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    Hey! I started writing this fic a year ago and stumbled upon it again recently. I thought it was interesting and good and decided to start up with it again. Let me know what you think!

    Note: Pacifidlog Town plays a key role in this story. Because of this, Pacifidlog Town is based off of its anime version (where it's an island) and not its game version.

    This is rated PG-13 for minor language and violence.


    Dear journal,

    It’s only been one day and I’m already feeling down. It’s not because I only made it to the Top 32 in the Hoenn League. Sure, that sucks, but it’s not the end of the world. It was my first ever time to compete in a tournament, so it’s not a huge deal if I don’t do so great. I should be happy I made it past the first round, unlike Haley and Alex. Speaking of them, they’re the reason I’m not feeling great.

    It frustrates me, how after all that time we spent together, traveling all over Hoenn, earning gym badges together, catching Pokémon, everything, they didn’t want to go with me to the Kanto region. It’s just ridiculous. They’re just sore losers. “I guess I don’t like battling as much as I used to.” What crap! How could they not go with me. For Pete’s sake, we’ve known each other since we were babies! And now they just want to stay and not get better? I guess Alex’s reason isn’t so bad. Wanting to go to school to become a gym leader is cool, but it stinks that he can’t come with me. But Haley. A nurse? Really? A Pokémon nurse? What kind of crap is that? After all we’ve been through, she just wants to stay and not be with me. I want to be with her, does she not want to be with me?

    Writing this has just gotten me right back into that bad mood again, so I should stop. I need to get some rest anyways; it’s a long boat ride to Kanto. I’ll write again once we land in Vermillion.

    Your troubled trainer friend,


    Four years later

    I stepped out onto the deck of the ferry. A warm, salty breeze touched my nose, and I happily breathed it in. I walked up to the edge of the boat and leaned on the guardrails, admiring the beauty of the ocean around me. The sun reflected off of the blue glass beautifully, reminding how much I loved living near the sea. Rock formations dotted the area, so I knew we’d be nearing land soon. A tall, rotting tower jutted into the sky in the distance. I’d always wanted to go visit it when I was younger, but sadly I didn’t have any Pokémon. And of course my mom wouldn’t let me.

    A lot of things have changed.

    “Are you nervous?”

    The calm voice of my mother from behind me startled me at first, but once I realized it was her, I turned around and smiled. The wind ruffled my white t-shirt as I leaned back onto the guardrail. “A little bit,” I replied, staring out into the sea ahead of us. “It’s hard to believe I haven’t been home in four years.”

    She walked over and leaned onto the rail next to me. “I know. It’s hard to believe that in four short years, my little boy went from losing in the Hoenn League to winning the Unova League.” She ruffled my bleach blonde hair. “You need a haircut.”

    I ignored her. She should be grateful that I decided to shave at all while I was gone.

    “Why don’t you let Castform out?”

    “Oh! Great idea.” I reached down to my belt and grabbed the Pokéball closest to the front. I opened it up, and a flash of light shot from it. The light materialized into a small, gray shape that floated above the deck. Almost immediately, the creature began to morph. Its bland grey skin changed into a bright, translucent orange that made me feel warmer just looking at it. Smaller orange spheres appeared on the top of its head, giving it the appearance of a small, cute sun. The small Pokémon nestled its puffy white lower half onto my shoulder.

    “Cast form cast!” it cried jubilantly. Castform loved being outside in the weather, no matter what kind. It spent the majority of its time on my shoulder.

    Mom petted its head. “He was amazing in the league, Tyler,” Mom stated. “I didn’t know such a little Pokémon could summon such an enormous Fire Blast attack!”

    “Yep! Castform’s a little powerhouse, isn’t he?” I cooed and tickled the Pokémon’s chin.

    “Form!” he cried and smiled.

    The breeze blew silently for a moment. I heard a Wingull call above me.

    “Are Haley and Alex still the same?”

    “Tyler, honey, you asked me this question an hour ago.”

    “I know, I know. It’s just…” I turned back to the sea. “I’m afraid they’re going to have changed so much that we can’t be friends anymore. You know?”

    “I understand.” She pushed some of her hair, the same almost-white blonde as mine, behind her ear. A blind person from a hundred yards away could tell we were related. “I wouldn’t worry. Haley’s still her energetic, fun-loving self. I have a feeling you’ll still be as enamored with her as you were when you left.”

    My heart skipped a beat. “Was is really that obvious?”

    “Well, it was to me and your father. I don’t know how obvious it was to Alex and Haley. You guys were only what? Eleven? Twelve? You kids were only just discovering how cute the opposite sex was.”

    “But I’m sixteen now, Mom. Things are different. I’m much more mature.”

    “Then why is there still ketchup on your shirt?” She pointed to my chest.

    “Huh?” I looked down.

    “Gotcha!” she teased as she playfully bopped me on the nose.

    I laughed. I’d grown accustomed to this trick, but four years away from home had caused me to forget it.

    “Attention passengers,” the intercom speaker interrupted us. “We will be arriving in Pacifidlog Town in approximately twenty minutes. Thank you.” Click.

    “You’re almost home,” Mom comforted as she placed a hand on my shoulder.

    “Yeah…” I sighed. “This should be interesting.”

    Twenty minutes later, the ship had docked in the Pacifidlog Town harbor, and the ramp leading down was opened up. The ferry hadn’t been a very full one, so my mom, my dad, and I were some of the only people to get off. Dad, who had been sleeping for the majority of the ride, walked behind me, carrying my enormous trophy from the Unova League. He had no trouble with it though. He owned the Surf Shop in town and spent most of his days making surfboards, and let me tell you, that gets a guy pretty buff.


    I looked up. A small crowd of people had gathered on the dock with a banner reading “Welcome home Champion” in front of them. One of the holders of the banner, a brunette girl, screamed my name and bolted forward. I immediately dropped my bag as she jumped into my arms, squeezing me tightly. Her soft hair fell onto my shoulders as I happily returned the hug.

    “You’re finally back!” she said as I let her down. She smiled at me with her perfectly white teeth, giggled a bit more, and then hugged me again. “I’ve missed you so much!”

    “I’ve missed you more!” I replied, grinning wider than I had when I’d won the tournament. “Wow…you look fantastic!”

    I wasn’t lying. She did look fantastic. We were twelve when I left for the Kanto region, when she was still a tomboyish, awkward girl. Now, she looked a lot older and much more beautiful. The simple red tank top she wore fit her fantastically, and she’d gotten an impressive tan. Everything looked more amazing than before, except for her intoxicating hazel eyes. Those had always been perfect.

    “Thank you! You look great too!” she said, unable to stop grinning. “And so does Castform!” She petted its head. The Pokémon sighed happily. “You’ve gotten so much taller! Oooh, and it also looks like someone’s been working out. Let’s check your abs.” Immediately, she punched me in the stomach, knocking the wind out of me.

    Yep. Still the same Haley.

    After I regained my breath, we walked over to the rest of the group. I recognized everyone almost immediately. The mayor was there, probably because he wanted to publicly congratulate the first ever Pacifidlog native to win a major Pokémon League tournament. That was cool with me though. I recognized a lot of my childhood friends that I knew but wasn’t super close to. There were parents, Surf Shop regulars, and a few others. All in all, there were probably twenty people there to welcome me back.

    “Alex!” I said as I noticed my other best friend heading up the crowd. He was sporting a black t-shirt and a yellow baseball cap that attempted to extinguish his fiery red hair, but failed.

    “Bro!” he called as he walked up. We exchanged a hug. “It’s awesome to see you again! I can’t believe you won the Unova League. That’s so awesome!”

    “You know what’s awesome? The fact that you’re only what, one year away from becoming a gym leader!” I stated.

    “Very true, that is pretty awesome.” He patted the Pokéballs on his belt. “I’m off school for the summer, but in about a year, I’ll be getting my own gym. I’d like to build one here, but I don’t really know if we have room for that…”

    “Yeah you’re kinda limited on space here in Pacifidlog. How’s Marshtomp?”

    “You mean Swampert? He’s great!”

    I exchanged many more greetings. Robert, the hot dog cart owner, offered to give me a free hot dog as a congratulatory gift. My old preschool teacher told me how much her class would love to see Castform and me, so I promised to visit sometime. Benny, an employee at my dad’s shop, told me how awesome it would be for us to go surfing again, and I told him that would definitely happen. After several more friendly exchanges, my parents told the crowd I needed to unpack, so we said our goodbyes and headed toward home.

    “Tyler, wait!”

    As we were walking away, Haley called to me and ran up. Alex was close behind her.

    “Are you doing anything tonight?” she asked me.

    “Nope,” I replied.

    “Well then the three of us should hang out, just like old times.”

    “You want to?” Alex asked.

    I chuckled. “You guys had to ask me? Of course!”

    Haley and Alex smiled. “Awesome,” Haley said excitedly. “Let’s meet at the Low Tide Café at seven.”

    “Sounds good to me. This’ll give us a good chance to catch up. I have so many crazy stories to tell you guys.”

    “All right, so we’ll see you there man!” Alex waved goodbye and jogged off.

    “See ya tonight Ty,” Haley punched me in the shoulder and walked off.

    I petted Castform. “It’s good to be home buddy.”


    “And then this Scolipede appears out of the bushes and starts using Sludge Bomb on us!”

    “No way!” Haley gasped. “A wild Scolipede just started attacking you!?”

    “Thah cruh zah,” Alex stated with his mouth packed full of cheesecake.

    “Your appetite hasn’t changed at all, has it Alex?” I chuckled, leaning back in my chair and sipping on some soda.

    “Shuh uh.”

    We laughed. It was just the three of us, since Castform decided to stay home and watch a romantic comedy with my parents. We were at the Low Tide Café, an open air restaurant built partially over the water. We sat at the table closest to the ocean, so the steady sound of waves crashing on the shore made the experience all the more enjoyable. It was always our favorite place to go as young kids, so it was the perfect fit for a night of catching up.

    “Yeah, so after half an hour of it chasing us, I realized it wasn’t going to leave us alone,” I continued. “So after a battle with my Donphan—”

    “Wait,” Alex interrupted after swallowing. “You have a Donphan?”

    I sighed. “Dude I told you about him.”

    “No you didn’t.”

    “I did too! We talked every other week on the phone, and I would always tell you if I caught any more Pokémon!”

    “Well you didn’t tell me about Donphan.”

    “Ugh whatever. Anyways, so after a battle with Donphan, I was able to catch Scolipede.”

    “You caught the Scolipede!?”

    “Okay I know I told you about him.”

    “You know my memory is terrible!”

    “Still! Did you not watch me on TV in the tournament at all!?”

    “I watched the final battle! The one that you actually won!”

