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NEW TOPIC: Do you prefer Fighting Games with Weapons or Hand-to-Hand Combat? Whichever one you pick, please explain why.

EDIT: You can pick both if you like, just explain why. Make it more than one sentence please.
I like weapons more, actually. I love it when you can customize your character and give them weapons and things. Like you can have a cute little elf holding a gargantuan battle axe and destroy everybody with it lol. I actually just like customizing though and fighting with only bare hands seems a bit plain.

and @Eeveelover's new topic:
NARUTO ULTIMATE NINJA STORM ON PSP BATTLE AGAINST OBITO, YOUNG KAKASHI, AND MINATO. It was intense like...!@#$%^&*! There are 3 opponents against, all of 'em in "Super Hard" difficulty level. You can also only use ONE character, and get a 40 HIT COMBO. Minato teleports around, so it's nearly impossible to touch him. I used Itachi, and just spammed Amaterasu. I spent SOOOO many tries...all to get Young Kakashi as a playable character lol.