Spoiler:- Background Plot and Details:


Just as a quick reference, put a header on top of your post indicating character name and location, like this:

John Doe (Human)
10th Street, Jubilife City

This helps people remember your character name and helps them find your character in the setting as well. For this RP, assume Jubilife City's streets and avenues are like New York City's, given numbers starting at 1st Street from the south up to 90th Street in the north, while 1st Avenue starts from the west and ends at 10th Avenue in the east. The actual locations such as the radio tower and such can be on any street you like.

And that's pretty much it. Enjoy the RP.


Derek Maxwell (Human)
38th Street, Jubilife City

I had no idea who these asshats were. Only an hour ago, I had tried to save a mother and child morph only to be shot at by these maggots. The container truck I had was now riddled with bullet holes, a smashed left window, and something these maniacs had melted half the bumper off. Not to mention on the way here, I had seen they brought in at least one tank to a slaughter zone.

A freaking tank. Against civilians.

Whoever these maggots were, they were professional, bonafide badasses. And they didn't want anyone to notice what they were doing here. Even the media couldn't get in close. I had see them shoot one tank round into a press van before they even unlocked the doors and stepped out. Not even the truth would fight back at them at this point. That was the only reason why I was still alive. They shot at them rather than me and I managed to drive the hell out of there before they fired again.

Phones were dead, Internet was cut off, and we had to work without power. Running water was also scarce. I figured these guys thought stripping civilization and modernization out of this place would have simply choked us all out, but no. When that failed, they had to go one step further. We were figuring out ways around it, but it wasn't getting any easier.

38th Street, the Heights of Jubilife City, was an eerie shadow of its former self. Cars were abandoned in the middle of the road, and most of the civilians were in hiding, whether they were human or not. Either way, if you were caught aiding Pokémorphs or Gijinkas, these asshats didn't discriminate. They shot everyone. Like the murderous bastards they were. Most of us didn't even know what this was about, but I did. They were after something that was left behind in that helicopter crash I had heard about. The thing that caused all this in the first place. And now it was just a matter of cleaning house to them. Like the rest of us really didn't even matter in the end.

Word had it that the ones who had arrived at the crash site first managed to find a few crystal spheres, some broken, some still intact. They were convinced those were what caused the pulse in the first place, which meant what happened during the crash could happen yet again if these remaining crystals were broken either by force or by accident. In the meantime, I had to find whoever needed shelter and refuge and get them underground to safety.

Jubilife was a warzone, and it wasn't going to get any better. Not until one side was beaten back into understanding and acceptance. But it would take a lot of loss before that happened...