even with their best efforst the Dragon Pokemon were winning by causing destruction across the courtyard field.

    Justin looked back and saw that he was assisted by a Riolu sending a Focus Blast to one of the Tryranitar. "Thanks a lot!" Justin thanked then directly sending his focus back to the two Dragon types threatening the student body. "Kat, use-" but Justin was caught off when someone stood in front of him and his Pokemon.

    "Get back and help the students get inside, this fight is ours now," a stern faced man with red hair wearing a black tuxedo with a top hat. A Dragonite landed before the man and you could feel the intense bond they both shared. "Dragonite Twister!" he shouted and the Dragonite sure did comply. Dragonite flapped its enormous wings and sent both Pokemon, and oncoming Draong type Pokemon back into the forest. "Keep it up Dragonite so that no more can enter the campus grounds! I'm Mr.Higgins by the way," he stated.

    Justin nodded and headed back to the center of the courtyard where most of the fighting was going on between the Dragon types and the students. "Kat Blizzard go!" Justin commanded. Kat blew vicious cold winds all around the courtyard at various Dragon types. But soon they were outnumbered by two Garchomp. The Garchomp sent Kat flying into Justin which sent both of them tumbling away.

    Meanwhile Roxy and Demeitra were saved by another trainer and their Pokemon. They saw an opening and began to rush off towards the dorms to get Roxy some help with her leg, but two Salamences landed in before them. Demetira was ready to pull out her Pokeball but two other adults moved in their way.

    One was a woman with long blonde hair and jade green eyes. She wore a black long-sleeved button up shirt and black jeans with red heels. "Leave this to Ms. July, she'll show you how its done!" she exclaimed and her Jynx stood before her. "Jynx, use Ice Beam go!" she commanded. A gorgeous beam of ice energy slammed intot one Salamence, knocking it out.

    Roxy gasped with an excited smile. "That's Rachel July! One of the top coordinators of the entire world! She teaches the coordinator class here! She's a celebraty!" Roxy shouted excitedly.

    "You're such an airhead! We're in the midst of a crisis and all you can think about is getting some damn autograph! Focus ya ditz!" Demeitra snapped at Roxy.

    The other was a short and plump older lady who looked kind and caring. She had long silver hair and tan skin. "Let an elder help you dear," Ms.Merrywether told Ms. July. A Samurott raced towards the Salamence. "Use Blizzard!" Merrywether ordered her Pokemon. The gust of icy wind froze the Salamence in its tracks.

    The battle looked like it was going to go on forever but soon everything went silent as the rogue Dragon Pokemon all stopped attacking and stood there as if frozen.

    "What the hell?!" Demetira exclaimed in confusion. "Why did they just stop?" she questioned again.

    "Maybe they got hungry and need a snack break" Roxy answered only to earn a frustrated glare from Demeitra.

    All the Dragon Pokemon just up and fled back into the forest. The ones frozen and such broke out of their ice and left back into the forest with all the others.

    Justin stood up and grunted in pain. He then looked back there with a confused and shocked expression to their attackers just up and leaving out of the blue. "I don't get this at all!" he exclaimed in anger.
    Credit to Lynchy

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    Keith Weston
    Pokemon Center

    "No worries Marina. I think the two are perfect for each other. But only time will tell."

    They arrived with their Pokemon at the Pokemon Center.

    "Mech, I know you hate your pokeball, but you got to. Your too big to be inside here. Your not the little aron you used to be. Return."
    Keith withdrew Mech. And walked inside, Marina trailing.

    "Here Nurse Joy. Could you help my Pokemon?" Keith asks
    "Sure, no problem. I saw your Aggron. He's quite big for his species." Nurse joy commented.
    "Yeah, I know. He's my buddy, so I had to heal him the best. Here are my other Pokemon." Keith handed back his Pokemon, along with the new Tyrannitar.

    "Well Marina, i'll be back later, I havnt finished unpacking. Ill meet up with you later. See ya." Keith went outside to return to the dorm. He noticed more dragon Pokemon were still there.

    Just then, Keith Noticed a bunch of people battling them. All of a sudden the Draco type Pokemon just got up and left, like nothing happened at all.

    "What the hell is going on?" Keith was curious.

    Keith decided to just go on. He walked to the dorms, along the way, he saw Somme people chatting, resting, and asking questions.
    Keith was almost to the dorms when someone stopped him.

    ((OOC: someone actually do something, instead of ignoring me. .( *tear*))
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    Elizabeth Greene
    Trainer's Courtyard

    In responce to Elizabeth's question, Silence nodded while Samamtha replied with, "we... we just met..." As for the sounds outside (which of course made the timid girl Samantha tremble), Samanthra responded with, "I guess a look wouldn't hurt..." while Silence once again nodded. No doubt that Silence was aptly named.