    “I won all of my battles there!”

    “Boys!” Haley interjected. “That’s enough. Calm down.”

    Alex laughed. “Did you hear that dude? Haley, of all people, is telling us to calm down. Irony at its finest.”

    Haley punched him in the arm. I fought back a grin. “Tyler, I saw you use Scolipede in a few of your battles in the tournament,” she started. “I just didn’t know that’s how you caught it. That’s very cool!”

    “Thank you,” I said, smiling proudly.

    “All right Tyler, I’ve got a request for you,” Alex suddenly said.

    Haley and I glanced at each other for a second. “What is it?” I asked.

    “Okay,” he began, “you know that in just about a year I’ll be receiving my own gym assignment. However, I have no idea where that gym could be. I’d prefer it to be here in Hoenn, but there is a larger possibility that it won’t. It’s even possible that that gym could be in Unova, and I’ve never even seen a Unova Pokémon in real life before and would like to get some experience battling one. So…do you think I could battle your Scolipede?”

    I smirked. A new challenge always gets me interested. “Well, Scolipede is at Birch’s lab right now, so I can’t battle with him.”

    Alex’s expression drooped.

    “But, I do have another one of my Unova Pokémon with me, so would you like to battle her?”

    “Heck yeah!” he swiftly answered, taking a Pokéball from his belt. “Let’s go down to the beach.” Before we could say anything, he had run across the restaurant, hopped over the rail, and bolted down the beach.

    “Care to referee?” I asked Haley smugly.

    She rolled her eyes, but smiled. “You boys and your battling. But yes, I would love to!” She excitedly stood up and grabbed my arm, hauling me after her. I frantically tossed a tip onto the table as I was lurched away, thankful that we’d already paid. We hopped over the railing and landed in the sand. I kicked off my flip-flops, an article of clothing that I was happy I was actually able to wear again, and headed toward Alex. The beach was lit by nothing but the dim light from the town and the full moon. Alex and I stood about twenty-five yards apart with nothing but sand in between us.

    Alex held up the Pokéball in his hand. “You’ll remember this guy. Let’s go!” He tossed the small metal orb into the air. It opened up, releasing a beam of white energy that began to materialize on the beach. The energy formed into a four-legged shape that was slightly hunched forward. Its head sprouted two large, dark fins. Orange patches on the creature’s legs and cheeks matched its eyes, which stared at me determinedly. Its massive tail fin shook as the Pokémon roared.

    “Your Swampert looks fantastic,” I complimented. “He’s really grown up from that cute little Mudkip.”

    “Of course he has, I raised him,” Alex stated, puffing out his chest.

    “Swam pert swam!” the mudfish Pokémon agreed.

    I chuckled. “Looks like it’s my turn.” I tossed my Pokéball into the air, releasing white energy identical to Alex’s Pokéball’s. However, mine materialized into a smaller shape. The creature’s body was slender and a deep violet, and its yellow spots shone in moonlight. A sickle shaped tail sprouted from the Pokémon’s rear. Its menacing green eyes stared directly into Swampert’s and winked.

    “Whoa…” Alex said. “What is that Pokémon?”

    “This, my friend,” I began, “is Liepard. She’s an agile dark type, but with a mischievous streak.”

    Liepard purred in response to my last comment.

    “She’s pretty,” Haley commented. Liepard meowed happily.

    “Let’s get this started then. Shall we?” Alex asked.

    “Gladly,” I replied. “You can go first.”

    “I was going to anyway. Swampert, use Earthquake!”

    Swampert roared and lifted up its front legs. Suddenly, it slammed them down into the sand, sending out a visible shockwave through the sand.

    I remained calm. “Liepard, jump and then use Night Slash.”

    Liepard meowed and leapt into the air. At the peak of her jump, Liepard’s body suddenly turned dark and her claws glowed red. She shot forward, leaving a streak of dark aura behind it. She passed by Swampert, swiping her claws across its face. The mudfish Pokémon fell back, but regained its posture.

    “Now Swampert, use Ice Beam!” Alex ordered.

    “Hit it with a Shadow Claw,” I commanded.

    Liepard’s right front paw suddenly became surrounded in a black aura, similar to how its entire body did when it used Night Slash. Swampert unleashed the light blue, freezing energy from its mouth. Liepard casually danced around the attack and leapt forward, delivering another successful attack to Swampert’s face.

    The blue Pokémon was slower to stand back up this time, but when it did, it was glowing with a bright blue color. The Pokémon glared at Liepard with a triumphant look on its face.

    “Whoa,” I started, “I’ve never seen his Torrent so strong before. You’ve trained him well.”

    “I know,” Alex smirked. “Now let’s make things interesting. Swampert, hit her with Surf!”

    Swampert stepped back into the shallows of the ocean. As it did, the water around it began to lift it up, forming an enormous wave. Swampert rode on top professionally, and I could tell they’d practiced this move a lot.

    Liepard nervously glanced at me. I nodded calmly. She returned the nod and braced her paws in the sand.

    “Go Swampert!” Alex ordered.

    Swampert leaned forward, and the wave began to fall. Liepard did not move, and the wave fell onto her.

    “Yes!” Alex punched the air in front of him. I stood there quietly.

    Swampert smiled as it touched down in the sand. The wave dissolved and started to sink into the beach, and the reflection of Swampert’s glowing blue body faded from below it. The Pokémon turned around, preparing to taunt its opponent after successfully delivering a powerful attack.

    However, when Swampert turned around, it did not see a beaten and battered cat-like Pokémon, but one surrounded by a green force field and completely unharmed.

    “What!?” Alex gasped.

    “How did it know to use Protect!?” Haley asked exasperatedly from her referee position.

    I smirked. “It’s just a little thing we worked on. Now Liepard, let’s end this. Go ahead and use Aerial Ace.”

    Liepard meowed and bolted toward Swampert. White streaks began to surround Liepard as she did this, speeding her up and making her hover off the ground. Before Swampert could even blink, Liepard tackled it in the stomach, throwing it backward. Swampert rolled back and few times, eventually losing its momentum and stopping in the sand. Liepard touched down onto the ground gently.

    Haley ran up to Swampert. “Swampert’s out,” she stated. “Tyler and Liepard win!”

    Liepard meowed happily and ran up to me. I knelt down and petted its forehead. “You were awesome,” I said. “I know you’ve been struggling with that move for a bit, but you used it perfectly tonight.”

    The Pokémon purred.

    “Wow Tyler,” Alex started as he walked up to me. He had already returned Swampert to its Pokéball. “You have gotten so much stronger.”

    “That was amazing!!!” Haley screamed as she ran up. “Oh my gosh! I knew you had gotten super talented when I saw you on TV, but seeing in person…wow!”

    I laughed. “Thank you guys. Always happy to satisfy.”

    “You should become a gym leader too,” Alex stated. “You’d be awesome at it.”

    “Nah,” I said as I returned Liepard to her Pokéball. “I don’t think getting into a career where you lose for a living is really my thing.”

    Alex growled. “Who says I’m going to lose?”

    I laughed. “I didn’t, but if no one could beat you there wouldn’t even be a league tournament!” We started walking up the shore toward the marketplace. “My goal,” I continued, “is to become one of the Elite Four, and then maybe someday defeat Wallace and become the Champion.”

    “I think you’ll do it,” Haley complimented, patting my shoulder.

    The three of us continued through the Pacifidlog streets, occasionally passing people. Pacifidlog is a fairly small town, so most everyone knows each other. We got a lot of waves, and even a few “Congratulations!” Eventually, we turned a corner and stepped onto Main Street, home of the world-renowned Pacifidlog Market.

    Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. The Pacifidlog Market is actually fairly small, only stretching down one street. Since Pacifidlog Town is somewhat of a tourist hotspot, most of the shops are souvenir ones, ranging from stuffed Pokémon toys, t-shirts, little key chains, and many more. A tourist could burn their entire wallet here.

    However, for natives like Alex, Haley, and me, the Pacifidlog Market is an awesome hangout, especially at night. Lights are strung over the top of the road, lighting it up casually and beautifully. It reminded me of Nimbasa City, but less flashy and colorful and much more peaceful. We’re friends with most of the vendors, so it’s great to say hi and laugh about old times. No one owns any cars on Pacifidlog, so the street was free reign for anyone to play or walk or just be happy.

    “I’ve missed this place,” I said.

    “It’s missed you,” Haley replied, looking at me. Her eyes reflected the lights above us, making them look like two hazel fireworks frozen in time.

    “Okay guys, enough of the mushy stuff,” Alex said. “Let’s go get a hot dog.”

    “Alex, we just ate.”

    “I’m still hungry.”

    After getting a hot dog from Robert, we decided to check out the shops. All of the stands were fairly similar in size but decorated very differently. The t-shirt stand had its merchandise hanging all over it, whereas the keychain stand displayed its items all over the front counter. Some vendors were attempting to lure people in, whereas others took a more passive approach. I’m fairly sure the man wearing sunglasses at nine at night was asleep.

    “This little Torchic doll is adorable!” Haley cooed as she picked it up from the stuffed toy stand and snuggled it. I understood why she liked it so much. Torchic had been her first Pokémon, so she had a special connection to it. “How much?” she asked the vendor.

    “Twenty dollars,” she replied.

    Haley’s face sank. “I don’t have enough…” She sat the toy back down. I put a hand on her shoulder sympathetically, trying to think of something helpful to say, but failed. I silently cursed myself as we walked away.

    As we continued down the street, something green flashed in the corner of my eye. I turned and saw a booth laden with what appeared to be ancient material. There were a few metal items, such as daggers and what looked like a very primitive Pokéball, but all of them had rust creeping up on them. I noticed several arrowheads, along with a few chunks of rock that had some interesting dot markings on them. Some pieces of clothing that looked like a Pharaoh’s were hanging on the back wall of the booth.

    The item that had caught my eye was not as large as any of these items, though. It was about the size of a coin, but its color was a vibrant green that seemed to shine even under the night sky. I picked it up and examined it closely, noticing how impossibly smooth it was. I could see a perfect reflection of myself in it.

    “That’s a Rayquaza scale.”

    I jumped. A tall, tan man was standing behind the counter. He was unshaven and his brown hair was impressively unruly. He sported some desert camouflage pants and a tan tank top that showed off his massive arms, which looked like they could crumble a building with one punch. Smiling calmly, he held out an enormous hand, and I set the scale in it. He held it up and stared at it for a moment.

    “Wait,” Alex butted in, “so that’s a real scale from the real Rayquaza?”

    “Yes,” the man replied with a very deep voice, setting the scale back down on the counter. “You kids remember several years ago when Groudon and Kyogre had their battle in Sootopolis City?”

