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Thread: Ever nickname Pokemon after other fictional characters?

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    I have a "Furies" trend:

    Alecto - Sneasel
    Tisiphone - Froslass
    Magaera - Mismagius

    In addition to that, I also name almost all my pokemon after people from Greek/Roman myths (sometimes history). There are some exceptions...

    Reglius the Scrafty. I named him after Regulus Terentius (I had a crap TV and couldn't see the letters very clearly), who was the Count of Bravil in Oblivion.
    Alchemilla the Makuhita. Granted, Alchemilla is a PLACE not a PERSON, but it is the Hospital in some Silent Hill games.
    Happy Jack the Machoke. I named him after the The Who song of the same name.
    Faust the Pikachu, after Faust, the main character of Goethe's work of the same title.
    Ickis the Sableye, after Ickis on Aaahh! Real Monsters
    Oblina the Gothitelle from the same series
    Moltar the Pawniard after Moltar from Space Ghost: Coast to Coast
    Brak the Meowth (see above)
    Zorak the Scyther (see above) the Mightyena for obvious reasons
    Mephistopheles the Houndoom. In Goethe's Faust, Satan (aka: Mephistopheles) takes the form of a black dog coming out of a corn field.
    Gamma the Toxicroak (though now, Seismitoad would work better) after Hunter Gamma from the Resident Evil Games
    Rocco the Breloom after Rocco from "Rocco's Modern Life" as Breloom seem to be some sort of mushroom wallaby to me
    Papre the Dragonite after "Dragonne Papre" mentioned in "Starlover's Log" in Morrowind (I think there is also a copy of it in later games. It is a book in reference to Battlespire, another game by Bethesda)
    Llorona the Gardevoir after the La Llorona myth
    Calcobrena the Banette after the Calcobrena boss from one of the early Final Fantasy titles, and the Calcobrena myth itself
    Ultrmegchk the Skarmory after Ultra-Mega Chicken from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
    Uzumaki the Igglybuff for...well, if you get it, good. If you don't and aren't used to scary images, I suggest you don't go look it up.
    Kappa the Golduck after the Kappa myth
    UncleDolan the Ducklette after Uncle Dolan. If you don't know who that is, don't go look it up. It's NSFW
    Boba Fett the Cubone because Cubone wears its dead mother's head, and Boba Fett wears his dead dad's helmet
    Zam the Zangoose after Zam Wesell. Don't know why.
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    Ahh nicknames: Gosh I have A crap ton that are yet to be done:

    I. Castlevania Series

    Shanoa - Raichu and Minun
    Albus - Blaziken and Plusle
    Jonathan - Torterra
    Charotte - Gastrodon
    Soma Cruz - Absol

    II. Legend of Zelda Series

    Link - Samurott, Gallade, Celebi, Shaymin, Jirachi
    Zelda - Serperior, Gardevoir, Mew, Jirachi, Manaphy
    Ganondorf - Emboar, Blaziken, Rhyperior, Dusknoir, Hydreigon
    Medli - Female Unfezant, Swanna
    Byrne - Scrafty, Houndoom

    III. Madworld (a truly fun killing Violent Video Game on Wii)

    Jack Cayman - Scizor, Bisharp
    Agent XIII - Mandibuzz
    Rin Rin - Mienshao
    Jude The Dude - Genesect, Liepard
    Little Eddie - Rampardos
    Von Twirlinkiller - Tornadus Incarnate
    The Black Baron - Scrafty

    IV. Metroid Series

    Samus Aran - Raichu (seriously fits her)
    Adam Malkovitch - Manetric
    Anthony Higgs - Electivire
    Ridley - Aerodactyl, Tornadus Therian, Gliscor

    V. Cave Story 3D (known as Doukatsu Monogatari)

    Quote - Plusle, Volbeat, Victini
    Curly Brace - Minun, Illumise, Jirachi
    King - Azumarill
    Toroko - Minccino, Lopunny
    Jenka - Mesprit, Phione
    Misery - Mismagius
    Ballos - Lunatone, Regirock, Claydol
    Professor Booster - Ninjask, Swellow
    The Doctor - Hypno, Gigalith, Ledian, Galvantula

    VI. Metal Gear Solid Series

    Solid Snake / Big Boss - Snivy/Servine/ Serperior, Genesect, Scizor
    The Boss - Mew, Cinccino, Gardevoir
    The End - Sceptile, Torterra, Shiftry
    The Fury - Magmortar, Heatmor
    The Fear - Galvantula, Ariados
    The Pain - Vespiquen (weird), Beedrill
    Naomi - Furret, Espeon
    Liquid Ocelot - Magnezone, Bisharp, Seviper

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    My team in Diamond.
    1.Empoleon-Gunther(Adventure Time)
    2.Luxray-Lion-O(Thunder Cats)
    3.Staraptor-Cpt.Falcon(F-Zero) I had to shorten Capt. to Cpt.
    4.Roserade-Poison Ivy(DC's Batman)
    5.Golem-Thing(Marvel's Fantastic Four)
    6.Rapidash-Shadowfax(Lord of the Rings)
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    I think EVERYONE has had a Steve or an Irwin. Probably sandile or tododile.
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    On my White 2 I named almost everything I caught after a character from TV shows I watched.

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    Hershel the Emboar, Emmy the Ampharos, Luke the Azumarill, Don Paolo the Krookodile, and Arianna the Heracross. Guess which series that is.

    They only used to be variations of those names, but I decided to change them to their real names.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azran Flame View Post
    Hershel the Emboar, Emmy the Ampharos, Luke the Azumarill, Don Paolo the Krookodile, and Arianna the Heracross. Guess which series that is.

