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Thread: Top 5 Pokemon legaue

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    Default Top 5 Pokemon legaue

    I want your oppenion on this, no bashing

    5 Kanto

    4 Sinnoh

    3 Unova

    2 Johto

    1. Honnen

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    1 - Kanto - The battles were all good aside from the final one, although the way Ash lost I found unique and entertaining.
    2 - Sinnoh - The majority of Ash's cool Pokemon were used, good battles and the final one was incredible.
    3 - Johto - Nice battles, good resolution to Gary's rivalry and the final battle was great.
    4/5 - Hoenn/Unova - Can't decide, I personally never enjoyed Hoenn much, mainly cause the battles weren't that entertaining to me. The little battles that Unova had were entertaining, but the League overall was horribly written so didn't do any justice.
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