    Elizabeth and Johnathan
    Trainer's Courtyard

    Elizabeth got out of the Domitary to find the courtyard had dragons running around causing mayham. As Silence and Samantha fought a group of dragons, a Druddigon set it's sights on Elizabeth.

    "Well this won't do. Aries, Libra, come out!" She threw the two Pokeballs forward, releasing her Dewott and Purrloin. Aries was a strong fighter, so much so that she could compete with trainers who specalized in battling. Libra however was the weakest of the Elizabeth's Pokemon, but also the quickest and most clever. As long as she didn't get hit, she'd be fine.

    "Aries, use Focus Energy! Libra, use Fake Out to stun it!" Aries closed her eyes and began to focus while Libra rushed forward and hit the Druddigon before it could react, causing it to flinch. "Aries, attack with Razor Shell!" Aries opened her eyes and charged while the Druddigon was stunned. "Dewott!" Aries jumped up into the air, held up her Scalchops, then did the spinning strike against the Druddigon. It was obvious that it was a critical hit by how much it hurt the Druddigon.

    Out of the corner of her eye, Elizabeth noticed a Hydreigon was about to attack Samantha. "Samantha, look out!" She was getting out of the way, possibly because she was too scared to move. Just as Elizabeth was about to send Libra after it, something caught her off guard.

    Suddenly, a Rhyhorn tackled the Hydreigon from behind, knocking it to the ground. A pair of Deino behind it were about to attack the Rhyhorn when a Grovyle attacked the one on the left with Leaf Blade, while the one on the right got tackled by a Ponyta using Flame Charge.

    "Hmm?" Elizabeth looked behind the Pokemon who came to Samantha's aid to see a familier face. "Good work partners! You sure showed them dragons who's in charge!" It was Johnathan, the rancher boy from earlier!

    Just as the two of them were going to follow up with more attacks, the dragons suddenly started to head back in the forest. "Ha, looks like we win! Well, I didn't get to do much other than attack that Hydreigon and two Deino, but oh well. 'Least were all alright, right?"

    Elizabeth walked up to greet Johnathan. "Good to see you John." John nodded and tipped his hat. "Good to see ya too Beth. And howdy to you two too." He said, gesturing towards Samantha and Silence. "Name's Johnathan Jones Jr., but you can just call me Johnny or J.J."


    Sergio Valentine
    Trainer's Courtyard

    "Pokeball, go!" Sergio threw his Pokeball at the knocked out Haxorus.

    1... 2... 3... *click*
    "Aww yeah, Haxorus is mine baby!" Sergio ran up and grabbed the Pokeball from the hole the Haxorus was stuck in. "Now let's go catch some more dragons!" Sergio's three Pokemon got ready to attack another Pokemon when the dragons all started to head back into the forest.

    "Huh? Hey wait, get back here!" Sergio started picking up rocks and throwing them at the dragons, but all of them ignored him and went back into the forest.

    What the hell? Where are they going? Come to think of it...why did they come here in the first place? Sergio thought to himself. Of course, not being one for thinking about logic his mind quickly changed subject. Actually, who cares? I got myself a Haxorus, and that's all that matters. Man, Elly and Johnny are going to be so jealous when I show them. Heh heh. "Alright, good work guys." Sergio returned his Pokemon to their balls then went off to find someone to brag to about catching the Haxorus.

    (OoC: Sorry ImAnOKIE, I'd have someone run into Keith but none of my characters are in a position to do so. :/ )

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    Samantha Sparks and Silence Dogood
    Trainer's Courtyard

    Samantha and Silence then bowed to the newcomer known as Jonathan. "It's nice to meet you Jonathan," Samantha blushed again while greeting.

    The Hydreigon and its minions began to fly away just before they could strike. Young Samantha Sparks was frightened to the core. One would presume that she lacked any powerful Pokemon.
    She noted that Silence had finished building some box, before Rotom disappeared into electrical sparks and possessed the box, fusing to have the appearance of a fridge and an icy aura. Silence sighed as she looked around. She then proceeded to return Rotom to her Pokeball. Just then, Beldum, along with Cryogonal and Beautifly, came crashing to the ground. Before they could, they were returned to their respective Pokeballs, along with Jolteon and Zebstrika.

    Silence then shook Samantha's hand, resulting in her blushing. With her face all red, Samantha turned behind and rubbed her index fingers together. "I- it's nothing, really! I-I'm not a great trainer..." With that, Samantha looked at her new, filled Pokeball that contained Trapinch. The little guy was one she felt most comfortable working with, with that adorably large head and that orange-pink body. No one could resist Trapinch's adorableness. Arena Trap could definitely come in handy, that is, until he evolves.

    Silence then proceeded to shake Jonathan's hand, showing her usual, emotionless face.