    “Of course,” I answered. “It was all over the news. Rayquaza came in and stopped them. We hadn't even left on our first journey when that happened.”

    “Well, I happened to be in Sootopolis on that day.” He chuckled. “I was afraid for my life. After the battle though, as Rayquaza was flying away, it dropped a single green scale, which landed in front of me. That scale is the same one.”

    “That’s so cool!” Haley squealed.

    “Yes it is. It’s my most prized possession…” the man trailed off as he stared at it. “You can have it for a hundred.”

    I did a double take. “Wait, what?”

    “Okay I’ll sell it to your for ninety.”

    “But…but you just said it was your most prized possession. Why would you be trying to sell it?”

    The man sighed. “Money’s been very tight lately. I’m an archaeologist, but I haven’t made any discoveries in a long, long time. So unfortunately, I’m being forced to sell my possessions in order to pay for the necessities.”

    There was a moment of awkward silence.

    “Well that sucks,” Alex blurted out. Haley punched him in the gut.

    The man laughed. “It’s all right. I’m Rocky by the way.”

    “My name’s Tyler. These are my friends Haley and Alex.”

    “Are you kids from here?”

    “Yes, we all are,” Haley replied. “I’ve been working at the Pokémon Center studying to become a Pokémon nurse.”

    “I’ve been studying to become a gym leader in Rustboro, but I’m home for the summer,” Alex stated, regaining his breath.

    “And I just got home today after being gone for four years traveling other regions,” I said.

    “Really?” Rocky scratched his chin. “Where did you travel?”

    “Kanto, Johto, and Unova.”

    “Tyler won the Unova League!” Haley interjected.

    “Wow! That is impressive!” Rocky said. “Congratulations young man!”

    I smiled sheepishly. “Thank you.”

    “So you’ve got some seriously powerful Pokémon, do you not?”

    “Yes…” Alex grumbled, still upset over his defeat.

    I chuckled. “Yes, they’re a talented group.”

    “And you’ve gotten the opportunity to train all over the world?” Rocky continued, suddenly very interested in me.

    “Yes, I spent two years in Kanto, a year in Johto, and a year in Unova,” I replied.

    "So you're quite the experienced traveler! Now tell me...have you ever navigated Routes 132, 133, and 134? The ones just west of here?"

    I chuckled. "Are you kidding? I used to go out on those routes all the time when I was a kid. I would borrow my dad's Sealeo and go out surfing in the currents for an afternoon. Then his Pelipper would fly me back since the currents go mostly westward."

    Rocky's face lit up like a Christmas tree. "Would you be my guide!?" he asked suddenly.

    I gave him a perplexed look.

    Rocky coughed and backed up a bit. "Sorry. That was a bit sudden. Allow me to explain." He cleared his throat. "I believe there to be a secret, underwater cavern located on Route 134. However, I'm not exactly sure of the precise location of the cavern. So, I need someone who is familiar with the Routes to help me navigate them since the currents are so powerful. Would you be willing to do that for me?"

    I stood there silently, staring at the Rayquaza scale.

    “Sure,” I replied.

    Rocky’s expression became ecstatic.

    “But on one condition.”

    He looked at me uneasily. “What is it?”

    I looked at Haley, then at Alex. I grinned. "My friends come along too."
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    Default Chapter 2


    Rocky was suddenly taken aback. “Uh…well, sure!” He laughed a hearty laugh. “I really wasn’t expecting that, but yes! I’d love for your friends to come along! It’s always nice to have fellow explorers, not only for safety reasons, but just for sanity’s sake. But yes, I would love to take all of you with me.”

    “Yes! We’re going on an adventure!” Haley squealed, jumping up and down. Alex looked at me like I had just arrived from another planet.

    “Sweet,” I said coolly. “So where do we meet?”

    “Meet me at seven tomorrow morning on the western shore,” Rocky instructed. “I’ll have scuba suits for all of you. And I trust all of you have water Pokémon that are strong swimmers and can carry you?”

    Haley and I nodded. Alex was still glaring at me.

    “All right, see ya tomorrow Rocky,” I said as we started to walk away.

    “Goodbye kids! And thank you Tyler!”

    I nodded and lifted my hand as we made our way back to our houses.

    As soon as we had exited the Market and were walking down a different street, Alex jumped in front of me. “Are you guys insane!?” he squeaked, ripping off his cap and igniting his fiery hair.

    “What’s wrong Alex?” Haley asked casually.

    “You guys are just going to go on some undersea expedition with some guy you’ve known for ten minutes!? Are you nuts!?”

    I chuckled. “Relax Alex. I just wanted to have a little fun, and what better way than an archaeological expedition?”

    “I don’t know, maybe hanging out with your friends? More specifically ones that you’ve known for more than an hour!” His fists were shaking.

    “But you guys are coming along, so I am being with my friends. I asked if you guys could come simply because I want to help the guy and spend time you.”

    “Tyler, listen to me! He could be a sex offender for all we know!”

    “Alex,” Haley began, “does he really seem like the sex offender type?”

    “How am I supposed to know!? I’ve never met one before!”

    Haley and I laughed. Alex was always at his comedic best whenever he was angry.

    “Well, you can stay if you want,” I said, walking around him, “but Haley and I are going.”

    Haley smiled at him and followed me.

    Alex turned around and looked at us. He sighed. “I swear these guys are going to be the death of me,” he grumbled. “All right, I’ll go!”


    The sun was barely starting to creep up over the horizon as Alex, Haley and I reached the western shore. The air was cool, but I knew that fact would drastically change within a few hours.

    I stepped off the concrete pathway and onto the soft, cool sand. Rocky was standing near the shore, fiddling with one of the four yellow air tanks lying around him. He had already gotten into his black wetsuit. A large, tough-looking Sharpedo swam in the shallows near him. It raised its face out of the water slightly, bearing its hundreds of knife-like teeth. Two blood red eyes glared at me.

    “Hello kids,” Rocky greeted as we walked up. “I’m just adjusting a few last minute things on the air tanks. Are you all prepared?”

    I looked at Haley, whose eyes drooped with tiredness. She smiled. Alex grumbled something I didn't understand.

    "I believe so," I replied.

    “Excellent,” Rocky said, reaching down and picking up a pile of black, elastic material. “Here are your wetsuits.” He handed one of them to each of us. “And you are all wearing swimsuits under your clothes, right?” We nodded. “Great. Go ahead and get changed while I keep working on this.” He returned to his work on the air tanks.

    Alex and I pulled off our shirts, tossing them into the sand. Haley did the same, but also pulled off her shorts, leaving her there in a bright red bikini. I, being the teenage boy that I am, could not resist looking at her goddess-like body. Smooth, tan skin covered her long, slender legs and beautiful curves. I mentally begged her to just keep the wetsuit off, but she didn’t listen.

    “Come on Tyler, it doesn’t take that long,” Alex stated, crossing his arms and already wearing his wetsuit.

    “Right. Sorry.” I pulled the soft, elastic material up over me and zipped it up, leaving its hood dangling behind my back. I strapped my Pokéball belt around my waist and secured it tightly.

    “All right, the air tanks are operational,” Rocky stated as he picked up one of them. “I’ll help you kids put them on.” He carried the tank over to me and asked me to turn around. I did so, and he put the straps over my arms like a backpack, surprising me with its heaviness. He secured some more straps and showed me how to use the regulator. Once I was all set, he repeated the process for Haley and Alex. “You kids should send out your water Pokémon now,” he instructed as he tossed all of us a pair of scuba goggles. I pulled them over my head and let them dangle around my neck like a necklace.

    Alex and Haley had also brought their Pokéball belts and immediately took one from each of their waists. Alex opened his up, releasing Swampert, the same blue Pokémon Liepard had defeated the night before.

    Haley also opened hers, releasing the traditional white energy. It began to materialize on the sand, forming the shape of a bipedal creature that came up to my chin. Blue leathery skin stretched from the four spikes on its head all the way to its webbed feet and hands. A pale yellow beak that matched the webbing on its digits sniffed at the air, and its long tail swung back and forth.

    “Golduck looks great,” I said, petting its rubbery forehead.

    “Gol duck duck!” the Pokémon quacked happily.

    I stepped back and pulled a pale blue Pokéball from my belt. The top had a white wavy pattern on the top, shaped somewhat like a cloud. I tossed the Dive Ball into the air, unleashing the white energy. It morphed into a tall shape with no limbs except for his short, curly tail. Long, coral-like horns protruded from his head and back, and an elongated tube-like snout jutted out of his face. The two small, wing-like fins on his cheeks fluttered. The sun reflected off the golden scales on his stomach.

    “Seadra evolved!?” Alex exclaimed.

    “Yes Alex…like three years ago…” I sighed, holding my forehead. “I told you that right after it happened.”

    “You did not!”

    “Okay boys, let’s not start this argument again,” Haley intervened. She turned to Rocky, who was putting his own air tank on. “Are we ready to go?”

    “I think so," Rocky answered, stepping into the water and grabbing onto Sharpedo’s dorsal fin.

    Our Pokémon and we followed him into the water. I mounted Kingdra, wrapping my legs around him. “Let’s do it,” I said.

    “Excellent. Lead the way Tyler!” Sharpedo turned around and began swimming away from the beach. Haley held onto Golduck’s shoulders as it pulled her, and Alex and I rode on our respective Pokémon’s backs with our feet hanging in the water.

    The trip was fairly peaceful at first. The water was calm, and the sun hadn’t gotten harsh yet and felt nice on my face. Boulders and small islands littered the route, making it difficult for ships to travel, resulting in many people traveling via Pokémon. We were the only trainers there this early in the morning, but I suspected others would be around later.

    Rocky remained fairly quiet during the trip, but Alex, Haley, and I continued telling stories like we had the night before. We laughed about Alex’s crazy teacher, gasped at Haley’s heart-racing medical stories, and reminisced about our travels all over Hoenn together.

    "The currents are going to hit here in a little while," I told the group. "Expect to be thrown around. A lot."

    The water remained calm for a bit longer, but when the roar of water crashing against itself came, I knew we were getting close.

    “Okay, we’re almost to the rough water,” I informed the others. “Hold on tight to your Pokémon and follow me. Let’s go Kingdra!”

    Kingdra swam forward, the current immediately lurching us to the side. I held fast, leaning left and right in order to direct him. The water pushed us different ways, splashing up so much that I had to pull my scuba goggles up over my eyes. Rocks flew past me like snowflakes in a blizzard.

    Suddenly, a large boulder entered my path. It took some tricky steering, but I was able to get Kingdra and I around it.

    I turned my head back. “Watch out for that one!" I called.

