Hi guys, so I've played pokemon for many many years but only on emulators. Recently, i purchased a DS so I can finally play competitive battling online. Because of this, I am rather naive to creating powerful teams for online use.
My teams are fine for in game, but obviously, terrible for online. I know having 3 fire type moves on typhlosion is retarded, you don't need to tell me that, I just don't know what moves to replace them with, thats why they are stuck there. Either way, here is my team (that is rather fighting type susceptible):

Dragonite (needs some serious move pool improvement)
- dragon rush
- dragon pulse
- aqua tail
- Draco Meteor

- Hyper Beam
- Force Palm
- Shadow Ball
- Aura Sphere

- fire blast
- strength (still need to remove that ********)
- flamethrower
- lava plume

- crunch
- earthquake
- stone edge
- dark pulse

- surf
- thunder
- ice beam
- blizzard

Now for my last spot I'm thinking either jolteon or espeon, can't decide which typing i need more.

All advice is greatly appreciated, be easy on me!