    She turned towards both Silence, Jonathan and Elizabeth. "Tha- thank you for being my friends, even if we just met," before running off towards the Pokemon Centre. Clearly Samantha lacked social skills. Silence then tilted her head ninety degrees backwards, then gave something very rare to Elizabeth and Jonathan- the bright smile of Silence Dogood. Silence then proceeded to walk towards the Pokemon Centre. She turned back and was shown to be keeping the smile, before proceeding. She probably knew that they would come to the Pokemon Centre.

    Pokemon Centre

    "Thank you for healing my Pokemon!" Samantha told Nurse Joy in a rather nervous manner. There it was, her whole arsenal - Jolteon, Zebstrika, Beautifly and the newest addition - Trapinch. "Everyone," she began to talk to her Pokemon as she held Trapinch in her arms and petted him, "I would like you to meet our newest member, Trapinch..."

    She lowered her head in a shy manner. Just then, she noted Silence, with a Frost Rotom, Beldum and Cryogonal levitating behind her. "Would you like your Pokemon restored to full health?" a Nurse Joy asked while Silence nodded. With that, the Nurse Joy let her arsenal of genderless Pokemon into the nursing room. While waiting, Silence noticed Samantha and gave that emotionless stare again, causing Samantha to tear up until she gave a wave that implied a 'hello'.

    Jolteon, not really happy that Silence almost made Samantha cry, began to growl at her, before Silence Dogood began to pet the Jolteon. Silence had learnt a bit about Samantha's Pokemon - Sleep Powder, Magnet Rise, Arena Trap and Crunch were notable keywords to add to the dictionary.

    In addition to Samantha's arsenal, she had kept track of Elizabeth's and Jonathan's arsenals. The Dewott looked like quite a strong warrior, and the Purrlion was fine. The Grovyle and Rhyhorn were worthy opponents. She mostly noted about Elizabeth's Pokemon, since she too, was a coordinator, judging from the outfit. Silence then noted that Samantha was trying what she could to be social. It appeared that she was talking to a person who had just retreated his Aggron into his Pokeball. Aggron eh? Pretty sure no one wants to encounter a wild one. In actual fact, Samantha simply just accidentally bumped into the person while pacing around.

    "I-I'm sorry!" Samantha's eyes began to well up, "I'm Samantha..."

    OoC: Ah yes, more allies. And comtact with Keith made. I also modified this post since I just noticed Billy's post.
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    Lucas Serenes and Lucia Ashford
    Trainer's Courtyard

    When the boy with the Glaceon thanked Riolu for his help, he nodded saying, "Rio!", as if to say 'your welcome'. As he and Lucas continued fighting off the Dragon-Type Pokemon Lucas looked around saying, "This is insane, we can't last like this!"

    That's when a man with a Dragonite appeared saying to help get the students inside. Lucas was reluctant at first until Lucia showed up again saying, "Lucas, the Teachers are here, we should let them handle this."

    Lucas thought for a moment before nodding to her. They both headed to where most of the students were and resumed fighting there, with Lucia and Pichu going for the ones that were part Flying and Riolu attacking the once that were part Ground.

    However, after some time a Haxorus appeared and used Dragon Claw on both Riolu and Pichu, sending them flying towards their respective trainers.

    "Riolu!", Lucas immediately yelled out as he picked up Riolu, "Riolu, are you alright?", Lucas asked, "Rio...", Riolu said weakly as he nodded in response.

    Lucia also picked up her Pichu and began backing away from the approaching Haxorus, "Lucas, these two can't keep fighting like this, we have to back out!"

    But just as Lucas and Lucia were about to run with Riolu and Pichu in their arms, all the Pokemon that were attacking the courtyard began to leave.

    Lucia watched as the Pokemon left for no apparent reason saying, "What's going on, why are they all leaving, is it because the Teachers showed up?"

    Lucas merely looked on and held Riolu close to him as he stated, "I dunno, but I want to know why would they attack us at all?"

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    Marina waved Keith good bye as she sighed and waited for her pokemon to be healed.
    "Marina!" Marina turned around.
    "You know, we got here earlier, but then Miss Sleepy here had to get coffee", Drew lazily smirked, nudging at the said female who glared frostily at him.
    "Me? Please. It was your fault for having to get your hair gel!" Shay retorted, pointing accusingly at his hair.
    Marina sweatdropped as they continued their squabble outside, debating on who was at fault.

