Name: Lilith Dian
Codename: Tundra
Age: 14
Gender: =Female
Special Linked Type: Ice
Hometown: Mossdeep City- Hoenn

Appearance: Lilith has curly light blonde hair usually with a ribbon or some other acessory in it and always down. She has dark blue eyes and a mild peach complexion. She has a fairly stocky body, being about 5'8'' and weighing about 156 pounds. Her legs are slightly slimmer than average for her body build though, but her arms are slightly bulkier than average too. She usually wears baggy tracksuit bottoms and shirts with various Pokemon on them. She wears a necklace that was given to her by her mother with a cross on. She carries around a bag with binoculars, and snack foods.

Personality: Lilith is a pushover, a weak individual who has low self-esteem, she's easy to make cry and she has a tendency to cover her ears when ssomeone raises their voice to her. Despite this, she has belief in the people around her to help her, she believes they can help rebuild her and will build relationships with people quickly. Because of this she puts trust in some people too easily, leading to her being very easily manipulated if the person has been kind to her enough. Despite this she has an above-average intelligence and cares for others before herself.

History: Lilith was a slow starter, getting into Pokeschool at age 7 due to her parents clinginess to her. When she did get into school, people had already made friend groups and she was left out of them, constantly being the last picked in games. Constantly bullied by everyone. Because of this she started binging as a way of escaping the depression. Due to this she grew abit chubbier, making her more ridiculed by her classmates. However she moved on from it and focused on Pokemon, and in particular, Ice Pokemon. She thought of them as Pokemon of beauty and elegance. She craved to be like them. When she was 14 her class and her were taken to Shoal Cave on a daytrip to see if they could get some Pearls. However, Lilith decided to catch her first pokemon: Spheal. She developed a friendship with the Spheal, and she had never been happier. Then the flood happened, and in her hurry to escape being drowned, she left her Spheal out to take the water. When she came out, the Spheal was gone. Lost at sea. Missing in Action. Since then Lilith has promised herself no matter what it took she would find her Spheal.

Weapons and Equipment: Carries binoculars and food in her bag
Anything Else?:

Name: Bex
Gender: Female
Personality: Strong willed but acts before she thinks

Name: Rio
Species: Sealeo
Gender: Male
Personality: Enjoys making loud noises but clumsy

Name: Dale
Species: Wailmer
Gender: Male
Personality: Slow to react but strong