    Rocky looked at me and smirked at the sight of the boulder. “Sharpedo, Skull Bash!” Suddenly, he released his hold on the Pokémon, which rocketed forward. Its forehead glowed white as it crashed into the boulder, splintering it into rubble.

    The water pushed Rocky right back up to Sharpedo. “I’m good!”

    “Whoa,” I said quietly. “That’s one tough Pokémon.”

    As we continued, the currents started to get rougher, jerking us back and forth more suddenly. In addition, the rocks became more numerous, making it even more difficult to navigate without harm. One particular current caught us well and started pushing us at an angle, directly toward a large rock.

    “Kingdra, hit that rock with a weak Hydro Pump,” I ordered calmly.

    “Dra,” the seahorse Pokémon affirmed right before unleashing a beam of water from his tubular mouth. The attack made contact with the rock, redirecting us and suddenly throwing us into a different current. The abrupt direction change nearly made me fall off Kingdra, but I was able to hold on. We continued through the currents.

    Every time we were confronted with a rock, Kingdra would hit it with a toned-down Hydro Pump in order to push us out of the way. Eventually one of the currents washed all of us up on a small island, so we took a few minutes to rest before we continued our adventure. I informed them that we had successfully made it through Route 132 and that all we had to do was get through Route 133 and we were there, since the location of the cavern was somewhere on Route 134.

    “Ready to keep going?” Rocky asked, stepping into the water.

    I nodded and mounted Kingdra. We swam into the next current, which launched us forward. We navigated most of Route 133 successfully. I led the way. Rocky was second, and Haley and Alex were close behind.

    “Hit that rock right there,” I instructed, pointing to another rock Kingdra and I were being pushed toward.

    “Dra,” he replied, preparing to launch his attack.

    “Watch out Tyler!”

    I whirled my head around just in time to see Alex and his Swampert crash into Kingdra’s side. The lurch startled Kingdra, causing it to release a full-power Hydro Pump that entirely missed the rock. The attack continued and made contact with a spiky white structure protruding from the sea. The hit from Alex took the Hydro Pump’s job of redirecting us and pushed the four of us into a calm patch of water.

    “Sorry about that,” Alex apologized, grinning sheepishly. “We kinda lost control.”

    “Nice work boys!” Haley teased as Golduck and she swam past us, splashing me in the face as they did.

    “Swam pert…” Swampert grumbled as its orange eyes drooped. The Pokémon was obviously disappointed in itself.

    I chuckled. “You’re okay Swampert,” I said as I petted its forehead. “No one was…” I trailed off. A massive, elongated silhouette had risen from the water and created a small eclipse over the sun. The creature was shaped like a snake, but with white, three-pronged spikes protruding from its back in various places. Its monstrous mouth was agape, showing off its terrifying fangs. A dark blue crest jutted out from between the monster’s two violet eyes that were glaring directly at me.

    “A Gyarados!” Alex squeaked.

    “Move Alex,” I commanded.

    He looked at me with wide eyes.


    He nodded and steered Swampert away from the giant monster.

    I adjusted my scuba goggles. “Get ready Kingdra, it’ll attack any—”

    The Gyarados released a deafening roar before unleashing a yellow energy beam from its mouth.

    “Dive Kingdra!”

    Kingdra and I disappeared under the water as the Hyper Beam blasted away the water above us. I let go of Kingdra as it swam toward the Gyarados. I surfaced just in time to see Kingdra shoot out of the water and deliver a powerful tackle into Gyarados’ chin. The beast roared in pain and stumbled back.

    “Use Dragon Pulse while it’s recharging,” I ordered.

    “Dra!” My Pokémon threw its head forward, shooting out a purple and white beam that seemed to spiral like a small tornado. The attack slammed into Gyarados’ face, pushing it back. The Gyarados growled in pain as the attack steadily continued.

    “Kingdra!” I called. “When I give the go, use the rock!”

    Kingdra glanced to its right, noticing another boulder sticking out of the water. “King dra!” It continued its attack.

    I looked at Gyarados who did nothing but take the attack due to its need to recharge.


    The attack continued. Gyarados kept its eyes shut in pain.


    Kingdra kept blasting. Suddenly, Gyarados’ eyes shot open.


    Gyarados turned to face Kingdra and propelled a gargantuan stream of water from its mouth. Kingdra stopped attacking and used the same move on the rock next to him. Just like in the current, Kingdra was pushed out of the way of Gyarados’ Hydro Pump, which was harmlessly absorbed into the ocean.

    “Use Ice Beam on the water around the bottom of it.”

    Kingdra aimed its snout at the water under Gyarados. The light blue energy he shot out froze the water on contact, encasing the Gyarados’ body in ice. The Pokémon winced in pain, right before roaring and breaking free from the ice. It turned to Kingdra as more yellow energy started to form in its mouth.

    “Get ready to use Dive again, Kingdra,” I instructed. He nodded.

    The Gyarados brought its head back slightly, preparing to unleash its attack.

    “Skull Bash!”

    Rocky’s Sharpedo rocketed through the air, crashing its glowing forehead into the Gyarados’ cheek. The Hyper Beam fired off into the air, and Gyarados’ head was thrown down. It smacked into a large boulder, crushing it and knocking the Pokémon unconscious.

    Rocky swam up to me. His Sharpedo, along with Haley and Golduck, followed. “I thought you could use a little help,” he grinned.

    I laughed as Kingdra came back. “I think we were doing all right, but the assistance is appreciated,” I replied, remounting Kingdra. “I wish I could say the same for other people…” I turned around, glaring at Alex who was passively sitting on Swampert.

    “You told me to move!” he retorted.

    “I meant to get out of the way of the Hyper Beam, not just sit there the whole time!”

    “Okay guys,” Haley intervened once again. “We should probably get going before that thing wakes up.” She gestured to the unmoving Gyarados.

    “Right,” I agreed. “We're almost to Route 134."

    "Excellent," Rocky smiled. "So once we're there all we have to do is find a calm patch to dive down into and then do a bit of searching."

    "Oh goody," Alex rolled his eyes. "I simply adore freezing underwater scavenger hunts."

    We rode the currents for about ten minutes before the current spit us into another calm spot.

    “Are we diving now?” Alex asked impatiently.

    “Yes,” Rocky answered. He handed each of us a large, and apparently waterproof, flashlight. “Now everyone put your hoods and goggles on, and keep your regulators in at all times. I’ll lead the way now that we're here, but since we don’t have radios, you’re going to have to watch me so I can tell you where we need to go. Cool?”

    “Sounds good to me,” I replied, pulling my wetsuit hood over my head.

    “Excellent. Sharpedo, take us down!” As he said this, Rocky and his Pokémon disappeared under the surface.

    The rest of us followed suit and dove under the water. I turned on my flashlight to see where we were going and found myself in a large, underwater canyon. It wasn’t extremely deep, for I could see seaweed growing on the bottom. However it was massively wide. The light refracting through the water gave the rock walls a deep purple color, only interrupted by dark green patches of seaweed creeping out from between the cracks. Pokémon were somewhat numerous, including several Horsea which followed Kingdra and me for a good portion of the dive.

    As we swam deeper into the canyon, the light became weaker and we were forced to turn on our flashlights. I kept mine aimed on Rocky, making sure that if he gave us any signals I would know immediately. He kept his scanning along the edges of the canyon, searching for any cavern opening. Finally, after about ten minutes of swimming and searching, we reached the end of the canyon. For a moment we all thought we’d come all this way for nothing, but then Rocky waved his hand and aimed his flashlight beam at a small hole near the bottom of the canyon. He gestured for us to follow him.

    As we got closer to the hole, we realized it was actually a fairly large underwater cavern about twice as tall as me. Rocky swam inside without hesitation, effectively using his flashlight to illuminate the blackness of the cavern. We swam through carefully, occasionally startling a sleeping Chinchou or Clamperl.

    The cave abruptly ended in a flat wall. Rocky shone his light on the wall to reveal several dot markings identical to the ones I’d seen on the rock chunks at his stand. Rocky turned around and pointed upward with his hand right before his Sharpedo swam upward and disappeared.

    I glanced at Alex and Haley and nodded. We followed him up.

    Suddenly I was greeted with air. The three of us and our Pokémon, along with Rocky’s Sharpedo, were now swimming in a small pool about as big around as large hot tub. Rocky was standing on the shore having already shed his fins. His flashlight was frantically searching around the new cavern that we were in.

    I pulled myself out of the pool and slipped off my fins. Alex and Haley followed my lead.

    “Looks like you found it!” Haley exclaimed. “Congratulations!”

    Rocky ignored her, apparently deep in thought.

    I decided to take my own look at Rocky’s discovery. The cavern was as tall as a normal room, but about twice the size. There were no Pokémon in sight other than our own. As I stepped forward, I nearly tripped over a large rock mound that came up to my waist. As I looked closer, I noticed more of the strange dot writing that I’d seen in many places before.

    “Hey Rocky,” I called.

    He remained deep in thought.


    He turned around. “Yes Tyler?”

    “What is this dot writing here?” I pointed to the rock mound in front of me.

    “What?” He rushed over and knelt next to me, staring at the dot writing in front of us. “That’s strange,” he commented. “It’s just a few letters of the alphabet.”

    “You know this language?” Haley asked, walking up to us.

    “Yes,” he replied. “It’s the language of the ancient people here in Hoenn. I spent years studying it. What’s strange is that these markings don’t say anything. It’s just a few letters of their alphabet…”

    “What’s on those other mounds then?” Alex asked, still standing near the pool. He pointed his flashlight around the cave, revealing nine other large dirt mounds.

    Rocky got up and began looking at the mounds, scratching his head each time he read. He made his way around the room and eventually came back to us.

    “What do they say?” Haley asked.

    “Nothing,” Rocky replied. “It’s just random letters of the alphabet with different letters on each mound.”

    “Well maybe the people were trying to give us a way to translate?” I suggested. “Do the mounds follow some sort of pattern?”

    Rocky turned back around, looking at the mounds once more. “Now that you mention it, the first letters are on the far pile, and the next ones are on the mound next to it, and so on. So yes! It does appear that they are trying to give us a method of translation.”

    “This has got to be the most inconvenient dictionary on the planet,” Alex stated.

    We ignored him. “What are they trying to help us translate though?” Haley asked.

    Rocky stood there for a moment, staring at a random spot of no particular interest.

    “Maybe that,” I pointed out, walking up to the wall opposite the pool we entered through. There was another dot writing phrase engraved into the wall. “Rocky, what does this say?”

    Rocky stepped up behind me. “That’s very interesting…”

    “Well?” Haley began. “What is it? Is it an ancient legend? Maybe some kind of spiritual advice? What is it?”