    "Here we go, all healed", a pink haired nurse smiled kindly at Marina, at the same time jerking her away from her thoughts.
    "Thank you", she gratefully recieved her poke balls, carefully putting them in her satchel, making sure they wouldn't fall out.
    She drifted past the mechanical doors of the Pokemon Center, hearing the faint mechanics of the doors.
    "How's your debate going?" Marina greeted the two debating trainers.
    "Its your stupid hair!"
    "Its your sleeping problem!"
    Marina sweatdropped again, "I have nothing to say..."
    Then she suddenly thought of something, "Why not settle this with a pokemon battle?"
    Shay smirked, "Good idea"
    Drew looked equally smug with a glint in his jade eyes, "Prepare to lose, Kuroma"
    They glared at each other, sparks literally clashing between emerald and jade eyes.
    Marina chuckled uneasily.
    This might be a bad idea...

    Shay, Drew and Marina
    Random training spot

    "Okay", Marina clapped her hands, announcing the battle was easy, she had seen and heard other people do it like in the Higaki Conference.
    "Trainers must only use-", she paused thinking about how many pokemon there should be, "Three pokemon! The battle is now underway with Shay Kuroma and Andrew Black"
    Drew scowled when he heard his full name, "Daini, stand by!"
    Shay stood there, considering what options she had against the always hungry, blue and maroon Dragon type.
    "Brav, shine on!" she finally yelled, releasing the valiant bird pokemon in a white flash.
    "Dark Pulse and Outrage!" Drew hastily yelled, taking clear advantage of Shay's slow considerations.
    The Zweilous hurtled towards the opposing Braviary, dark orbs already racing towards the Braviary before Zweilous used Outrage.
    "Now! Dragon Claw!" Shay suddenly barked, hoping that the timing would be perfect, she had taken the advantage that when Daini went closer, Brav would use Dragon Claw.
    The Zweilous skidded, recoiling from the super effective Dragon move.
    Braw cawed, waiting for further instructions.
    "Aerial Ace!" Shay yelled.
    When Brav was close to Daini, he suddenly used Ice Fang.
    The Zweilous refused to let go of the Braviary's leg.
    Shay gritted her teeth, "Try Brave Bird!"
    Her Braviary cawed in response, its body aflame with a blue and white glow, before diving to the ground with a huge crash.
    Marina coughed, dust spreading around like fire setting off in a dry forest.
    The Braviary had fainted from the impact of Brave Birding to the ground, in a vain attempt to faint the Zweilous along with him.
    "Return! Nox, shine on!" Shay spat, obviously furious with her defeat.
    The Haxorus lowered her gaze onto the Zweilous.
    Drew hesitated, "Draco Meteor!"
    "Not again!" Marina whimpered, tired of running from Draco Meteors.
    Being the faster and last evolved form, Haxorus easily outsped Daini and almost knocked him out using the fiery Dragon attack.
    "Ha! We're going to win this!" Shay smirked, knowing that the Zweilous wouldn't survive another hit.
    The mentioned pokemon began to glow a dull white before glowing brighter and brighter before revealing a new form.
    "He evolved", Drew comented flatly.
    The Hydreigon looked suprised and dismayed at his new appearance and began to panic.
    "Daini! Calm down!" Drew snapped.
    "Drew, don't you think that you should forfeit him before doing any damage?" Marina hollered, scared that it would go on a ramage like the Dragon pokemon from before.
    He hesitated before reluctantly calling his new Hydreigon back.
    "Brava! Dragon Claw!" Drew threw an Ultra Ball in the air to reveal his new Flygon.
    "Tch. Annoying, Nox, Outrage again!" Shay growled, knowing that she was at a slight disadvantage now.
    I wish I had my other pokemon, she thought bitterly as she watched the Dragon types duel as Drew and her barked out fierce instructions.

    Half an hour later, both pokemon collapsed, declaring it a draw.
    "Seems like you're a formiddable opponent, after all", Drew smirked, flicking his midnight hair.
    "I don't even have all my pokemon with me", Shay snapped irritably.
    "Kazumi, shine on for the last!"
    Shay released her last pokemon which revealed to be her Milotic.
    A ferocious roar drew their attention to the black Charizard awaiting Drew's commands.
    "You're at a disadvantage", Shay noted.
    "So were you", Drew calmly stated.
    "Kazumi, Hydro Pump!"
    Her Milotic barreled a rush of water at the Dragon like pokemon.
    "Flame, avoid it and use Thunder Punch!"
    The Charizard avoided the water attack with ease, before racing towards the serpent pokemon, fists crackling with electricity.
    The Milotic was pushed back, decent damage made, the damage decreased by her high Special Defence.
    "Surf and Hydro Pump!" Shay yelled, not willing to give up to her best friend, at least not yet.
    Again, the water attacks missed when the Charizard flew away.
    "Sunny Day and Solar Beam!" the opposing team began to set up for the final strike.
    Marina's aquamarine eyes studied how they battled, eyes never leaving the battle.
    Would Garchomp and I ever have that bond? Marina wondered, her Garchomp had refused to listen to any of her commands, and he just stood there, not doing anything at all.
    "Now! Solar Beam!"
    Charizard began to gather light at a rapid speed and released it to Milotic.
    "Mirror Coat!" Kazumi began to glow, somewhat looking like an ice sculpture, doubling the damage to Charizard who winced at the pain, dropping down a bit, panting heavily.
    "Flare Blitz!"
    The Charizard began to swoop down, using his last remain of energy to use the move.
    It hit the Milotic successfully, however not doing much damage at all.
    Water crashed into the unsuspecting Charizard who fell and landed with a gentle thud.
    Marina stood up and inspected the fainted pokemon, "Flame is unable to battle. Shay Kuroma wins!"

