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Thread: BWS2EN-1: Return to Juniper's Laboratory [FIRST POST UPDATED IN 01/15]

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    Default BWS2EN-1: Return to Juniper's Laboratory [FIRST POST UPDATED IN 01/15]

    "The Juniper Laboratory! A New Journey!!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Dephender View Post
    "Having arrived at the laboratory, Satoshi and his friends have just finished telling Araragi and her assistants about the Isshu League. They are then joined by the new Trainer Nonomi, upon which a Tag Battle begins."
    The new and highly anticipated chapter starts now! It stars the mysterious youth N, who claims he can hear the voices of Pokémon, as well as the mysterious organization "the Plasma Gang", which uses Pokémon in their shady experiments. And the fate of Satoshi and his friends is...!?

    With the Isshu League over with, Satoshi and friends head towards Professor Araragi's place in Kanoko Town. On their way, they encounter the new Trainer Nonomi. She's a very cautious girl, standing around all nervous in the middle of the road, being hesistant to even cross a stone bridge. After encouraging her on, Satoshi and friends continue on towards the laboratory.

    Having told Professor Araragi and Professor Okido about his results in the Isshu League, Satoshi decides to return to the Kanto region. But then Nonomi suddenly shows up at the lab. After giving it a lot of thought, Nonomi chooses the 'Fire Pig Pokémon' Pokabu as her starter Pokémon, and is subsequently paired with Satoshi in a tag battle against Iris and Dent! As Nonomi starts to enjoy the battle, a mecha suddenly appears before Satoshi and friends. It's operated by a trio they've seen before, but just who is it...!?
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