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Thread: Pokemon LeafGreen Poison Mono-Type

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    Default Pokemon LeafGreen Poison Mono-Type

    Would you watch a YouTube series, if I did a mono poison type run?
    Coming Soon :
    Pokemon BlazeBlack2 Fire Mono-Type Run
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    Not with my watch list quite full. I've still not seen few live streamed matches that took place over a month ago.

    This thread is really a Poll, and also technically you're just a link short of Advertising. I can't let it stay in any of the 3rd Gen sections. Since I'm also a mod of the Polls section I'd have to Shut it after It had as it would break the Rules there.

    We do have challenge forum and this is the thread:! However the rules wouldnot allow you to post videos in your posts. You are free to post links to Youtube in your signature.


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