    Drew returned his pokemon and stood up and faced Shay, "Good battle, we should battle again soon. With our actual team"
    Shay faintly smiled, "I'd like that. Your pokemon did well. Your Charizard did the best with its stat and type disadvantage"
    "If Daini didn't panic, we would have won anyway", Drew smirked mischeviously, ruining the good moment.
    Shay twitched, "You little..."
    The two started bickering again.
    Marina sighed and facepalmed, "They never stop, don't they?"
    She dragged them back to the Pokemon Center, the two still firing back insults between each other along the way.
    Nothing really changed, we're still good friends! Marina thought with a grin.

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    Justin Metrix, Roxy Lockhearte, and Demeitra Hansen
    Trainer's Courtyard

    Roxy was still leaning on Demeitra's shoulder due to the cut she had on her right knee which was still bleeding. "We'd better get you some medical attention, I'm sure Nurse Joy will know what to do," Dema suggested as they began heading towards the Pokemon Center.

    Meanwhile Justin just continued staring into the forest, wondering why those wild Pokemon attacked and then just up and left like nothing. He then turned his attention to the destruction that was once a graceful and beautiful couryard. The stone battlefield was for the most part toatled, the fountain was nothing but wet rubble and most of the trees on the floor. "This is quite the mess, but by the looks of it no one is severly hurt," Justin observed.

    He then kneeled down beside his Glaceon and gave it a warm hug. He could see the physical damage done to his beloved Pokemon, scrapes and bruises all over her shiny blue coat of fur. "Kat, you fought so bravely and with great skill. I appreciate your help, now take a nice long rest," he comforted her as he returned Kat to her Pokeball.

    Justin then walked back to the trainer who had helped him out earlier with the Riolu. Justin released his Gallade (Heathe) from his Pokeball. "Thank you for helping me out. Heathe use Heal Pulse on Riolu" Justin said. Gallade released a wave of blue energy which restored Riolu's health and energy.

    Roxy Lockhearte and Demeitra Hansen
    Pokemon Center

    Demeitra and Roxy came in walking in their same crutch-like fashion, Roxy leaning on Demeitra's shoulder. "Nurse Joy, this girl needs some help with her knee," Dema told the nurse. Dema helped Roxy sit down in a chair waiting to be treated.

    Nurse Joy nodded and her Chansey walked over to Roxy. "Heal Pulse, Chansey" Nurse Joy sweetly told her Chansey. A wave of blue energy was transferred from Chanse'y hand to Roxy's knee. Suddenly the large cut was reduced to a small scrape and the pain was gone.

    Roxy stood up and jumped in joy. "Oh thank you so much Chansey and Nurse Joy!" Roxy exclaimed giving each of them a hug. "And I especially want to thank you Demeitra! You helped to keep me safe through all of this!" Roxy hugged Demeitra.

    "Let me go! I don't like hugs! I am not the hugging type of person, you idiot!" Dema shouted angrily as she pushed Roxy away.

    "Awww I'm glad we are friends too!" Roxy exclaimed.

    "We are not friends! All I did was help you out!" Demeitra argued.

    "That's what friends do," Roxy told her.

    Dema had no argument for that, friends did help each other out. "Well I don't need friends! I don't need anybody!" she shouted back at Roxy.

    "We can besties!" Roxy said with a smile.

    Looks like this girl just can't get the message that I don't need or want anyone to be my friend! I'm much better off on my won! Just like I always have been... Dema began to walk away but Roxy rushed into her path.

    "Dema, we still have to finish that battle sometime," Roxy challenged her.

    "Oh don't you worry we will, but not today" Dema responded with the same challenging tone.

    Roxy nodded and they walked off out of the Pokemon Center.

    Though, it's not the worst thing in the world have this ditz around. Dema thought to herself with a half-smile.
    Credit to Lynchy

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    Lucas Serenes and Lucia Ashford
    Trainer's Courtyard

    Once everything was finished, all Lucas and Lucia could do was look at all the damage that had been done in the attack. Lucia in particular stood in awe at the destruction and said, "Wow, this place is completely wrecked. Why did all those Pokemon do this?"

    Lucas could only observe the damage himself and responded, "I don't know, but it doesn't look like anyone was hurt too badly."

