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Thread: Fiction theme and its frequency of emphasis

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    Default Fiction theme and its frequency of emphasis

    Hey everyone it's lanturn again!

    I'm gonna need some more help about this new fic I'm writing, it's about bond and all that (if you saw my fossil thread, you'd have known ).

    I'm not asking for literal help, I'm just asking a question here. I think that this question might help others who are writing with a theme in mind.

    Anyways, the fic will be about bond with pokemon and all that. However, I came across this stumbling block (for me at least). I have this one huge question that'll really help me down the road: how often should the main theme be emphasized?

    Should the theme about bonding appear in every chapter? Or every few chapters? Or only when a new pokemon is caught? How often should it be emphasised? And what should happen in those "filler" chapters (if that's what you want to call it).


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    It should only be in as many chapters as you need it to be. That could be one, it could be all of them. I feel that a little reinforcement of what you're trying to get across every once in a while is okay, but not constantly. Then it would feel like you're shoving it down our throats. Filler chapters are just that; filler. They don't contribute to the plot whatsoever. This is the place for all your silly stuff or just a change of pace. If you want to take a break from the plot then a few filler chapters is good. This doesn't mean you can't have the main theme flowing through out it of course. It essentially comes down to preference. Do you want people to constantly know what you're trying to show? Or is it better to slide it in a chapter here and there?
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    Yeah, I think the important thing is not to "force" the theme. Let it happen naturally when possible. Don't think with the mindset "I should bring in my theme here and here and here." If it's really a theme, I think its emphasis will appear recurringly on its own, just through the characters.
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