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  • PokeShipping (Ash x Misty)

    56 58.95%
  • EgoShipping (Gary x Misty)

    18 18.95%
  • GymShipping (Brock x Misty)

    14 14.74%
  • OrangeShipping (Tracey x Misty)

    26 27.37%
  • Other

    14 14.74%
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Thread: Which Misty ship?

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    MasumiShipping! Definitely!
    If you can convince me to pair her with Brock or Tracey, I might support it, though.
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    Pokeshipping for me, hands down. The bond between those two, to me, is stronger than any other ships involving the two. It's obvious Misty has feelings for Ash, and on Ash's side...I think he is way to dense to realise or say anything, and that's probably why even says it's a one-sided ship . But, in regards to other Ash ships (i.e. Advance, Pearl etc.) I think Ash is acting like more of a mentor to them than someone who has genuine feelings for each respective girl. The orange league season, the 2nd movie, their goodbye, the handkerchief, the lure, the cameos and many hints throughout the whole entire thing is more than enough for me

    However, Egoshipping is interesting as well; it would've been good to see more episodes of the anime with those two in them Some fanfiction for this ship is good as well.

    BUT I'm a POKESHIPPER all the way

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    Personally for some bizarre reason I really like egoshipping. But I also like Rudy/misty from that one episode. He really liked her but ash was too dense to notice....

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    MistyxN, not sure what the shipping name would be. It would be interesting to see Misty and N interact with each other.
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    I like Pokeshipping the best. I think Orangeshipping is good too but I think Pokeshipping is shown more.
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