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Thread: Role-Play: Pokemon Take Over The World Sign-Up

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    Default Role-Play: Pokemon Take Over The World Sign-Up

    Here is the Role-Play: [link removed]
    You can sign up on the link I posted,but if you aren't a member of the website,you can't post there.
    However,if you sign up for the RP here,you have to sign up to post there afterwards.
    If you get sucsessfully entered in the RP,i'll tell the RP'ers there that more people want to join the RP.
    1).All rules that @RainbowCrasher states apply. (This is a RP on another Website,not Serebiiforums! :P )
    Examples of what you say for the sign up:
    If i'm able to join,i'll choose Dusknoir.
    If i'm able to join,i'll choose Mudkip.
    If i'm able to join,i'll choose Giratina.
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    :/ Please read the rules of a section before posting in it. The RPG Rules state pretty clearly that this forum is not for advertising outside websites. The only place you can advertise is in your sig.

    Don't do this again.


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