    They only used to be variations of those names, but I decided to change them to their real names.
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    The only Pokemon (From what I can remember) I nicknamed after a fictional character is my Torterra named Tank. (The character, Tank, is from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.)

    Other than that, I nickname my Pokemon after real things or OC's more. :P

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    I do quite a bit.

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    Well, I began a little back by naming my Snivy "Sudo Neku" and my Sudo Neku "Snivy".

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    All the time. I've had Xavier the Mewtwo, Ariel the Milotic, and Auric the shiny Ho-oh. In White 2 I did my first team theme, Disney television animation.

    Serperior - Jasmine (Aladdin. The theme started out with just movies.)
    Lucario - Stitch (Lilo & Stitch. See above. They both got TV shows so it works)
    Reuniclus - Gummi (Anyone old enough to get this? She's the only one named after a title, not a character.)
    Eelektross - Wade (Kim Possible)
    Haxorus - Fang (Dave the Barbarian)
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    I nickname them after other characters all the time. Sometimes it's a variation of a name; for example, I named my Magneton Coolress. (Cool + Colress)


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    I've done this a couple of times, from memory more often in Dungeon than in regular games. Possibly this is because the pokémon in Mysterious Dungeon are more like partners than pets, so they'd get more human sounding names. Francis the ledyba and Ed the poochyena are two who come to mind. Also, the zangoose in my Dungeon team is called Raja after a mongoose from the book, The Conch Bearer. The zigzagoon I called Rusty after a raccoon in this video I loved to watch repeatedly as a little kid that involved letters forming out of various objects to classical music.

    There are a few I can think of in my regular games, but they tend to be the ones I don't use a lot. I have a bellossom named Lilo in Sapphire and an illumise called Illusen named after a faerie in Neopets. I actually originally called her Buzzy, but I changed her name.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chapter of Charizard View Post
    I named my Breloom Link, I named an Omastar Nemo.
    You just reminded me of an omanyte I have called Nemo in Red. Probably named after the Jules Verne book character, not the Pixar one.
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    I have, but I don't usually... I don't have any right now... I did once have a Nidoking named Mufasa... I don't know why I did that... xD

    The closest thing I have now is a Magikarp named Mewtwo, that I have in SoulSilver. I need to go into a WiFi battle with that thing. xD

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    *deep inhale*

    Silver - Wheatley the Gastly (Portal 2)
    White 2 - Loid the Eevee (Mother 1)
    White 2 - Ninten the Vaporeon (Mother 1)
    White 2 - Teddy the Flareon (Mother 1)
    White 2 - Cheren the Leafeon (Pokémon)
    White 2 - Tony the Glaceon (Mother 2)
    White 2 - Jeffrey the Espeon (Mother 2)
    White 2 - Ness the Jolteon (Mother 2)
    White 2 - Max the Umbreon (Pokémon)

    Much more I'll edit later -w-'


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    My shiny Metagross is named Voldemort. It was a placeholder until I could come up with something better, but I couldn't think of anything. It's now in my Black 2 file, so I can't even change the name. Oh well.

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    I've really never been into nicknaming Pokemon much. In fact, Black and White is the first time I gave nicknames to my Pokemon.

    My male and female Chandelure pair are named Erik and Fantine respectatively. Erik is the titular character of an original French novel, The Phantom of the Opera, by Gaston LeRoux. Meanwhile, Fantine is the name of the main female character in Victor Hugo's Les Miserables. Both books were adapted into musicals, which are two of the longest-running shows in musical theatre.

    Then there are Disney characters, such as Bambi the Sawsbuck, Sebastian the Crustle and Lumiere the Litwick.

    I also name my in-game peeps after other characters too. My rival in Black 2 is named Damon after the character in The Vampire Diaries.
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    yea in slayers nya~

    Haunter as Xellos
    Dragonite as Filia
    Charizard as Lina
    Tentacruel as Gourry
    Starmie as Amelia
    Golem as Zelgadis
    Delcatty as Sylphiel
    Feraligatr as Gravos
    Ninetales as Jillias
    Jynx as Naga
    Weaville as Martina
    Zangoose as Zangulus

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    All of my Eeveelutions are named after female King of Fighters characters.

    And in my two most recent playthroughs of Ruby, I named all my Pokemon after Street Fighter characters.

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    Oh, I definitely do that. I often name my Pokemon in themes, mostly anime. XD

    Currently, my White 2 nickname theme is Puella Magi Madoka Magica and the spinoffs. My favorite Pokemon in my current party is my Audino Charlotte. >w<

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    Traditionally I name psyducks I capture (not bred ones) after the characters in the show, mostly their English names but sometimes their Japanese names. I think all the twerps except Cilan have been used, as have Jessie and James (English and Japanese). It's fun, and I've kept up the tradition since my first games in RSE. Only my shiny psyduck has a different name, Azul. I also named both my Mewtwos Giovanni.

    Otherwise, I don't use character names.
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    I have several, including Hamlet the Pignite and Yorick the Rampaqrdos (Hamlet), Riddle the Serperior (Harry Potter), Tuyet the Carracosta (Bionicle), and Typhonus the Zekrom (LEGO Universe).
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    I am replaying leafgreen, and I am naming them after characters from something. Guess IT! They are also mostly low regarded pokemon
    Charmeleon- Mustang
    (Will have these)
    Tangela- Pride
    Magneton- Winry
    Persian- Alphonse
    Mewtwo- Father
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    Notice the reason/rhyme!
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    In b2 I named my oshawott nyan after nyan cat !

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    Today I caught an Absol on Platinum and named it "Colress". XD
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