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Thread: Community POTW #103

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    Quote Originally Posted by ysmr97 View Post
    I Know We Are Winning, Just Please Bear With Us

    Adament Nature 252 ATT 252 SP 4 HP
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Item: Damp Rock

    -Rain Dance
    -Icicle Crash/ Superpower
    -Bulldoze (necessary for countering Heatran!!!)
    -Aqua Jet/ Dive/ Stone Edge/ Night Slash/ Brick Break
    Always, always use Icicle Crash. Never anything else, and especially not the crippling super power(that should be slashed with Bulldoze).

    Otherwise, what is your point in using an Ice Type as your swift swimmer? The only good thing about it's type is it's good offensive STAB, so take advantage of that.

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    I appreciate your test



    Revenge killing can work effectively, Sawk and Emboar to name a few.

    Yeah everything's been covered so I couldn't think of anything but this. :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilan View Post
    SE Aerial Ace: 120 BP STAB Icicle Crash 127.5 BP except poliwrath no lower tier fighting pokemon resists ice so. give me ONE reason to use Aerial Ace. Dive it have a charge turn.. and even isn't that strong (not like if it have high BP it should be used.superpower 2HKOes ferrothorn which also is OU so you won't see beartic in OU anyway. Who the hell uses overcoat it's a terrible ability which is almost completely useless (cute charm and stall are more useless though.. but overcoat on a steel type is a bad idea..) in short you have no idea what you are posting I can see it in your EVs sets,counters and other options. no matter how many sets you will see or how many times everyone will tell you. you will keep making the same mistakes.

    I don't care getingg an infraction the truth needs to be told.

    Superpower and SD CAN be used on the same set since sometimes you really need it's power.. but I think swords dance doesn't fit except if it abuses swift swim because you can boost your offense ok.. but so much can outspeed and kill you..
    Yeah, there is no reason to talk this way to another member who is only trying to help. I guarantee you that the writers of the POTW know what they're doing better than BOTH of you so you do not have to target people who are still new to competitive Pokemon. This thread is for posting sets and discussing them, not bashing and flaming others.

    Infractions have already been handed out, any more of this and I'll start banning everything that moves. Not even the trees will survive.

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    The puns are bear-ly any good
    Beartic @ Life Orb
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Nature: Adamant / Jolly
    EVs: 252 Atk/252 Spe/4 HP
    - Superpower
    - Icicle Crash
    - Stone Edge
    - Aqua Jet / Sword Dance / Taunt

    I've used Beartic on my NU rain team before, and let's just say that this thing is amazing in rain. It hits 436 Speed in rain with Jolly, 398 Speed with Adamant. (correct me if I'm wrong). Superpower breaks through steels and rocks and since Beartic can outspeed a lot of stuff in rain, it can be used to kill off weakened Pokemon. Icicle Crash is the STAB of choice, and it can break through grass types that may effectively hinder a rain team. Stone Edge covers flying type that run around naked in NU. Aqua Jet is a priority move that can kill off weakened stuff when rain is not on, or if the other side has a priority move, and it also gets a nifty power boost in rain. Sword Dance allows it to hit more truck-ish and Taunt shut downs wallz.

    Beartic really hate Stealth Rock or any hazards in particular, so a spinner would go well with Beartic. Eviolite Wartotle is a decent partner, having good bulk and can set up Rain Dance. Beartic is also hampered by fighting types in general. Misdreavous is suitable, as it is immune to fighting attacks and can hamper the foe with a Will-o-Wisp. To abuse Beartic's power, one must exploit Swift Swim in NU. A speedy Rain Dancer (perferably with High Speed or Prankster) can quickly set up rain dance before the opponent uses Taunt.

    Some other puns for usage

    I'm losing my bearings
    I can't bear tic-kles
    Please bear (bare) with me
    Those puns are so bear (bare)!

    And a little cup one (in the case nayone wants to do a set on Cubchoo)

    Cub... AH CHOO

    yeah the puns are bearly any good...
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    Credits to Sworn Metalhead

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    Just found a decent counter to bearctic. Metang is quite bulky, and eviolite is good for tanking, and can switch into icicle crash and stone edge, and can retaliate with meteor mash.
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    Oh poor beartic... You poor dear thing... Just because Ursaring was introduced three generations ago, you are accused to be a copy, a clone of a classic. Nevertheless, let me clear one point... Regions in pokemon world are similar to regions in our real world. A bear in the polar region is a polar bear while there are also grizzly bears and black bears that thrive in other region. The evolution of every specie depends on various environmental elements that determine it's shape and abilities. This is why there are many kinds of spiders, butterflies and even human beings...

    Back to the evaluation... Beartic is a pretty decent pokemon, it has a beastly attack that can destroy anything. Compared to ursaring, the latter has higher attack and guts, but beartic compensate that with a better coverage STAB move. Beartic also have better defenses although it's ice typing makes it difficult for it to take a lot of hits. Both have low speed, and this is the main issue for ursaring. Beartic on the other hand makes up for that with swift swim. The problem is that beartic is unlikely to set up rain and then proceed to sweep because it will take at least one hit and it will loose an important coverage move meaning that beartic needs to rely on another pokemon to set rain for it sacrificing one turn of rain and risking beartic switching in a super effective attack.

    Using beartic effectively requires team support and top notch predictibility from the player because every status will ruin beartic and every attack will leave it's mark on it.
    Beartic other ability is decent also but someone said it was banned so I guess it's banned!

    Beartic's movepool is not that impressive. It has decent special attacks but are so waisted, and it's physical moves are somewhat limited! Icicle crash and superpower are it's main attacking option while moves like swords dance can be used to boost your power and night slash, shadow claw, stone edge, brick break and rock slide conclude the decent physical options beartic has access to!

    Item wise, life orb or choice band are perfect on beartic since it will be switching in and out a lot. Keep your field hazard free and put screens up if possible. A healer is needed too cz a burn will mean the end to it! Rain is not a bad idea cz it will make beartic loose a key weakness to fire type attacks making them somewhat survivable!

    All in all beartic is usable but needs loads of support to work properly and even then It will be hard for it to sweep entire teams at once!
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    Snow Cloak doesn't really do much for Beartic whereas with Swift Swim, a doubled speed can turn this bear into a monster.

    Ability: Swift Swim
    Nature: Adamant / Jolly
    EVs: 252 Atk/252 Spe/4 HP
    - Icicle Crash/Dive
    - Brick Break/Superpower
    - Stone Edge
    - Night Slash/Swords Dance

    Icicle Crash gives a decent stab, whereas Brick Break and Stone Edge generally cover its weaknesses. Dive makes Beartic avoid some hits and with Rain Dance in play, will get in boost in power. Superpower does decrease its stats afterwards although its power is certainly useful. Night Slash just gives more coverage and Swords Dance can be used to boost the attack stat.

    Partner wise, a pokemon that can utilise Rain Dance is obviously needed. But Beartic hates Stealth Rock so a Rapid Spinner is also needed. Maybe Blastoise? Starmie can get rid of the fire and fighting types for him.

    Counter wise, any Steel types would work well - especially Metagross as it will resist/have neutral damage for most of Beartic's attacks. Any revenge killers would work - Emboar specifically well.

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