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    (Alternatively known as 'Time To Dream REDUX)

    The year is 20xx, the various regions of Pokemon lie in ruin, most towns non-existent in the bleakness. Kanto was bombed three years ago, some remnants of an old life still remain, obscured behind the decay. Most people evacuated, some stayed and found a new way of life amongst the decay.

    Johto, and the other regions, aren’t much better. Johto was turned into a war ground, the people made into slaves and mindless robots for the army. The army captured Rayquaza, causing a huge war to break out between Kyogre and Groundon that was never stopped so Hoenn flooded in the process, causing the whole region to undergo the building of islands for people to live in. Sinnoh stands as a seemingly abandoned waste ground, all the once beautiful cities are now rusted and covered in a haze of dirt. But Unova… Unova took the biggest tumble of them all.

    Unova was turned into a huge base of operations for the army, or, ‘Team Rapture’. Team Rapture was newly formed team, their only goal was to create greater Pokemon, robotic servants of their former selves. They bombed Kanto, killing so many innocent people and Pokemon. They turned Johto into a war base, taking all the people who were now out of jobs into their various factories and laboratories. They took Rayquaza from Hoenn, causing it to flood and undergo a complete reconstruction, and finally, they scared most people far away from the Sinnoh and Unova regions.

    Team Rapture eliminates any threat to them, any sign of rebellion. They don’t care about the lives of humans or Pokemon, all they want is power. The Pokemon that they capture are… changed. Far beyond the point of the shadow Pokemon incident in Orre, but something far more sinister. They call this, Project Primal; meaning that they literally turn the Pokemon into beasts; back to their much more dark and primal roots. The first Pokemon ever created with Project Primal was “Rose”, the Tauros. Who is the leader’s prized Pokemon, and an extremely powerful and fearful opponent, given the power to speak with Project Primal, she talks to her victims before killing them. Making her a truly evil and cruel beast.

    But, a resistance has risen up. Secretly working in the Sinnoh region, their main base of operation being in the long abandoned, Pokemon Mansion in Eterna Forest. Lead by a girl known only as ‘Ecanus’ by Team Rapture. She’s been fighting against them for ages, battling constantly, losing many friends and comrades in the battles. She needs help, she needs to build a better resistance. She needs to build a new Team Freewill.

    Team Freewill
    You’re a member of Team Freewill, and like so many others, you want vengeance on Team Rapture. Each member has a different background, a different reason to fight on Team Freewill. They come from all over the world, every single region.

    Each member has a special Pokemon, their starter, that’s based on a certain type. However, the rest of their team are any Pokemon of their choice. These are Pokemon that they seem to have a link to, some sort of special link that helps these Pokemon fight better with their trainers. ‘Ecanus’ has a special link to a grass type, her Leafeon, the two share a special type of bond.

    Ecanus is looking for anyone who’s able, anyone who wants to finally fight! And she wants you.

    Aspects Of The RP
    - As stated, each member of Team Freewill has a specific type for their starter, my character has taken the GRASS type. Eventhough you have a link to a type and a starter based on that type, all other Pokemon on your team can be any type.
    - I’m going to allow a max of two characters, due to me doubting I can get 17 people.
    - I’d like if Team Rapture were NPC’s but I’ll make an exception if you REALLY wanted to be a Rapture operative.
    - Your special starter can be any Pokemon of the type you choose EXCEPT legendaries.
    - Your team can be fully evolved.

    Sign Up

    Name: (First and Last)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    Special Linked Type: (Your special starter’s type)
    Hometown: (Any town from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Unova. However please keep in mind the current state of regions, most cities still exist but are very changed.)

    Weapons and Equipment:
    Anything Else?:

    Pokemon Team: (Fill out one per Pokemon, Max of 6, Min of 3)

    My Sign up:

    Name: Amelia Watson
    Codename: Ecanus
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Special Linked Type: Grass
    Hometown: Mahogany Town, Johto Region.

    Appearance: Amelia is about 5’2” with pale white skin and bright green, cat-like, eyes. Her hair is black in color, Tied back in a efficient ponytail. She wears goggles atop her head, they get pulled down during battles or while going through the desert. She wears a brown scarf with a similar pattern to a deer’s pelt, along with a cream colored t-shirt, white leggings and brown and white high-tops.

    Personality: Amelia is prone to over reactions, she loves ‘shipping’, even trying to use her shipping skills in real life situations to hook people up. She talks about her ‘feels’ quite often, saying how much a television program or battle has upset her. “That battle hit me right in the feels guys”. She uses terms such as ‘weeping’ or ‘screeching’ in everyday speech, sometimes confusing quite a few people.

