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    Prologue Part 1 - Genesis

    There once lived seven aristocratic families who ruled over the magical realm of Nirvana - the Nirvana Families. Nirvana was a fantasy utopia literally filled with magic and excitement. You can find many mythical creatures here, including those that cannot be found anywhere on Earth. These families ruled in harmony until one day, the thing that held Nirvana together - the Nirvana Core, was stolen by a mysterious entity named Thanatos. In front of the seven families, Thanatos broke the Core into 7 pieces - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, White and Transparent. He then flung the core pieces into different places where they will (probably) never be seen again. Thanatos then became the new core and Nirvana was re-designed and renamed the Dead Zone.

    When Thanatos robbed Nirvana of its core, the whole place began to collapse and crumble and its magic began to be lost. Every human and creature attempted to escape into another realm - a realm they call Utopia, a realm with no magic, that is, until, the inhabitants of Nirvana came. It may be a nice realm, but it wasn't home. The Nirvana families too, managed to escape to Utopia, hoping for a counterattack against Thanatos. The Nirvana families settled in different areas of Utopia and made it their homes, along with many other creatures and humans. The Nirvana families coexisted harmoniously with the original inhabitants of Utopia, promising to leave once they got their homes back.

    One day, the Nirvana families spotted another realm with magic - Gaia. While magic was supposedly meant to be a secret in this realm, it was abundant. The Nirvana families believe that this realm, too, may face the same fate as theirs. Thus, the Nirvana families established their own dimensional links between Utopia and Gaia, allowing them to traverse between dimensions.

    Up until this day, the Nirvana families have not found the first piece of the Nirvana Core, despite having looked so hard. Today, some members of the Nirvana Families live in Gaia, while others in Utopia.

        Spoiler:- Prologue Part 2 - Gaia:

        Spoiler:- Arc 1 - King of Thieves:

    Nirvana Families

    There are 7 Nirvana Families, each controls one different Element. They play a major part in the story. Each family has a family head who is akin to the leader of a faction. The thing that seperates Nirvana families from regular magicians is their ability to pass down one special spell from generation to geberation through blood only. This is known as Bloodline Magic.

    Alexis Stilton II(Head)
    Colby Stilton and Stella Stilton(Children)
    Gin Furukawa(Cousin's child), Familiar: Tamae



    Andres Terra(Head)



    ???(Darkness) - Head Reserved by SoulMuse

    Devil Relics

    Ankh of Sekhmet - Katherine Darling
    The Saxon Feather - Elizabeth Gyfford

    Other characters

    Martin Hemingway(Magician)

        Spoiler:- Known Elements:

        Spoiler:- Terminology:

        Spoiler:- Just a few notes about familiars:

        Spoiler:- Rules:

        Spoiler:- Reserved Legendary Relics:


        Spoiler:- Nirvana Families:

        Spoiler:- Nirvana Family Member:

        Spoiler:- Devil Relic:

        Spoiler:- Other characters:

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