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I think thats what he means, don't take too much time away from Iris and Dento. Your so protective of Iris manXD
Nope, that's not what I meant. Iris and Cilan have had a lot of build up in their rivalries and pokemon careers, yet so little has happened. The main plot of this saga is to stop N and Team Plasma, and I seriously do not want to have to watch something like Iris stopping for an episode to have a battle with some dragon buster, when this whole saga is supposed to be really serious.

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No, he said "I really hope we don't get too much from Iris or Cilan," not "I really hope we don't get too much taken away from Iris or Cilan."
Yep, that's what I said, and I stand by it

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I dont get it, are you watching Peoplemon or Pokemon? Why are you (and Cybercubed) in particular so interested in the humans?
Especially when probably only one of these humans will stick around for the next generation, and the other will just a cameo if anything in the next generation.

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chill. The guys entitled to his opinion. If he doesn't want to see much happening with the sidekicks I see nothing wrong with expressing this desire
Thanks. And I think I should have put the warning in my post "Haters gonna hate"