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    Welcome to the newly made Sequelshipping forum


    This forum is for those who support the idea of Rosa/Mei (the playable heroine in BW2) and the rival character Hugh/Hue as a couple. Now like every other forum, their are rules to follow,

    1. All sppf rules apply, and i believe on e of them includes keeping a pg-13 rating on this forum, if not, then i am telling you this now. Keep it PG OR ELSE!!!!!
    2. no bashing or flaming of any kind when posting.
    3. no double posting, edit your older posts instead.
    4. No minimodding, as in don't post just to tell somebody that they broke a rule
    5. No spamming of any kind, it's annoying and fills up pages with no point.
    6. PUT EFFORT IN YO POST! try not to make a vague or non-inspired posts that make it impossible to start a discussion
    7. i have no problem with people advertisiing their fanfictions, but do NOT make it the only reason you post.
    8. Keep to the subject of the thread, i know livecastershipping tends to conflict with this ship alot so i will allow you to mention other ships as long as it dosen't end in a heated debate.
    9. If you are posting content that dosen't belong to you (especially fanart), then credit them so we know where it came from. I don't want to have a bunch of artists in depression cuz somebody stole their thunder.
    10. Do not harass people on the forum for anything they said or did, or any other reason. if your being harassed, PM me and i will take action according to how i see the problem.

    Now their are things to consider on this forum before we go any further:

    1. their will be spoilers from Black and White 2 on this forum, i can almost garuntee that,
    2. I am absolutly new to this whole modding thing, so i will probably make some typo's and might take a while to take action. I would be willing to get people to help me mod this thread but i don't think i'll be hiring just yet. (especially with the attention this forum is getting)

    Now i would like to start this off by asking this question;

    What Makes this ship so special to you and why did you click this thread?
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