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    Aight, here's fighting! ... or at least a WIP of fighting... it's not done yet... Haha! Eez done nou~

    Name: Mary Williams
    Codename: Aura
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Special Linked Type: Fighting
    Hometown: Cinnabar Island, Kanto

    Appearance: Mary is somewhat small for her age, standing at 4"6', and is very thin. Her skin is almost a light peach color. Her face is very round and girlish, with sky blue eyes that are larger than normal, pale pink lips, a small, girlish nose, and freckles splattered across the bridge of her nose. Her hair is a light brown color, cut into a pixie cut that curls slightly inward. Her hands and feet are extremely soft, but smaller than normal. Her arms and legs are thin, but thick enough to not look extremely bony.

    Mary usually wears a sky blue dress with short sleeves, and a cupcake skirt that comes down a little bit past her knees. She also wears Mary Janes of the same sky blue color with no socks. She keeps her pokeballs on a bracelet she wears on her left wrist.

    Personality: Mary is timid, shy, and doesn't talk much. She dislikes strangers, and won't say a word to anyone she doesn't want to. She does eventually warm up to people who treat her nicely, and will start talking to them. She cries easily, but usually tires herself out quickly and goes back to whatever she was doing. She's very girlish and likes to play with dolls and her pokemon, occasionally combining the two. She's also afraid of the dark, and refuses to be alone in the dark. Despite her calm, girlish nature, she likes to climb trees and likes being higher than the ground. She also tends to bite her fingers often.

    History: Mary's family lived in Cinnabar before the volcano erupted. She was the youngest of seven, and so the family constantly babied her. When the volcano erupted, Mary and her family was off on a trip to Vermillion City, where they heard about the eruption. Seeing that their old home was destroyed, Mary's father decided to move to Pewter City to start over. Mary continued to be babied, and when her father enrolled her in a Trainer's School, she refused to talk to anyone. She fell away emotionally from her family, and when she was 12, stole her mother's fearow so she could fly back to Cinnabar. When she got there, only the pokemon center stood standing, and rocks everywhere else. She tied fearow's pokeball around its neck and sent it back to her mother. She went to the volcano's crater, and was surprised to see a riolu curled up in the center. When the riolu saw her, he ran up to her, and looked her in the eye. Mary hesitantly took out a pokeball from her backpack and showed it to the riolu. The riolu gladly touched the pokeball, sending itself inside. Mary named her new pokemon Gary after one of her older brothers, the one who didn't baby her as much. She sent the riolu out from his pokeball, so they could maybe train against some water pokemon. But as soon as the light flashed, Mary heard the sound of airplanes. She looked to the sky and saw multiple bombers heading towards Kanto. Mary panicked, but realized they weren't heading toward somewhere already destroyed. She watched them fly into sight, and suddenly she knew where the bombers were headed. They were heading towards Vermillion City. Mary curled up in the crater, with Gary beside her, and they heard the bombs exploding. Later, at 14, she found a poster lying in the water about a group called Team Freewill. She grabbed the sopped poster, and started to head on her way, wanting only peace in the world.

    Weapons and Equipment: Mary always carried food and water with her, lest she gets lost. She also carries a small dagger.

    Anything Else?: Nope... no, they won't become Mary Sue/Gary Stu, even though that's where I got names.

    Pokemon Team:

    Name: Gary
    Species: Lucario
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Gary is just a quiet guy. He likes being social, but won't talk much. He's also very protective of Mary, and will comfort her if she's sad.

    Name: Fluff
    Species: Whimsicott
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Fluff is very cuirous and naive. Almost everything is new and exiting to her, and she loves touching things. She also bounces a lot, and "talks" a lot.

    Name: Mallicent (Mallie)
    Species: Liepard
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Mallie is a devilish creature to her enemies and an angel to her friends. She's kind and likes to have fun, but if she gets into a sticky situation, she reverts into her Liepard ways and becomes a demon, stealing anything important to her enemies, messing with them, attacking them, etc.

    Name: Azu
    Species: Azumaril
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Azu likes to go completely unnoticed. She hates being in the spotlight, and rather let other pokemon take the show.

    Name: Twig
    Species: Wigglytuft
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Twig is twig. She's kinda unpredictable... and a bit crazy. She also has a deep obsession about fish. Never show a fish to twig.
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