    “It says, ‘Dig Here.’”

    “Aw shucks. We forgot shovels,” Alex said sarcastically. “Oh well! Guess we’ll have to lea—”

    Haley slugged him in the stomach.

    “I think it means to use the attack Dig,” Rocky commented.

    “I don’t think any of us have a Pokémon that knows that move,” I stated.

    “Oh that’s all right, I have one.” Rocky pulled a yellow and black Pokéball from his belt and opened it. The Ultra Ball released white energy which materialized on the floor of the cave. The shape that took form was huge, only about a foot or two shorter than the cave ceiling. Its round, brownish-grey body was covered in bright orange stones that looked strong enough to stop a bullet. Its elbows extended outward, reminding me of Alex’s Gallade, and its heavy tail thumped its clubbed end on the cave floor. Two horns jutted from its face, and the bigger one, shaped like a drill, spun slowly as the Pokémon looked around.

    “That is one strong-looking Rhyperior,” I complimented. “I faced one in the Kanto League, but it wasn’t nearly as impressive-looking as yours.”

    “Thank you Tyler, that’s very nice of you,” he thanked. “Okay Rhyperior, use Dig on that wall there.”

    “Perior,” the enormous Pokémon grumbled as it leaned its forehead into the wall. Its drill-like horn began to spin, blasting away the rock like it was a pile of sugar. After just a few seconds of drilling, the wall crumbled to the ground. Cool air rushed out, surprising and chilling us due to our still-wet clothes.

    “Good job Rhyperior,” Rocky said as he returned the Pokémon to its storage container. He turned to us. “Shall we?”

    This next chamber was much smaller than the first one. There were a total of seven mounds in the room forming a circle with the four of us completing it. The mound directly opposite us was much larger than the rest and seemed to be elevated. All of the mounds had more dot writing on them, which Rocky promptly proceeded to examine.

    “These writings actually form sentences,” he observed. I asked him to read them to us. “In this cave we have lived.” He moved to the next mound. “We owe all to the Pokémon.” He moved once more. “But we sealed the Pokémon away.” He moved to the next mound, but stopped and stared at the writing.

    “What’s wrong?” I asked.

    He looked at us. “We feared it.”

    “Well that’s creepy,” Alex stated, his eyes growing larger.

    Rocky moved on. “Those with courage, those with hope….” He moved to the final small mound. “Open a door. An eternal Pokémon waits.”

    “Wait, so people lived down here?” Haley asked.

    “It is possible,” Rocky answered, studying the writings closer. “Sea levels have changed over the course of the world’s history, so this cave could’ve been above ground in the past.”

    “What interests me,” I began, “is that they said they sealed the Pokémon away. What Pokémon are they talking about?”

    “Excellent question,” Rocky agreed. “Come on, let’s go look at the largest mound.” We followed him up to the final mound, which had somehow been placed on top of a slightly elevated platform. When we got close, we found a damaged stone tablet that we hadn’t noticed before sitting on top of the mound. The dot writing covered it entirely.

    “Read it Rocky!” Haley encouraged.

    The four of us all aimed our flashlight beams onto the tablet. Rocky began to read.

    “The Golems are sealed,
    Inside their tombs.
    Locked away forever,
    To keep them and us from doom.
    With the power of this tablet,
    They shall awaken and spread apart,
    And the three Golems,
    Will share their releaser’s heart.”

    We stood there silently for a moment.

    “Well…” Rocky began, “that’s very interesting. It appears to be some sort of riddle.”

    Alex groaned. “Man, why can’t ancient people ever just give it to you straight?”

    “I’ll need to take this back and study it more,” Rocky said as he reached for the tablet.

    “Rocky,” I started, “I don’t think that’s such a good—”

    Rocky grasped the stone tablet with both hands and lifted it off the mound. Immediately, a low rumbling started shaking the whole cave. Little pebbles fell from the ceiling. Haley grasped onto my arm.

    “Put it back!” I shouted. Rocky quickly returned the tablet to its place. The rumbling immediately stopped.

    We stood there warily, waiting for something terrible to happen. Haley remained holding onto me, sending a little thrill through my body.

    “I think we’re okay,” Rocky said after several seconds. “Guess we’ll just—”


    A deafening explosion sounded in our ears and rocked the whole cave, causing every one of us to fall to the ground. Haley fell on top of me, and even being afraid for my life could not distract me from my momentary happiness.

    Alex tried to stand up again. “What in Hoenn was—?”


    Another explosion threw him back onto the ground. Haley squeezed my arm, cutting off circulation. I didn’t complain.

    “Everybody stay down!” Rocky ordered. “We just need to—”


    One more explosion jarred us and caused me to bump my head on the cavern floor. I swore, knowing that a nasty bump would be forming there soon.

    The four of us sat there for over a minute, silent and unmoving.

    “I think we’re safe now…” Rocky observed as he slowly stood up.

    Alex got up slowly as well. I stood up, pulling Haley with me. I tried not to think too much about her grabbing onto me, but it was useless. That was awesome.

    “I think we should get out of here,” I stated.

    Haley released my arm. “Yeah, this place is starting to give me the creeps,” she said.

    “Yes, I agree,” Rocky affirmed. “I’m not sure how safe this place is anymore. We should head out.”

    Alex nodded. “Good, ‘cause I really have to go the bathroom.”
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    After reaching the surface, we decided to fly back to Pacifidlog. Haley and I rode back on my Braviary while Rocky and Alex rode back on Alex’s Altaria. It was not very pleasant at first due to the high winds and our soaking wet bodies, but after we dried off a bit it was a lot more enjoyable, especially with Haley wrapping her arms around my waist the whole time.

    “Tyler?” she began.

    “Yes Haley?”

    “Stop flexing your stomach.”

    “I’m not flexing.”

    “Yes you are.”

    “I know. Sorry.”

    We landed on the western shore of Pacifidlog within thirty minutes of surfacing. We shed our wetsuits and returned all of our scuba gear to Rocky. I thanked him for letting us come along, and he thanked us for doing so, saying how it made the trip go a lot more smoothly. He told us he’d be staying in Pacifidlog for awhile to write a report on his findings and so that he’d be able to return to the cave in order to obtain some artifacts. We shook his hand, saying we’d probably see him around, and headed back to my house.

    “So how was your undersea expedition?” my mother asked as we stepped in the front door. Mom used to worry all the time about me, but after I spent four years away from everyone and came back with a Championship title and several big, strong Pokémon that are with me constantly, she’s loosened up a fair amount.

    “It was pretty fun,” I replied as Castform retook his perch on my shoulder. “Is Dad at the Surf Shop?”

    “Yes. Are you going to visit him sometime today?”

    “Yeah I think we’ll head down there later.” Alex and Haley sat down at the high counter in our kitchen. A calm breeze wafted through the house as Mom opened up the back sliding doors. Our house backs up to the beach, and since the weather is usually nice here, Mom keeps the glass doors open often.

    I flipped on the television as I opened up the fridge. “Hey Mom, is there anything we can eat?”

    “There should be some leftover pizza from last night still in there,” she stated, carrying a laundry basket down the hall. “You know, unless Castform ate all of it.”

    I looked at the Pokémon sitting on my shoulder. Castform rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Okay I see it.” I pulled out the square box and found half of a pepperoni pizza remaining. I turned to my friends. “Do you want me to heat this up?”

    “Nah, cold’s good,” Haley replied. Alex nodded in agreement.

    After grabbing all of us a bottle of water, I walked back around the counter and sat next to them. I placed the pizza in front of us, and we all dug in. One of my favorite sitcoms was on the television, so before long we all nearly choked on our pizza we were laughing so hard.

    Suddenly, in the middle of the show, the screen switched from a living room to a timid-looking reporter standing in front of a skyscraper. His hands were shaking terribly.
    “W-we interrupt this p-program to b-bring you this emergency n-news b-bulletin,” he stuttered out.

    Alex groaned. “No one ever respects sitcoms anymore!”

    Haley punched him in the arm.

    “This could be serious,” I said to Alex. “Just watch.”

    “Less than an hour ago,” the reporter continued, regaining a small amount of composure, “the strange rock formation in the d-desert of Route 111, come to b-be known as the Desert Ruins, exploded.”

    The three of us glanced at each other nervously.

    “Some researchers making a documentary caught the phenomenon on film,” the reporter continued. “Here is the footage.”

    The television cut to a low quality and bumpy camera shot focusing on a man who looked to be sixty with an obnoxious mustache and enormous glasses. Behind him stood a tall and somewhat triangular rock formation taller than a house. I vaguely recognized it from my first travels through Hoenn over four years ago.

    “We are here today,” the old man started, “to discuss the strange formation here known as the Desert Ruins.” He adjusted his glasses, which somehow seemed to be doing a decent job of keeping the sand out of his eyes. “It is nearly identical in appearance to the Island Cave and Ancient Tomb, located on Routes 105 and 120, respectively. Now the strange thing about these ruins is that—”


    Behind the man, the front of the rock structure exploded, throwing the old man and the cameraman to the ground. Frantic voices were heard immediately. “What in Hoenn was that?” “I don’t know. Keep rolling!” The cameraman stood back up just in time to see an enormous creature lumber out of the newly created hole in the rock formation. This creature was entirely made of tan rock, with a few patches of orange in various places across its gargantuan body. Its two rocky arms held onto the edges of the new doorway as it stepped out into the sunlight. Seven orange dots in the shape of an H on its “face” looked around before noticing the cameraman. Immediately, the creature lifted its arms as yellow energy just like the Gyarados’ started to form. “Run Jack!” a voice shouted. The camera fell to the ground just as the Hyper Beam attack was fired.

    The screen went blank.

    I dropped my pizza. Haley’s eyes were as big as tennis balls. Alex swore.

    The reporter returned to the screen. “The creature, believed to be the l-legendary Pokémon Regirock, is currently heading toward Mauville City, d-destroying everything in its p-path. C-citizens are rapidly being evacuated while Wattson, the city’s gym leader, Flannery, the n-neighboring Lavaridge Town’s gym leader, and some other elite trainers in the area are remaining in order to combat the beast. It is unknown exactly when…oh my God it’s here!” The reporter dropped his microphone and ran away as the cameraman turned around. The monstrous Regirock was down the street, lumbering slowly toward the camera shot. People were sprinting down the street, screaming. The Pokémon turned and unleashed a catastrophic Hyper Beam into the ground floor of the famous Mauville Game Corner, leveling half of it. Tickets and bills fluttered into the air, decorating the street like some sort of demented confetti. After this, the cameraman screamed, dropping his camera, cutting off the feed.