    After he said that though, Lucas turned his attention to Riolu, who was still injured in his arms, "But right now we need to get Riolu and Pichu to the Cen - Huh?", he was saying until he noticed someone approaching them.

    It was the boy Lucas helped during the battle, who went on to thank Lucas while releasing a Gallade he called Heathe, who used Heal Pulse on Riolu. As this happened, both Lucas and Lucia stood speechless as a pulse of light enveloped Riolu.

    Once the light faded, Riolu looked like he hadn't even gotten hurt in the first place, he then opened his eyes to see Lucas looking at him. "Riolu! You're all right!", Lucas exclaimed happily as he and Riolu hugged one another, "Rio, Rio, Riolu!", Riolu responded excitedly.

    Lucas then looked at the boy and his Gallade telling them, "Thank you so much! We haven't introduced ourselves yet have we? I'm Lucas Serenes, and this is my friend Lucia Ashford. We're from Floaroma Town in the Sinnoh Region."

    Lucia then stepped up to them saying, "Hey, nice to meet you, and thank you again for helping Riolu. You don't know how much he means to Lucas."

    Lucas started scratching the back of his head with a chuckle before nervously saying, "Ya, you can say we're best friends, but he's more like a little brother to me.", Riolu nodded in response shouting, "Rio!"

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    Keith Weston
    Pokemon Center

    Keith realised he wasn't being called, then he figured out he left his wallet at the Pokemon center.

    He walked inside, found his wallet. And checked its contents. Ad he made sure everything was, Nurse Joy came out.
    ""Ah Keith! Your Pokemon are fully healed. Here you go!" She exclaimed.
    "Thank you Ma'am." Keith thanked politely as he took his Pokemon.

    He went outside and let out Mech. "Hey buddy! How do you feel?"
    Mech let out a huge roar. "AGGG-AAAGRROOON!"
    "Chill out, damn." with the remark, Mech pushed Keith over for the foul language.
    As he knew Keith's mother hated his language. "Ow, geez, chill." Keith got up and dusted himself off.

    "You can return to your pokeball now. Ha." As Keith tucked the pokeball away, Someone bumped him.

    "Oh, sorry, excuse me" Keith noticed the girl.

    "Im sorry!" the girl with an obsession of yellow who started panicking.
    "Hey, hey, calm down now," Keith patted her on the back, "I'm Keith."
    "I-I'm Samantha."
    "Nice to meet you Samantha!" All of a sudden, Rose popped out of her pokeball and perched on Keith's shoulder, nuzzling against his chin. "And this here is Rose! She lets herself out alot. Shezs a troublemaker, but she's a, sweetheart to." Keith said, scratching the small pidgey's neck and wings.

    "She must have realized it was safe to come out.
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    Samantha Sparks and Silence Dogood
    Pokemon Centre

    "Kya!" Samantha was agitated when the Pidgey summoned itself from its Pokeball. It took a couple seconds for her to calm down. She then realised it was a harmless Pidgey. When the person who introduced himself as 'Keith' patted her on the back, she began to blush once more. Clearly she was one nervous wreck.

    Samantha's orange-winged gold-eyed Beautifly landed on her head. Such a Beautifly of a rare hue matched the rarity of a Spiky-eared Pichu. In fact, no one knew such a thing exists, until now.
    Beside Samantha were her three other Pokemon - Jolteon, Zebstrika and her newest member Trapinch.

    "These are my Pokemon. Jolteon's my first, then there's Beautifly, Zebstrika's nice and Trapinch is new..." Samantha then bowed her head after introducing her Pokemon, blushing again.

    Meanwhile, Silence noted that Jolteon rushed towards Samantha. Upon noting Samantha being close to the new person who introduced himself as 'Keith', she simply did not a thing, for there was nothing she could do.

    Just then, Silence's Pokemon were fully healed. The gang of three came out one by one, all hovering towards Silence. Deep within, she smiled and petted her Pokemon. The three then proceeded to make metallic, electrical and crystal-like noises.

    "Beldum," Beldum clanked. Silence simply petted it. Silence looked at Samantha's coversation. She felt something odd in her.
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    Elizabeth Greene and Johnathan Jones
    Trainer's Courtyard

    "Nice to meet ya." Johnathan said with a big smile on his face. He always loved making new friends. "Great Pokemon you got there too."

    Silence shook Samantha's hand which caused her to blush. "I- it's nothing, really! I-I'm not a great trainer..."

    Elizabeth sighed. Samantha had no confidence in herself, but at least lacking confidence isn't nearly as bad as having too much confidence. "Please. I saw you take on several of those dragons by yourself Samantha. There's no need to be modest."

    Johnathan shook hands with Silence, but looked a bit confused when Silence stared at her. "Uh...hey?"

