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Thread: One-liners are not allowed!

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    Default One-liners are not allowed!

    Lately there has been an on-going spam/one-liner fest going on in various clubs. Now I take it no one paid attention to the announcement that was recently made. Here is the copy in case you somehow can't find it:
    Quote Originally Posted by the announcement "One liners, spam and ham"
    Hey members! Hope your club activities are going well. There is just something we need to talk about.

    One-liners. These posts are the type that are just one sentence of unnecessary discussion. No, I'm not talking about actual spam where one club talks about "why is ____ the best?" and the topic gets replies like "I like eggs" or just posts that don't even talk about the club subject in general. I'm talking about posts that are on the subject, but not enough to contribute to the actual thread. Something like this:

    Topic: What is your opinion on ______? Do you like it or hate it?"
    Bad noodle member: i dunno i never played/watched/did this

    Okay, you never played one of the games, watched an episode or season, or did a certain thing your whole club is about. That's fine. What isn't fine is you simply stating that! You could at least answer with something like, "I never played this game/watched this/did this but from what I have heard/seen, the story is awesome blah blah blah insert spoilers here and other speculation talk." I don't expect you to be following the whole subject to the core but then without knowing basic stuff, you will just be a burden to the club discussion. Explain your opinion with positivity too. Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean you degrade it to pieces.

    Post 1: "Look what I created in my spare time (or for the club)! Let me know what you guys think!"
    Bad noodle member 1: "it's nice i like it"
    Bad noodle member 2: "omg it's so terrible i h8 it"

    Okay, why do you like it? If you didn't like it, just compliment the member on their efforts and help them improve by giving them good tips or points. Another bad post would be replying to the comments with "ok i'll try that thanks".

    One-liners are considered spam too, you know! I have already sent a warning to one club because there were pages of non-stop one-liners and spam. I am currently scanning through all existing clubs and will continue doing so to keep an eye on you all. I know these posts aren't counted towards your precious post count but that doesn't mean you can just make a thousand posts of absolute nonsense. You can make a nice post talking about that certain topic and possibly get into a deep discussion. If your club is dying, it's because no one is posting interesting topics to discuss. Spice things up with a better topic, an activity everyone can do, a contest, etc. It may be a place to hang out with other fans but if you all are going on how somebody's signature is great or how you're feeling angry over something not related to the club, the sort of talk is left for messengers or VMs.

    These type of posts will no longer be tolerated and members doing this will receive a warning or infraction. Your posts may be deleted as well, depending on the content.

    I hope you understand this and continue to have a good time in the Clubs section. Members, feel free to continue reporting bad posts if any more exist in the future.

    Ham is not important in this announcement but Happy Holidays!
    So as you can see, while it's fun to talk about a lot of things, leave it for VMs or PMs or messengers or whatever. Keep the small talk away or contribute something well. I saw one post exclaim how this rule was "silly" because the member was on a phone. You can either a) not post or b) post like you would on anything else. Just because you're using an iPhone, iPad, terrible computer, etc does not mean you can bend the rules simply because you can't type. If you can't type, don't type. Save it for when you're settled down on a large computer or something comfortable. I've written some lengthy posts on mobile devices before so if I can, you can too.

    In addition to this, making posts like "omg guys i haven't been here in forever what happened??" is considered spam too. Read the posts you haven't seen since you last came to the club. There's no need to be lazy.

    Even though this rule strongly applies to those members who have been dropping one-liners like nothing, this also applies to club owners. It is your responsibility as a club owner to make sure your club is following the rules. If there's a member who is breaking the rules, warn them or give them a strike, whatever. If that same member is continuously breaking the rules, kick them out of the club. If they keep posting, report it to Club moderators (i.e. me) and we'll handle them.

    Consider this a final warning from me. All other posts that break the rules beyond this point will receive a serious spamming infraction. Any questions about this, feel free to PM me.

    ::EDIT:: Some people don't seem to understand what a one liner is so here is a short explanation I sent to a member who asked a while ago:
    A one-liner is generally one sentence. The length does not matter but you can post 2-3 sentences of nonsense too. If your post is not contributing the club at all, then it is considered spam.

    A post can be one sentence as long as it's something that EXTREMELY contributes. Unfortunately it sounds impossible because you will need to explain or back up that post with opinions, reasons, etc. I hope this helps.
    Also, if you think this rule is terrible, well you all brought it among yourselves. You know you're not supposed to spam yet you do it any way. I don't know what you intend on accomplishing by doing this but as a moderator, I will not let you off easy this time because you're supposed to have read, understood and follow the rules the very few seconds you join the forums.
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