I just got Black and White 2 over the weekend (I know, I'm a lil late), and I need a rating on my current team. I don't exactly have the entire team full YET, but I'm working on it. I need a dragon type and a water type. Please post below with your opinions on what you think they should be.

Pignite (Level 24)
- Flame Charge
- Ember (Soon to be replaced)
- Arm Thrust
- Odor Sleuth

Sandile (Level 22)
- Sand Tomb
- Bite
- Crunch
- Sandstorm

Riolu (Level 23)
- Force Palm
- Low Kick
- Leer
- Focus Energy

Flaaffy (Level 24)
- Thundershock
- Thunder Wave
- Leer
- Tackle

I know my team doesn't have nearly the best moves of a person's choice, but that's because I just started. Also, a question to whoever knows: Where do you get a Soothe Bell? I need one in order to evolve my Riolu into Lucario, which I'd like to do sooner than later.