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    Hello everyone, it's definitely been too long.

    So for the last few months, as my first semester project at DigiPen, we were required to create a 2d game. My team created a puzzle platformer called Chiaroscuro, a game in which the player has to navigate dungeons using light sources as a main mechanic.

    Being in charge of the art, I had to create every art asset from scratch. So without further ado, here's what I wound up making for the game:

    The Chiaroscuro logo, standard fare. On the main menu, the lens of the lantern(the O) shines light onto wherever the player's mouse cursor is.

    This was the main tileset used for the dungeon, along with the animated torch sprite which the main character could carry.

    Our main character, Eliza. (There obviously are additional poses, but I still need to compile them into a spritesheet)

    Eliza's boyfriend, the Paladin LeRoy. LeRoy charged into the dungeon headfirst, and hasn't been heard from in quite a while. His sword, which has a large decorative sun icon on it, will emit bright light as LeRoy attacks an undead creature.

    The Wraith, which floats around and chases Eliza.

    The Wraith's death animation, which occurs when it touches an illuminated area of the map.

    The Death Golem, which relentlessly marches towards Eliza. This is the only enemy which is not affected by light. Instead, the player must outwit the Death Golem by luring it into pits or into a position in which it cannot reach Eliza.

    The Banshee, which stays stationary and emits an ear-splitting scream if Eliza ventures too near.

    The Banshee's death animation, which occurs when it is exposed to light.

    Any Whovian reading this thread will recognize how the Angel works - when visible in the light, the Angel is simply an immobile statue. However, when the Angel is out of view of the player, it moves at an alarming rate towards Eliza, only stopping if illuminated once again.

    These three spritesheets form the elements of a waterfall, which Eliza can pass through, but flame-based light sources will be extinguished when she proceeds through.

    Please note that as a student at DigiPen, the school owns assets used in the creation of Chiaroscuro, so please do not use them.
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