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    Default The Fighting Gamers Club

    Welcome to The Fighting Gamers Club!

    My name is Eeveelover824, the co founder of the yugioh club and i would like to make another club for all those fighting game lovers out what makes this fighting game club different is it is for all fighting games...Blaze Blue, Soul Calibur, Tekken, Street Fighter, Marvel Vs Capcom, Guilty Gear, and many others...In this club we can discuss about fighting games and also for every game we can have single areas for people that like a certain type of fighting game...we will have hostings of online get together depending on the game and systems...I will host other ideas for anything for your division of expertise of what fighitng game you like to play...if you want help we can offer tutoring if you want to learn how to play a game better if you not so good at it...we can also can post fan art as well long as its fighting game related and is not breaking any of serebii rules go crazy

    1.) remeber to keep on topic, do not post other then fighting game talk...
    2.) fallow the forums rules you should know and read all the criteria of what to do and not to do here on serebii
    3.) all art work you use for the club, make sure to give credit please!
    4.)no offensive language to one another i can't get this straight...i know fighting games can get intensive sometimes but this club is for fun no competition and no bashing others if they not as good as your skill level
    5.) make sure to apply the form correctly or you will not be accepted
    6.) have fun ^_^

    Club moderators:
    Gothic Gothrita

    In charge of accepting and declining when im offline or didn't get to the new member
    making sure no one breaks the rules mostly related to spam,flame, and trolling in the club
    has athority to report if no one listens
    also they can let me know if i missed a new member by accident to add

    Here is the form in this white box for entering the club

    HTML Code:
    Fighting Gamers Club Form
    Hey I love fighting games can i join,
    Game you like to play the most:
    Online name (if you have one):
    why you like fighting games:
    have you read all my rules?:
        Spoiler:- members list:

        Spoiler:- Super Smash Bros Brawl:

        Spoiler:- Darkstalkers download:

        Spoiler:- Mortal Combat:

        Spoiler:- Tekken players:

        Spoiler:- soul calibur players:

        Spoiler:- Street Fighter:

        Spoiler:- Marvel Vs Capcom 3/ Ultimate:

        Spoiler:- Blaze Blue:

        Spoiler:- Guilty Gear:

        Spoiler:- Naruto Fighting Games:

        Spoiler:- DragonBall Z Fighting Games:

    fighting game tutors
    having trouble with a fighting game want to learn to get better talk to these people in the spoiler if you want to get better at a certain game...
        Spoiler:- game tutors:

    HTML Code:
    tutor member form
    I like to be a tutor for a fighting game
    why you want to be tutor?:
    rate yourself at being good (1 thru 10):
    what level of tutoring you want(beginner, intermediate or Advance):
    Fighting games Hangout members

        Spoiler:- Tekken:

        Spoiler:- Soul Calibur:

        Spoiler:- Street Fighter:

        Spoiler:- Marvel Vs Capcom:

        Spoiler:- BlazeBlue:

        Spoiler:- Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus download game:

    Fighting Game Fan Art

        Spoiler:- fan art:

        Spoiler:- Credits:

    remember were here to have fun and also were here to make sure we have fun at the fighting game were best at...hope to see this club soar high...I think thats about it...
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