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Thread: A Journey To Remember!

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    Chapter 7

    After the wild goos-, er, Murkrow chase, I decided the best way to celebrate the evolution of two of my Pokemon, and the addition of a new friend, would be to have a good old-fashioned picnic.

    First, let me explain what my town is like. I live in Agtosu Town. It is a diverse town, with some suburban neighborhoods, some houses and restaurants on the beach, with an abundance of Alomomola and Goldeen, and, in the middle, a large preserve of forest and a lake. Can you name a better place for a day trip? So, I packed a basket full of food, and started to walk to the Agtosu Forest.

    It was a beautiful summer morning. The sun was out, not a cloud in sight, but there was a gentle breeze that blew through my neat, brown hair.

    After about 10 minutes of walking, I reached the park, but I was not quite at our usual spot. I found the narrow clearing in between two trees that Ziggy, Poochie and I found about 2 years ago. I followed an extremely tight path, which only the three of us have ever walked on. Then, I climbed a very steep slope, that was so close to a right angle it was almost impossible to tell the difference. Finally, I came to this small creek, which I crossed on some stepping stones. I came to a beautiful field on the other side of the creek, surrounded by forest and filled with flowers.

    “Ok guys! Come on out!” I yelled as I tossed my pokeballs into the air, releasing my three Pokemon.

    “Lin- Linoone!”

    “Yen- Yen!”

    “Mur- Murkrow!”

    I let them all run about, as I sat down. Coming here really reminded me of how I got Linoone and Mightyena.

    I was 13 years old. I was with a couple of friends at a breeding convention held in Agtosu. I saw a man sitting in a lawn chair, with a Linoone and Mightyena at both his sides. He was about 50 years old or so, with silver colored hair. The second he saw me he jumped up.

    “Hey! I know you! You're the son of the Rentoh region champion, Michael!” He exclaimed. “You’re his son, Condor, right?!”

    “Conor.” I corrected him, halfheartedly. “And yes. I am.”

    “Oh wow!!! What a great honor!” He said, talking about a mile a minute. He raced to shake my hand. “Hey, so do you wanna be a Pokemon master like your dad?!”

    That was a random question I thought to myself. “Um... I actually would...”

    “I knew it! I knew it!!!” He screamed. “Hey, Cornelius, I want you to have something!”

    I fought back the urge to correct him. He suddenly pulled out two Pokemon eggs, which are about 1 and a half feet tall. One egg had a zig-zaggy design on it. The zig-zags were alternating colors between brown and tan. The other egg had a gray base color, with black tops.

    “Here, Conrad,” He has a bad habit with forgetting names. “Take these, so you can become champion!”

    He handed me both the large eggs as my friends looked on in astonishment.

    “Th- Thanks sir! Thanks very much!”

    “Don’t mention it Collin! Well, except to your dad of course!” He exclaimed, jokingly. Well, at least I THINK it was jokingly.

    “Thanks again sir!”

    I never saw him again. I tried to. Later that day I came back to give him some money, but he wasn’t there. I did leave it there. I am a very nice and polite kid.

    Also, that day, I remember something ELSE happening. A neighborhood bully was being mean to my 9 year old little brother. When I saw that, I flipped. I definitely did NOT show any niceness. I lost my temper. I started to scream and yell, and before I knew it, I was hitting him. My dad, who heard from inside, had to pull me away.

    I came out of my little flashback when I felt the wetness of Linoone’s nose. He placed a nice flower, a yellow and blue one, at my feet, and started to nudge me. It then occurred to me that Linoone’s personality has changed since its evolution. It has always been a kind Pokemon, but it has turned into an absolute sweetheart. I thanked the little guy, and just like that, he was off, to play with his friends. What a kind and polite pokemon...

    To be continued....

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