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Hmm no Melee metagame is a lot faster paced than Brawls metagame. Same goes for the CPUs. Melee CPUs give you a lot less free time to do what you want as opposed to brawl CPUs...like honestly in Brawl the CPU has to be lv 9 for it even to be a challenge at all. But in Melee a lv 9 can be very very difficult.

Soo new topic time I think: Since we seem to be on the topic of character transition from game to game What would you like to see changed added or removed in the next installment of any fighting game?
I was going to ask something similar but forgot. Anyway, I want the next Smash to do the obvious balance attempt. But more specifically I hope they make Final Smashes (should they return) to be delegated to its own button instead of taking over the Neutral B button. I also want those bonus points to return, the ones from Melee that gave you points for doing specific things. Like "KO 64", "No R 4 U", uh.....etc. I hope you Melee players know what I'm talking about >.>