    The television cut to a news studio, where an anchor I recognized and thought to be usually very calm was screaming at someone off screen. “Someone get someone in there! Those are my friends!” He cussed loudly, and it was not bleeped out. He turned back to the camera. “It appears Mauville is not the only city being affected by this. Apparently Petalburg City and Lilycove City are being devastated by the other legendary Pokémon, Regice and Registeel. No one knows exactly why these Pokémon are doing this, but it must be stopped. Goddamn it, call the Elite Four! Something! These things have to be stopped!” The screen cut to a scene of Petalburg City, a town where I had earned my fifth gym badge. Another tall creature made entirely of diamond-like ice was skating around, launching Hyper Beams and Zap Cannons into any building near it. I recognized Norman, the dark-haired gym leader of the town, and a large Slaking that I’d defeated years ago as a Vigoroth. The Slaking blasted flames directly onto the Regice, but the super-effective Flamethrower did nothing. Several razor sharp stones crashed into the Regice’s back, another attack that should have been super-effective but also did nothing. Roxanne, the young female gym leader of the neighboring Rustboro City and a teacher at the Trainer School where Alex attended, was soon seen on camera. I noticed her Nosepass had evolved into an enormous Probopass as it came up and used another powerful but useless Stone Edge. The television cut to another scene, focusing on a round, metallic Pokémon with long fingers and seven red dots as eyes. The Registeel lifted up its hands and threw forward a silver beam into the Contest Hall, causing an explosion and sending people running. A metallic bird Pokémon swooped in suddenly and sliced the Pokémon with its glowing wing, but the Registeel was unaffected by the Skarmory’s Steel Wing Attack. Winona, the lavender-haired gym leader of Fortree City ran up and ordered her Pokémon to use another attack. Two rainbow-colored beams of energy crashed into the Registeel’s front, but it just kept walking. Tate and Liza, the twin gym leaders of Mossdeep City, who I noticed had gotten a fair amount taller, ran up with their Solrock and Lunatone and fired off two more Psybeams. The Registeel just continued its rampage, shooting another Flash Cannon into the Lilycove Department Store.

    I turned off the television. Haley looked on the verge of tears. Alex had his eyes closed and was holding his forehead.

    “I have a sick feeling in my stomach that we did this,” I stated, staring out my back door and into the ocean.

    “The three explosions…” Haley began, “…that was the sound of the Regis being released."

    “And that tablet was talking about the three golems,” Alex said, still holding his forehead. “The Regis are commonly referred to as the ‘Golem Trio.’ We released them!”

    I stood there silently.

    “We’ve started the apocalypse.”

    “What’d you say Tyler?” Mom asked as she returned to the room with an empty laundry basket.

    “Nothing,” I replied swiftly. “Hey Mom, we’re going to go see Dad at the Surf Shop now. We’ll see you later.” Castform stayed on my shoulder as I quickly left the house, Haley and Alex following me.

    “Oh…okay, see ya later kids!” Mom turned to the off television. “I wonder why they were in such a rush…”

    As soon as I knew Mom couldn’t see me from any window, I bolted down the street. Castform, now in its orange, sunny weather form decided he did not enjoy my bouncing shoulder and quickly flew after me. Alex and Haley ran behind me.

    “Where are we running?” Haley asked.

    “Why are we running?” Alex heaved.

    “We need to find Rocky,” I replied. “Come on.” I ran down the road, flying past surfers, parents, and just regular people. Many asked me where I was running, but I ignored them. We ran around the corner, heading down to the Pacifidlog Market. The place was packed during the lunch rush. I fought my way through, making a fair amount of people angry, but I didn’t care. This was more important.

    I reached Rocky’s stall. He was sitting in his chair, wearing reading glasses and writing in a notebook.

    I slammed my fist down on the counter and leaned over it. “Rocky!” I shouted angrily. Traveling all over four different regions had gotten me in fantastic shape, so I wasn’t winded at all from the run. I couldn’t say the same for my friends, who came up behind me gasping for air.

    “Oh, hello kids,” he greeted with a confused look on his face. “What’s going on?”

    “Have you seen what’s going on?!” I asked.

    “What are you talking about?” he asked, sitting up and taking off his reading glasses.

    “The Regis,” Alex heaved. “They’ve gone nuts.”

    “What?” Rocky stood up. “What do you mean?”

    "Regice, Regirock, and Registeel," Haley said, regaining her breath.

    "Earlier today they busted out of their caverns," I continued. "The Desert Ruins, the Island Cave, and the Ancient Tomb."

    "The Regis were in there!?" Rocky gasped and bolted to his feet.

    "Yeah," Alex snapped. "And now they're blowing everything up!"

    "Regirock is attacking Mauville," I said, standing up straight. "Registeel is attacking Lilycove. Regice is attacking Petalburg. And attacks don't seem to do any damage at all."

    Rocky turned and looked at some of his artifacts. "This doesn't make sense…"

    "Rocky," I began, not looking away from him, "I think we may have done this."

    He looked at me. "What?"

    "The tablet. It was talking about the Golems, and I'm fairly certain it wasn't referencing Graveler's evolution."

    "The Regis are often known as the Golems," Alex added. "And the tablet said that they would 'awaken and spread apart.' I'm just confused because it didn't say anything about them destroying everything in their paths."

    "What should we do?" Haley asked. "Rocky, shouldn't you know about stuff like this?"

    "I…I don't know," Rocky sighed, unable to make eye contact with us. "I knew about the cavern. I'd read legends about it. I didn't have any idea it would release the Regis…or that they would cause so much destruction." He looked up. "I'm going to do some research and see if I can find a way to stop them. Thank you for telling me." He turned around and went behind the curtain, disappearing from our sight.

    I turned back to my friends, feeling a strange mix of anger, frustration, and guilt.

    "What now?" Alex asked.

    "I'm going to go to Mauville to see if I can stop Regirock," I answered. "I helped release these things, so I'm going to stop them."

    Haley put her hand on my shoulder. "Then we're coming with you."

    "Definitely," Alex added. "We'll stop these things."

    I looked down at my Pokéball belt. "I sure hope so."


    After explaining the situation to my parents and packing up some supplies, I headed out to the north shore of Pacifidlog Island where Alex and I had battled the night before. It had taken some convincing for my mom to let me go, but when I pulled the "fate of the world" card she allowed me to leave. Haley and Alex were behind me. We all were wearing jackets and pants, which were unusual for the tropical summer weather we were experiencing. I knew we would be happy we were wearing them once we were a few thousand feet in the air.

    I released Braviary, the colorful eagle Pokémon that had flown Haley and I back to Pacifidlog after the dive. The Pokémon groomed the red feathers on the upper side of its wing with its yellow beak. Its large yellow talons dug into the sand, unfamiliar with the material.

    "Ready for some flying?" I asked it.

    The Pokémon screeched quietly in agreement.

    Alex released his Altaria, the blue bird Pokémon with puffy white wings that looked like clouds. Alex petted it on the back of the head.

    "Tar!" Altaria called in delight.

    Haley opened her Pokéball, and the resulting white energy materialized into a brown, long-necked Pokémon covered in green leaves. Some bananas hung from its neck, and four massive leaves sprouted from its back. The Pokémon leaned down and licked Haley's cheek.

    "Good to see you too Tropius," Haley giggled.

    "How come you didn't tell me about Braviary?" Alex asked as he put his yellow cap into his backpack.

    I smacked myself in the forehead. "Let's just get a move on."

    I mounted Braviary, and Alex and Haley did the same with their Pokémon. "You guys ready?" I asked.

    They both nodded.

    "All right then. Let's go beat up a Regirock." I lightly kicked Braviary's side, and it shot into the air.


    Four hours later, our Pokémon touched down on the southeastern side of Mauville City. The sun was beginning to set, but the streetlights were not turning on. The only light source we would have would be the distant fires of burning buildings and cars. I let Castform out to sit on my shoulder. Since the sun was almost down, he remained in his plain gray form.

    I hopped off of Braviary. "You were great," I said. "Thank you so much." I aimed the Pokéball at it, and the red beam returned the creature to its portable home. I unzipped my jacket and flung it over my shoulder. Now that the flying was over, the familiar Hoenn heat had returned.

    I looked up. Haley and Alex had already returned Tropius and Altaria to their Pokéballs as well. Alex was putting his cap back on.

    "Regirock must not have reached this side of the city yet," Haley commented after noticing the current state of the street we had landed on. A few windows were broken, but that was the extent of the damage.

    "Yeah," I agreed. "But I doubt it'll be long."

    "So how do we find it?" Alex asked.


    We heard an explosion and saw smoke billow up into the sky several blocks away.

    "That's how," I replied.

    The three of us took off down the street. The city had almost entirely evacuated by now, but we could still hear voices coming from ahead of us. The closer we got to where the explosion had come from, the more damage could be seen. Windows were shattered, some cars had been crushed by pieces of rubble, and a fire hydrant had become a powerful fountain after its top had been knocked off. Within two minutes of running, we rounded a corner and were almost destroyed by a Hyper Beam.

    We had ducked just in time. A car behind us exploded, causing my ears to ring for a moment. Castform whimpered. I looked up and gasped.

    The destruction had gotten so much worse since what I'd seen on the news. The game corner had been completely leveled. The Pokémon Center that I had stayed at so many years ago was on fire. I could see Wattson's gym down the street sending out showers of sparks because his electric gym puzzle had been wrecked. Other buildings were missing massive chunks out of them. Standing around in various places were firemen, police officers, and EMT's. They were not alone, however. Many trainers were present, commanding their Pokémon to perform various attacks on the large, seemingly invincible Pokémon in front of them.

    The Regirock was even more terrifying in person. It was over ten feet tall, much larger than any account of Regirock that I had ever heard. It's dotted H patterned eyes were glowing, and it was able to launch constant Hyper Beams without needing to recharge. A powerful lightning bolt struck it in the chest as a round, metallic Pokémon zoomed through the air by it. Regirock was too quick though, and the monster shot an extremely accurate Hyper Beam, barreling the metal Pokémon into the ground.

    A plump man in a brown jacket ran up to the fallen Magnezone.

    "Wattson," I said to myself before running over to him. Haley and Alex followed me. "Wattson!"

    The white haired man looked up as he administered a Hyper Potion to his Pokémon. He smiled a somber smile. "Hello Tyler," he greeted. "It's been awhile. It's good to see you."

    It was strange and discomforting not to see him laughing after every other sentence. "It's good to see you too," I replied. "I only wish it could be under different circumstances."

    Wattson's smile faded. "I agree. I'm glad you're here to help though. A powerful trainer like you will be a lot of help in stopping this beast."

    "You bet he will!"