    "She doesn't talk much." Elizabeth explained to Johnathan.

    "Oh. So you're like Hedge here, huh?" He pointed over towards Hedge, who was standing almost perfectly still and simply observing. "My Grovyle. He's not much of one for talk either. Ain't that right Hedge?" Hedge looked at Johnathan as if to let him know he heard him, then looked away again.

    Samantha turned towards both Silence, Jonathan and Elizabeth. "Tha- thank you for being my friends, even if we just met," before running off towards the Pokemon Center. Silence began to walk off to the Pokemon Center as well, but not before turning around and smiling at Elizabeth and Johnathan.

    "We oughta head to the Center too. I already had some rest anyway, so I reckon that its 'bout time my Pokemon got some rest too." Elizabeth nodded in agreement and the two of them walked off to the Pokemon Center.

    Pokemon Center

    Elizabeth and Johnathan stood in line behind Samantha and Silence as they had their Pokemon healed. Johnathan was busy trying to comfort Firefly since she gets scared when she's surrounded by people. Johnathan's Grovyle is just like Silence, and his Ponyta is just like Samantha. Interesting.

    As Silence's Pokemon were returned to her Elizabeth and Johnathan returned their Pokemon and gave them to Nurse Joy. Elizabeth looked at Samantha to see that she was talking to a boy with a Pidgey on his shoulder. Good to see her trying to get to know people despite her shyness.


    Sergio Valentine
    Pokemon Center

    Sergio had decided to head for the Pokemon Center for two reasons: one, even if the rest of his team was just fine his newly caught Haxorus was still beat up, and two, he figured there'd be plenty of people there for him to brag to about how he caught a Haxorus. Which reminds me, I need to think of a name for him eventually...ah well, I can do that later.

    When he entered he immediately took notice of all the damage. Damn, what the heck happened in here, World War Three?

    As he walked up the counter he nearly tripped over a white cane. "Ah! Hey, watch it!" He looked up to see the person holding the cane, which was a girl about his age. "And why are you wearing shades indoors anyway? You blind or somethin'?"

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    Monifa Carson | [x]
    Campus Pokemon Center

    Monifa sighed softly out of humor as Ultros continued with his tirade. Sometimes, excellent hearing was a bad thing. He knew she couldn’t exactly ignore him so he felt at liberty to express the anxiety that plagued him while he was stuck in his poké ball. She did feel bad about handing him over to Nurse Joy since the event happened, but how was she supposed to know dragons, of all things, were going to attack. It was something no one could have naturally foreseen. Thankfully, Baba had fallen asleep so Monifa didn’t have to see the distressed expression that went with Ultros’ voice.

    “Ultros, calm down,” she told him. “Everything’s fine. No one was seriously injured.” Ultros made a sharp retort as he waved his arm in dismissal. The wellbeing of others obviously wasn’t his primary concern. “Well I’m fine. Plush did really good in protecting me.” Monifa couldn’t see the narrow eyed look he shot Plush who merely responded with a smug grin as she returned with Monifa’s hat and shades. Knowing her Pokémon as well as she did, Monifa easily guessed this was the action that transpired during Ultros’ momentary lull.

    “Hey,” Monifa said, getting his attention. She carefully reached up and placed a hand on his cheek as the corners of her mouth quirked into an apologetic smile. “I’m really sorry I sent you off with Nurse Joy, but you needed the rest. Just—please, give the issue a rest right now. Everything's fine. That is what you wanted right?” The tense muscles in his face relaxed slightly and the Gallade made a noise of reluctance. He may have been placated at the moment, but she figured he wasn’t going to let her live this incident down. Now he probably won’t ever return to his ball.

    “How about we head back to the dorm? I think we could all use the rest.” Ultros and Plush agreed. The Blissey happily placed Monifa’s hat and shades back in their respective places under Ultros’ glare. No sooner had Monifa extended her stick did she feel it jerk.

    “Sorry abo-”

    "Ah! Hey, watch it!" came the sharp reply. "And why are you wearing shades indoors anyway? You blind or somethin'?"Ultros retorted sharply himself as he made to advance on the boy. Monifa held out an arm to stop him and gave the guy a smile.

    “Yep, you hit it on the head about my blindness. You can guess it gets a bit tough knowing when I get too close to people with this stick. My bad.” Ultros grunted in disapproval. “Don’t worry about my friend here. He’s still a little agitated from earlier.” The Gallade gave a low growl before moving his attention elsewhere. “If you came to get your Pokémon healed, you’d better get in line. I’m sure more students will be flooding in soon after they’ve finished their catching spree. I wonder what went on out there.”

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    (OOC: Sorry for taking so long to post. Tried to but got a mental block earlier.)

