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Thread: Conditions of an atoner

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    Default Conditions of an atoner

    I believe some of us have used characters who are atoning for their sins. ut right now, I'm in a bit of trouble on how it would end up in the end.

    I mean, what are the chances that the atoner has been forgiven? Or when atoner was not forgiven.

    My idea at first would be a father atoning at his son for not being with him when the son needed it the most. Yet in the end, the son never forgave him for the damage of the hurtful past cannot be repaired

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    I think you forgot a sentence or something, I feel there's something missing in this question.

    Well, it depends on the characters, the situation in which the atoner is atoning for, how the person is atoning, and what you want to happen in the end (your goal for how you want your story to end). You can atone for something you did to a person, but that person may not ever accept the apology/act. In your case, it sounds reasonable that a son may never forgive his father for whatever happened. That is how his character is, and that's fine, whether we agree with his decision or not. It just depends on what the father did, and if the father was really being sincere in trying to find forgiveness in his posterity that will help justify the son's decisions--unless the son just doesn't care to begin with. It may also depend on if culture was involved, what the family traditions are, if the son was being a rebel, or his father wasn't a great person to begin with, et cetera, et cetera. A lot of different possibilities can come from asking questions like that about these characters' backgrounds. From there, the characters flesh themselves out, and you will be able to figure out why it is a character did such-and-such, what the consequences are, and if it was the right thing for them to do.
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    It really depends on what the Atoner has done.
    If they are either judgemental of themselves and blame themselves for an inccident or have been falsely accused, then their 'atonement' would be proving to themselves or others that they were not part of said Event.

    If, for example, there was a one off incident, such as an act of bullying that ended in Murder, the atoner would likely have to prove his good side, most likely saving the world or something.

    And If said atoner was an evil character who is trying to change, they will find it difficult to break habits and will get lost along the way. Thus comes along a forgiving individual, most likely an inncoent child, who brings the Atoner back on track.

    Overall, it utterly depends of the Situation and the Characters Personality really...

    Good Luck!

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    The atoner will not be forgiven by "chance". If an atoner needed to be forgiven, he/she must make action(s) to make the others understand him/herself.

    What I said here is really the very basic rule of atonement, whether that sin is as small as forget to bring a birthday present on one's birthday party, or as big as destroying a country by accident. Depend on the scale of the sin, the action of atonement can also be small or big, easy or difficult. Then the result will be up to you as a writer.

    Basically speaking, the atonement itself can be divided into three basic sections: 1)sin, 2)compensation action, 3)result. Please note that this is only the basic of the basics, and it had not included the involved parties' characters and personalities.
    The characteristic, personality, background story, or even culture like what Kutie Pie said, of the guilty party and the suffered party will be the main factor that influence the above three sections of atonement.

    Let just take my first easy example, the "sin" was someone forget to bring a birthday present to his friend's birthday party. Depending on how you wanted the situation to be, you may wanted the "compensation action" to be as simple as just a word of apology, or little bit complicated like promising to give the birthday present on the next day, then that guy go to search all the possible gift shops to look for the best present. As the "result", depending on is that friend of him easygoing or emotionally fragile, you may have him be forgiven or not about his unintentional forgetfulness.

    Given you a more difficult example, the Chinese Exclusion Act of US of 1880. Although the act was repealed long ago for already more than 60 years, but still the Chinese of nowadays still feel that act was unforgivable. The US government need to make political apology every single year to the Chinese, but still the Chinese don't accept such apology because it is only done orally, without any actual compensation that can be granted.

    For the atonement scene in your own fanfic, I don't know how you going to do it, but first go through those basics of atonement. Add background story to the sin, then think of what personality the guilty and the suffered party has. Those will determine what kind of compensation action the guilty party should do, and what result the suffered party will decide.
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