    We both looked up. A red headed girl in her early twenties was smiling at me. Her hair was up in a wild pony tail, and she wore a crop top that showed off her incredibly sexy stomach. Her jeans were covered in dirt, which somehow made them look even more attractive. The last time I'd seen her, I only came up to her shoulders. Now she only came up to mine.

    "H-hi Flannery," I stuttered. Wow. I had forgotten how hot Flannery was. I'd had the biggest crush on her when we'd met the first time. I actually lost my first gym battle to her because I couldn't stop staring at her. She was hands down the sexiest girl I'd ever met. Other than Haley of course. But Flannery was a close second.

    I mentally slapped myself. Now was not the time to be getting love struck.

    "Wow Tyler, you have really grown!" she said, surprising me with a hug. Her breasts pushed up against my chest, which I tried in vain to ignore. I glanced up and thought I saw Haley's face grow red. It was probably just the light from the nearby fire.

    Probably. Maybe. I hoped not.

    "I'm glad you're here," Flannery continued, breaking the hug. "We could use the Unova League Champion helping us out. This thing is unstoppable."

    Huh. I guess news spreads fast in the Hoenn Region. Either that or a Hoenn kid winning the Unova League was a bigger deal than I'd thought.

    I grasped the Pokéball on my waist. A small "S" was drawn on the top of it. "I bet we can take him."

    Haley gasped. "You're going to use him!?" She suddenly looked excited.

    I grinned. "Who else?"

    I tossed the Pokéball into the air. The white energy unleashed and materialized into a creature as tall as me. Two long skinny arms with blade-like leaves coming from them hung at the creature's side, and a long, dark green tail covered in spikes swished around casually. His yellow eyes surveyed the area and soon grew larger due to surprise. The large yellow seeds on his back disappeared from my vision as he turned around to look at me.

    "Hey Sceptile," I greeted, patting him on his forehead. I still held his Pokéball in my hand. Sceptile had been my first Pokémon that I received as a Treecko when Alex, Haley, and I first started off on our journey through Hoenn together. Throughout all those travels, battles, and the occasional life-or-death experience, we had become inseparable. I switch around the other Pokémon in my party frequently, but Sceptile is always in it. He's become a powerhouse over the years too. Come to think of it, he hasn't lost any battles he's been in since the Johto League over a year ago.

    "I probably owe you an explanation for what's going on," I continued.

    "Tile," Sceptile hissed and glanced back at Regirock.

    "That thing broke out of its home," I started. "Now it's destroying everything, and we need your help to stop it."

    "Tile scep tile," he answered while nodding.

    "You up for it?"

    Sceptile snorted as if to say, "What kind of a question is that? Of course I am."

    "Good. Now let's beat the crap out of this thing."
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    Default Chapter 4


    "Leaf Blade."

    The pointed leaves on Sceptile's right arm began glowing a bright green color and grew longer. Sceptile shot forward with incredible speed straight for Regirock, which was busy blasting a Hyper Beam at a few parked cars. Sceptile leapt into the air, swung its right arm down, and slammed the Leaf Blade attack into Regirock's forehead.

    The beast stumbled back a bit, obviously not expecting the attack. It responded quickly by firing a powerful Hyper Beam right at Sceptile, but he was able to dodge it fairly effortlessly.

    "X-Scissor. Leap off the building to your right," I said coolly.

    Sceptile ran to the right and jumped up at the nearby wall, sticking about twenty feet up. Regirock fired another Hyper Beam, but Sceptile vaulted out of the way just in time. The leaves on both of his arms began glowing, this time a bright blue color. He crossed his arms and sliced them in an X pattern at Regirock's forehead. Regirock stumbled back again.

    "Tyler," Flannery started, "your Sceptile is amazing! You're amazing!"

    I blushed and smiled. "Thank you," I said, grinning.

    Haley punched me in the arm. "Snap out of it. You're battling."

    I cleared my throat. "Right. Dragon Claw!"

    Sceptile's right hand appeared to catch on fire, but looking closer one would see that the flames were not orange, but blue and red. Sceptile rolled out of the way of the big, electric sphere Regirock shot at him. The Zap Cannon continued forward, crashing into the side of a building near me. The explosion threw me to the ground and knocked Sceptile's Pokéball from my hand, but I was unhurt. Castform had fallen off my shoulder and was now floating behind me.

    Sceptile launched himself forward, diving right under Regirock's right armpit and slashing its side as he went. No physical damage could be seen, but Regirock let out a low grumble that appeared to be of pain.

    I stood back up. "Leaf Blade now!" I called, slightly annoyed as I dusted myself off. "Before it turns around!"

    Sceptile's arm leaves began glowing again as he jumped toward Regirock's upper back. Suddenly, Regirock seemed to get a sudden burst of speed. It spun around, backhanding Sceptile midair with its glowing arm. The Hammer Arm attack sent Sceptile flying through the air into the side of the building that he'd jumped off of moments before. His body cracked the side of the building upon impact, so chunks of brick fell onto the ground with him.

    "Sceptile!" I shouted. "No!"

    Sceptile was face down on the street. He looked up. Regirock was moving toward him. Suddenly, a bright green aura began surrounding Sceptile's entire body.

    "Overgrow," I said to myself as I smirked. "Let's finish this Sceptile! Frenzy Plant!"

    Sceptile smiled as he lifted himself into a crawling position. His body began to glow brighter, combining the glow of Overgrow with the glow of the upcoming attack. "Tile!" he called and slammed his fists into the asphalt. Massive brown roots glowing with the same color as Sceptile burst through the asphalt and whipped Regirock a few times before grabbing it. The roots lifted it up into the air squeezed it, then slammed it into the street, creating a massive crater. The roots then sunk back into the ground, and Sceptile collapsed.

    "All right!" I shouted, punching the air. The people around me cheered as well. It appeared we had won.

    Suddenly, Regirock began to sit up. It pushed itself back onto its feet and didn't appear to be hurt at all. Its right arm began glowing, and it started lumbering toward Sceptile.

    "No…" I said, my heart sinking. "No! Sceptile you have to move!"

    I knew he couldn't. He was still recharging from the Frenzy Plant attack.

    I swore and reached at my belt to grab Sceptile's Pokéball. However, it wasn't there. It had fallen out of my hand when the Zap Cannon knocked me down and had rolled thirty yards away.

    I looked back toward Sceptile. Regirock was ten yards away.

    I acted on impulse and sprinted toward Sceptile, fairly certain my idea would be useless and only end up getting me killed too. I didn't care though. This was my best friend.

    Regirock reached Sceptile. Sceptile looked up, still unable to do anything. Regirock raised its glowing arm.

    "Don't touch him!" I roared and jumped in between Regirock and Sceptile.

    Regirock swung its arm down. I braced for the end.


    A powerful Hydro Pump slammed into Regirock, knocking it back. Blinking from the water in my eyes, I didn't notice the large, peach colored, and snake-shaped body with a red and blue fan tail pull me and Sceptile on top of it until it had already done so. It rapidly slithered across the street and dropped us off back where my friends and the gym leaders were.

    I turned around. The Milotic turned around, smiled at me, then went over to attack Regirock again.

    "Thank God you're okay!" Haley said exasperatedly as she surprised me with a hug. "I thought I'd lost you…" she whispered.

    I returned the hug, smiling.

    She pulled back and punched me in the chest. "Don't ever scare me like that again!" she shouted and turned away. It appeared she was fighting back tears. I had no idea what to say, so I decided nothing would be best.

    Sceptile sat up. "Tile?" it asked weakly.

    I knelt next to him. "It's okay," I replied. "You're okay."

    "Here. Have him drink this."

    I looked up. A pale man with teal hair and a white beret was smiling and offering me a Hyper Potion. He wore purple pants and a long flowing white cape that had some dirt on it.

    "Oh my gosh…" I said, overwhelmed with surprise. "You're…you're Wallace! You're Hoenn's Champion!"

    He smiled. "Yes." He handed me the Hyper Potion. Sceptile drank it and immediately began feeling better.

    "Do you want to fight anymore?" I asked him. "You don't have to."

    Sceptile stood up and nodded determinedly.

    "No," Wallace interjected, "you need to go."

    I looked at him like he'd just told me two was a letter of the alphabet. "What? Why? I want to help!"

    "Tile!" Sceptile agreed.

    "I know you do, and by leaving you are," he replied calmly. "I have a special mission for you Tyler. For you specifically. Go to Verdanturf Town just west of here. I will meet you at the Pokémon Center shortly."

    "What? Why? What mission?"

    "I don't have time to explain." I heard Regirock let out another cry behind me. "Now go!" He ran past me, shouting out a command for Milotic.

    I turned to Alex and Haley. Both of them looked nervous. "Well it looks like we're going to Verdanturf."

    I walked over to Sceptile's Pokéball and picked it up. "You were astounding Sceptile. We'll rest you more in a bit once we get to Verdanturf." He nodded as I returned him to the Pokéball.

    "How are we going to get to Verdanturf?" Alex asked. "There's no way our flying Pokémon have enough energy to fly us anymore."

    I looked down at my Pokéball belt and noticed the blue and yellow Quick Ball hanging on it. I smiled. "I have an idea."


    The enormous orange dog Pokémon bounded past the Pokémon Day Care, which had also been evacuated due to its proximity to the city. It flew past flowers, trees, small ponds, but trainers were absent. My Arcanine ran fast, but the weight of three people on its back slowed it down a bit.

    But not much.

    "I don't like this!" Alex called over the roar of the wind. He held onto Haley's waist with one hand and his yellow cap with the other. Haley had both her hands wrapped around my stomach, and I was forced to resist the temptation to flex in an attempt to impress her.

    "We're almost there!" I called back. "I can see Rusturf Tunnel ahead!"

    In minutes we had reached Verdanturf Town. The eastern edge of the small village had been barricaded primitively, and it seemed like every strong Pokémon within a mile of the place was standing there, waiting for Regirock.

    We stopped in front of the barricade. They let us in almost immediately. A few people asked about Mauville, and all we could tell them was that it wasn't going well.

    Once we reached the Pokémon Center, we all got off of Arcanine. I thanked it and returned it to its Pokéball.

    "When did you get an Arcanine?" Alex asked.

    I rolled my eyes. "In Kanto, Alex." I decided not to argue with him about whether I'd mentioned it before. Which I had. Alex just had the memory of a Goldeen.

    I unclipped my PokéNav from my belt and looked at the time. It was almost ten at night. Even in the darkness, Verdanturf's radiant green grass could still be seen. I remembered Sceptile loving it when we had been here the first time. He had only been a Grovyle at the time. The houses were small and modest, and all of them were made out of painted yellow wood.