    She’s considered much more of an extrovert than an introvert, and will express her feelings if you irritate her or make her sad. She usually relies on her feelings more than her actual thoughts when making decisions so she can sometimes come off as slightly rash. Speaking of decision making, most of her battles are spontaneous rather than planned.

    History: Amelia, was born a middle class citizen of Mahogany, Johto. She went to a trainer school nearby her home, studying hard because she wanted to be the next Pokemon Professor. She always maintained good marks, and treated Pokemon with kindness and empathy.

    One day, her and her classes were taken to a breeder’s house; each student given the option to get a baby Pokemon that they had on hand. Amelia picked a small Eevee as her first Pokemon, raising it into the powerful dragon Pokemon; Leafeon. Whom, she has an extremely strong connection with, due to the two travelling together and learning the best and worst of one, another.

    While training her Leafeon, she wanted to explore as much of the Pokemon region as possible. However, when she came back to Johto after travelling through Hoenn for quite some time, the region had changed. She saw factories set up, all around where her home once was. The soldiers surrounded her, trying to grab her. She sent out her Buttefree, who she then witnessed get torn apart by an extremely vicious Houndoom. After the grunts laughed at her tears, they let her go. Amelia fled to Sinnoh, which was abandoned and decrepit. She found her new home and base of operations in the large Sinnoh Mansion in Eterna Forest.

    She tried acts of rebellion with team members couple more times, however, after her actions allowed Team Rapture to take the lives of more of her friends and Pokemon, she gave up. Until now, wanting to avenge the deaths of her comrades.

    Weapons and Equipment: Amelia carries a backpack full of medical supplies for Pokemon, along with a first aid kit for human injuries. She has a can of mace in this backpack as well.

    Anything Else?: Leader of Team Freewill.
    Looks like:

    Pokemon Team:
    Name: Cassiel ‘Cas’
    Species: Leafeon
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Aloof, more or less, second in command on Team Freewill. She would do anything to protect her master, and cares very much for Amelia’s safety. She was Amelia’s first Pokemon, and still her most trusted.

    Name: Sherlock
    Species: Swellow
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Hardly shows any emotion, would definitely prefer being left alone and not in this war caused by the idiotic humans.

    Name: Marcus
    Species: Mienshao
    Gender: Male
    Personality: A moody Pokemon, all her cares about is fighting and keeping his master safe, nothing more.

    Name: Shibi
    Species: Eelektross
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Sweet, and kind. Always willing to help out anyone in need and fight for anyone who needs assistance.

    Name: Oasis
    Species: Quagsire
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Oasis is Amelia's newest Pokemon, he was a gift from her mother. Oasis is very naive, he usually doesn't seem to understand much of what's going on.

    The Cast

    (Posted here like; Name/Codename/Region/Linked Pokemon)

    Bug - River Nash/'Quantum'/Johto Region/Beedrill (ger9119)
    Dark - Kevin Di Rocketto/'Rocket'/Kanto Region/Sableye (Eyepop)
    Dragon - Jutta Flamme/'Brokenwing'/Sinnoh Region/Dragonair (TheSketchQueen)
    Electric - Daniel Olstad/'Maestro'/Unova Region/Eelektross (Xander Kaiser)
    Fighting - Mary Williams/'Aura'/Kanto Region/Lucario (TheSketchQueen)
    Fire - Aiden Bradford/'Char'/Unova Region/Ninetails (TheSketchQueen)
    Flying - Malorie Weaver/'Oswin'/Hoenn Region/Noctowl (SpyroxPikachu)
    Ghost - Jenson Price/'Boo'/Kanto Region/Mismagius (fango pango)
    Grass - Amelia Watson/’Ecanus’/Johto Region/Leafeon (SpyroxPikachu)
    Ground - Autumn Bellum/'Moldwarp'/Sinnoh Region/Glisor (Nightdreamer)
    Ice - Lilith Dian/'Tundra'/Hoenn Region/Dewgong (fango pango)
    Normal - Kendra Park/'Acuity'/Sinnoh Region/Ursaring (ger9119)
    Poison - Conrad Haggus-Wolfe/'Vulture'/Unova Region/Drapion (SpyroxPikachu)
    Psychic - Marguerite “Verisk” Crimson/'Fredrika'/Hoenn Region/Elgyem (Chihaya01)
    Rock - Seth Ambrose/'The Voice'/Kanto Region/Golem (Ger9119)
    Steel - Gage McArthur/'Cowboy'/Hoenn Region/Aggron (ImAnOKIE12)
    Water - Evan Fletcher/'Triton'/Johto Region/Lanturn (OceanicLanturn)

    Male to Female Count
    Male: 9
    Female: 8

    Region Count
    Kanto: 4
    Johto: 3
    Hoenn: 4
    Sinnoh: 3
    Unova: 3
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