Hi guys, I'm gonna start a new file on my pokemon Emerald, and actually use a team instead of my starter. After days of planning, Ive decided on what i should do, but before I start, I want to see if any improvements can be made. Im all offensive, killing everything and anything, but i sneak in a little defense so I dont die with one hit. Please tell me if I can make any improvements.

(Mixed)Blaziken- Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut, Earthquake, Hidden Power
(Mixed)Flygon- Fly, Steel Wing, Dragon Claw, Crunch
(physical)Absol- Shadow Ball, Slash, Swords Dance, Iron Tail
(physical)Shedinja- Shadow Ball, Dig, Aerial Ace, Secret Power
(special)Ludicolo- Ice Beam, Giga Drain, Nature Power, Surf
(special)Girafarig- Thunderbolt, Crunch, Psychic, Agility

Since some Tms can only be used once, I did the best I could with what I know I will have