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Thread: Merry Kwanzaa!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
    Tis another year of the fat man coming to give us gifts and your resident jolly fat man is here once again to give you the gifts of giving with these lovely little gifts:

    From Arnie Claus:

    x1 Snow Ball
    x1 Gingerbread man which when eaten teaches the move:
    Can't Catch Me (Normal)
    Using this move your Pokemon transforms into a miniture Gingerbread version of themselves, it makes all moves less likely to hit and for 3 Rounds until they revert back your Pokemon has the ability Run Away, but the one downside to this is all Teeth using moves cause x4 damage no matter what. The Move uses the same amount of energy that a Protect would use.

    Happy chanukah to one and all.
    Quote Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

    Tis the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-laaaa!
    I hope you enjoy these special gifts from me this holiday season.

    A Cranberry Vodka teaching Firestream (Fire)
    This Cranberry Vodka makes the users throat burn so badly that they hiccup, expelling a fiery stream of molten hot bubbles.
    Oddly enough, the effect is so impressive that the Pokémon remembers how to perform the move without having to drink the vodka again.
    For approximately five seconds, the user forcefully spits out a stream of fiery, molten hot bubbles dealing very good damage at a constant rate.
    A slightly less powerful version of Flamethrower, yet the odds of being burned when the bubbles "pop" painfully on the opponent's skin
    is increased by approximately 20% due to the intensity of the heat trapped inside each bubble.
    Contest Category: Beauty
    Contest Effect: Appeals last in the next turn.
    Appeal points
    Jam Points
    This Super Pass will reward you and your Pokémon with a few little perks in FB's shops next Monday 31st January 2012.
    ~ Allows you to pick up two free Monday candies from the Pokémart.
    ~ Allows one of your Pokémon to learn two free Egg or Move Tutor moves, or for two of your Pokémon to learn one free Egg or Move Tutor move each.
    ~ Allows two of your Pokémon to receive two levels after only one week of Daycare.
    ~ Allows two of your Pokémon to gain four beauty points each after only one week of treatment at the Beauty Salon.

    PLUS your choice of ONE of the following:-
    (please only quote the item you are choosing)

    A Rare Egg House Pass that will enable you to pick up one rare egg from the Egg House when you are next due for one.
    Simply present your pass and you will be given the egg of your choosing.
    Expires 15th January 2013.

    Merry Christmas, and have a wonderful day!
    Quote Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post

    Snow is falling, all around me
    Children playing, having fun
    Its the season of love and understanding
    Merry Christmas Everyone.

    Today I have a selection of wonderful gifts to get you into the Christmas spirit whether you celebrate it or not. Feel free to pick up one each of the following:

    1x Christmas Pokeball (A Pokémon is released from this ball in a flurry of snowflakes). Stantler, Delibird, Snover, Deerling, or Cryogonal will receive two Beauty Points if captured with this Pokéball.)
    1x Cranberry Juice (This item will give your Pokémon an intelligence boost, helping them to learn an Egg or MT move not yet learned).
    1x Delibird Plushie ~ Gives a present which, once opened, showers your Pokémon in a mist of ice and snow, teaching them the move Blizzard. Once used, it will revert into a regular plushie.
    1x Roasted Chestnut (Raises Pokemon 3 Levels when eaten)
    1x Santa Sack w/ 10,000 coins
    Picking up:

    1x Snow Ball
    1x Gingerbread Man (teaches CAN'T CATCH ME)
    1x Cranberry Vodka (teaches FIRESTREAM)
    1x Super Pass
    1x Rare Egg House Pass
    (meh, forget monies, just go with the original plan - that is, if it "pans" out ^^; *shot*)
    1x Christmas Poké Ball
    1x Cranberry Juice (teaches one Egg or MT Move)
    1x Delibird Plushie (teaches BLIZZARD)
    1x Roasted Chestnut (+3 Levels)
    1x Santa Sack w/10,000x Coins

    Feeding the Cranberry Juice to Rotom to teach him MT DARK PULSE.

    Giving the Delibird Plushie to Corsola to teach him TM BLIZZARD.

    Feeding the Roasted Chestnut to Lv. 1 Poochyena to raise him to Lv. 4.

    Merry ChristmaHannaKwanzaakuh!
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