    Jack Buster and Eva Mono
    Chillshore Beach/Bot to School

    The two cousins were sitting in Jack's room on the boat to the school, playing a game of no-bet poker (a chaperone on the ship caught them playing and beat how bad gambling is into them so hard they didn't feel like it now). The two revealed their hands-Jack won with a pair of fives against Eva's pair of twos- as the ship alarm went off. This signalled their arrival at the island. They grabbed their packs and cases and went on the deck.

    A cold refreshing wind blew over the two and the other students on board as they docked along the beach and unloaded.

    The headmaster and his Lucario greeted the students and gave a speech before allowing them to go.

    They pulled out their letters of acceptance which included their dorm information on them. Jack had boy's dorm room 82, Eva had girl's dorm room 192.

    "Hey Jack," Eva asked her cousin, "want to help me carry my stuff to my room?"

    "Not really," the sixteen year old replied. "I'm tired and want to go lay down."

    "Come on, just help me," Eva asked again. She threw her backpack to Jack, who caught it. "See, you have my pack already."

    "Fine," he replied. The two walked to the girl's dorm and Jack put Eva's stuff in her room.

    "Thanks. Now I'm going to go look around," Eva said. She grabbed her three Pokeballs from her bag and took off.

    "Good for you," Jack muttered. He went to the boy's dorm, found his room, went inside, and collapsed on the bed.

    Trainer's Courtyard

    Eva had wandered into the trainer's courtyard. "Might as well make friends," she thought out loud. She went up to a random student and introduced herself.

    "Hello, I'm Eva. Who're you?"

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    ((OOC: I hope you don't mind Alex talking to Eva.))

    Alex Caverly
    Trainer's Courtyard

    After the whole Dragon fiasco, Alex was bewildered by what happened. He had taken down two of them, but soon after they had all mysteriously wandered off back into the forest where they came from. It wasn't soon after that the students headed towards the Pokemon Center to get their Pokemon all checked up, healed and ready to go. Alex didn't really need to go to the Pokmeon Center, as his Pokemon weren't entirely injured, and it wasn't anything a little rest couldn't fix. Suddenly black-haired girl stopped in front of him, and started a conversation.

    "Hello. I'm Eva. Who're you?" She said. Alex looked around nervously, not knowing if she was talking to him or someone behind him. After an awkward pause, he realized she was talking to him.

    " Uhhhh....I'm Alex." He said smiling. He paused for a moment, to think about what to say. He didn't want to sound to creepy, and was trying to think of something to say. "So...nice to meet you." He said. Alex knew he was going to have to try harder if he wanted to make some new friends. "Hey, ummmm....I'm about to go get something to eat. You wanna come with me? It'll give me some company, and make eating by myself less awkward." He laughed.
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    Justin Metrix, Roxy Lockhearte, and Demeitra Hansen
    Trainer's Courtyard

    "I had to find some way to repay you for having my back with the Dragon Pokemon. My name is Justin Metrix, it's very nice to meet both of you," Justin told them. "I hail from the Sinnoh region," he continued on. "I can undestand your sibling-like bond to your Pokemon and I admire that kind of treatment. I feel like my Pokemon are a part of me," he shared.

    Roxy and Dema walked out back to the destroyed courtyard. "Those dragon types sure did quite a number on this place," Dema sighed in disappointment. She really did admire the design of the garden, it had been elegant yet inspirational.

    "Students, classes will be pushed back until tomorrow for now due to the events that took place in the courtyard. For the remainder of the day you are restricted to the campus for your safety. That is all," Headmaster Lance announced through the PA system.

    "Well, looks like we have some free time. Let's go back to my dorm I have an interesting thing we can do," Dema told Roxy trying to be subtle.
    "Oooh I hope it's a game! I love games!" Roxy squealed as she followed Dema back to her dorm.

    Roxy Lockhearte and Demeitra Hansen
    Girls Dorm Building- Room 200

    Both girls rode the elevator up to the second floor and made their way down the hallway to the very last room which belonged to Demeitra. They entered and Roxy began observing the room. "You could really add some color to these walls. Like a hot pink or sunshine orange or maybe fun fuschia!" Roxy suggested.

    "Focus, ya dumb dolt!" Dema snapped in frustration. "It's easier to find light in a black hole than it is to keep you on task!" she commented. "Anyways, I thought we could do a little research into the wild Pokemon attack. Rumor has it that this isn't the first time an attack like this has happened at Realix," Dema told Roxy.

    "So what are we supposed to do? Go to the library?" Roxy questioned with a confused facial expression.

    Dema sat at her computer and turned to face her screen. "No, there's probably news reports and other things on the internet that we can access. Then maybe we can shed some light on why this happened," Dema explained waiting a response. She looked back to find Roxy sound asleep on her bed. "Ugh, my only friend..." Dema groaned and began her research.
    Credit to Lynchy

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