    We stepped inside the Pokémon Center. She handed us each a tray with six slots for Pokéballs. We filled ours and handed them to her, and within fifteen minutes she returned them to us. I let Castform back out, and we all sat down at a table waiting for Wallace to arrive.


    I looked up. "Yes Alex?"

    "What do you think is going to happen if…if we can't stop them?"

    I smirked. "We are going to stop them, Alex. I would die before I let them destroy my home."

    Alex looked away. "That's what I'm afraid of…" he mumbled.

    We sat in silence for several more minutes. I hated being unable to do anything to fight back, but I knew all of my attacks would be useless. We had to find another way to stop them, and something told me Wallace had a way to do that.

    I had almost fallen asleep at the table when Wallace arrived. His clothes were torn and covered in dirt, and he was no longer wearing his cape. He filled a tray for the nurse as well before sitting down with us.

    "So you're likely wondering why I've asked you here," he said immediately.

    Alex snored. Haley punched him, and he woke up immediately.

    "Wallace," I started, "before you begin, there's something I need to tell you."

    "Um…okay. Go on."

    So I told him everything that had happened up to that point. Rocky needing my help, diving down to the cave, touching the tablet, the three bangs, everything. Wallace never broke eye contact with me.

    "So, I believe that three of us and Rocky may have inadvertently started this," I finished, sighing.

    Wallace sighed. "Well, I do not blame you for this. You all never would have known that the Regis would cause so much destruction."

    "I feel responsible though. I want to…I need to stop this."

    "That's why I've called you here. Because I believe you can."

    I looked at Haley, then at Alex. "How?"

    "When this first began earlier today, I called a council of the Elite Four members along with the former Champion, Steven Stone," he began. "We knew that brute force would not stop the Regis. Only delay them. So we had to find some other way of defeating them. Steven mentioned that he had once heard of a leader of the Regis known as Regigigas."

    "I've heard of him!" Haley piped in. "He's supposed to be able to command all of them."

    "Oh goody…" Alex grumbled. "Another one."

    "Yes," Wallace answered, confirming Haley's statement. He ignored Alex. "So we decided that summoning Regigigas would be the only way to defeat them. Legend has it that Regigigas sleeps in the deepest chamber of the Snowpoint Temple."

    "The Snowpoint Temple?" I asked, feeling suddenly nauseous. "In Sinnoh?"


    "The Sinnoh Region is miles and miles away! It takes three weeks by boat to just get there! We'll never make it back in time, even if we are able to wake Regigigas up!"

    "I am aware. However as luck would have it, a woman named Lanette--"

    "We know Lanette," Haley said. "We met her a few years ago on our journey."

    "Yeah, she lives just outside of Fallarbor Town," I added. "Near Meteor Falls."

    "Right," Wallace said. "Now as I was saying, as luck would have it, Lanette and another programmer named Bebe, who lives in the Sinnoh Region, have been experimenting with teleportation."

    I gave him a perplexed look. Haley and Alex did the same.

    "You all are aware and have witnessed Pokéball transference, correct? Where Pokéballs are exchanged and transferred between locations?"

    "Of course," I replied. "I use it all the time."

    "Well Lanette and Bebe have been expanding on that technology in an effort to create teleportation for not just Pokéballs, but humans. They've been working on two different machines and experimenting with teleporting various objects between the two locations. So if Lanette could teleport someone to Sinnoh…"

    "They could access the Snowpoint Temple," I finished.


    "I have a question," Alex asked. "Why don't you just ask someone in the Sinnoh Region to try waking Regigigas up for us?"

    "It says in the legend that Regigigas will only waken for someone who is worthy and truly needs its assistance," Wallace answered. "Someone in the Sinnoh Region would likely have concern for this problem, but not nearly as much concern as a person from Hoenn since it isn't their home that's being destroyed. That's why we must send someone from Hoenn. We need to send someone with strong Pokémon, a lot of travelling experience, and a virtuous heart. That's why we've selected you to do this." He looked at me.

    "Me? What? Why?" I stuttered.

    "Oh come on Tyler," Alex said. "The travelling experience and strong Pokémon are no brainers."

    "Yes," Wallace agreed. "The news of your victory in the Unova League is well known around the Hoenn Region. A region-wide news program was actually about to contact you to ask for an interview and permission to do a piece about you on their show, but this whole thing set their plans back."

    "How do you know all of this?" I asked, unsure of what else to say.

    "I'm the Champion. I make it my job to be well informed about everything in Hoenn. Besides the council decided you would be a good person to send. Phoebe actually went to Pacifidlog Town to find you. She was still there when I called her an hour or so to go to let her know that I'd found you. Finding you there in Mauville was actually a surprise, but I should've known you would attempt to stop all of this yourself."

    "But why me?" I said, still feeling light-headed. I didn't know why I was feeling like this. Normally I'm quite self confident, but the thought of the fate of the world resting on my shoulders suddenly made me want to lay down and throw up. "Why didn't you just send one of the Elite Four?"

    "We decided it best that we remain here in order to provide leadership and fight back those monsters."

    "But I mean, come on…a virtuous heart?"

    "Well I don't know what qualifies a heart as virtuous," Haley began, grabbing my hand, "but you've got a good one. A really good one." She smiled at me, and I smiled back. Having her support made me feel worlds better. Plus the hand holding was a really nice bonus.

    "All right love birds that's enough," Alex interrupted. Haley released my hand and punched Alex again.

    "She is right, though," Wallace said. "I didn't know enough about you to say you had a virtuous heart, but seeing you jump in front of your Sceptile in order to save him was good enough for me."

    I looked at Haley. She smiled again. I looked at Alex, and he nodded.

    "All right," I said. "I'll do it."

    "Excellent," Wallace grinned. His teeth were strikingly white. "All you need to do now is fly over to Lanette's house. She'll take everything from there. Are you sure you remember where it is?"

    We stood up. "I'm sure," I replied.

    "Good. I'm going to head back to Mauville to delay Regirock some more. Hurry off to Lanette's house." He shook my hand. "Good luck."

    I nodded, and without another word Wallace left the Pokémon Center.

    I turned to Alex and Haley as I pulled Braviary's Pokéball from my waist. "Let's do this."
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    We landed just outside of Meteor Falls about an hour or two after we left Verdanturf. I had difficulty locating where we were going at first, but looking at my PokéNav helped me get there. Once we landed it was about one in the morning, and the only light we could see was from one singular house nestled up against the tan canyon walls. We returned our Pokémon to their Pokéballs and hiked through the hilly and grassy terrain up to the house. I knocked a few times on the door.

    Within ten seconds, a twenty-something girl answered. She wore large round glasses, and her frizzy red hair stuck out from under her green bandana. Her long green dress with a white apron on the front had a bit of grease on it. She smiled and didn’t look the slightest bit tired, even though it was the middle of the night.

    “Well long time no see guys!” Lanette greeted enthusiastically.

    I smiled wearily. “Hey Lanette,” I said. “Good to see you again.”

    “Wow you all have gotten so much taller!” she said, inviting us in. “The last time I saw you all, you all were just little kids!”

    The house was just as, if not more, messy than it had been five years ago. Computers from all different time periods were strewn around, and various appliances and wires entangled on the floor had me slightly afraid that a wild Pokémon nesting there would jump out at us. Books of all different sizes and thicknesses were also located everywhere from the floor to high up shelves. Others were being used to prop up computer monitors.

    “Thanks Lanette,” I replied, struggling to keep my eyes open.

    “Yeah,” Alex added. “You look…um…well you look about the same.”

    Lanette laughed. “You’ve always been the charmer Alex.”

    Alex blushed and chuckled nervously.

    “I'd love to catch up with you guys some more, but sadly we don't have the time. Come back this way,” Lanette instructed as she stepped over a few computers blocking a doorway. “The teleportation machine is back here.”

    I looked at Haley. She seemed nervous, but I gave her a reassuring nod.

    We followed her into the back room. This room still had computers, books, and wires strewn across the place. However, the main focus of the room was a large machine set up against the back wall. On the right was a small desk with a massive computer monitor on it, and on the right of that was a desktop computer box, only it was three times the size of a regular one and had no CD drives. To the left of the small desk was a massive glass cylinder about two feet taller than me. There was a small metal handle and some hinges attached to the front. The top of the cylinder was metal, and several large wires sprouted from it and led to the ground, likely connecting to the large computer box. The bottom was a metal as well with one large wire coming out of the back of it.

    “Is this it?” Haley asked, walking up to it and touching the glass.

    “Yes,” Lanette replied, walking up to the small desk. She began typing on the keyboard and moving windows around on the touch screen monitor. “This is the teleportation machine. Bebe has one just like it in Sinnoh.”

    “Does it work?” Alex asked, inspecting the large computer box.

    “We’ve been successfully able to teleport inanimate objects, but we’ve never attempted it with any living creatures.”

    “So you don’t know if I’ll survive it or not,” I said.

    Everyone looked at me.

    Lanette sighed. “No. We don’t. And if you do, it will hurt. A lot.”

    I nodded. “That’s okay. We don’t really have much of a choice do we?” I stepped up to the machine, placing my hand on the handle. I pulled it, and the glass door opened.

    “Before we do this Tyler,” Lanette began, “we haven’t advanced the machines enough to make them capable of teleporting repeatedly. Once they teleport something, they will be out of commission for several days.”

    My heart sank. “Then how am I supposed to get back?” I asked exasperatedly.

    “I don’t know. You’ll either have to find a way or wait for it to recharge.”

    I sighed and nodded. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to find a way back. I wasn't even sure if I'd get there in one piece.

    “All right. Let’s do this.”

    Lanette nodded and turned back to the screen. “I’ve connected with Bebe. She’s ready to receive you. Step into the cylinder once you’re ready.”

    I adjusted my backpack and made sure everything was attached properly.

    Alex shook my hand. I pulled him into a quick man-hug. “Good luck bro,” he said, looking uncharacteristically somber.

    “Thanks dude,” I answered. I turned to Haley. She was almost in tears as she stepped up and hugged me.

    “You better come back,” she said quietly, her cheek against my chest. “Four years was too long without you. I don't know if I could handle any more.”

    I looked down at her and smiled. “I’ll come back. I always do.”

    She blinked back a tear and smiled. Suddenly, she kissed me on the cheek.

    My heart did a back flip. Heck I would've done a back flip if one, I knew how, and two, I wasn't in the arms of the girl who would've inspired the back flip. I didn't want to leave those arms.

    She broke away from the hug. I silenced a sigh of disappointment for the hug's end, but I straightened myself out and got my mind set back on the problem at hand. I stepped into the glass cylinder, and Lanette shut the door.

    “We’ll begin teleportation in three…” she began, holding her finger above a button on the keyboard, “…two…one…now!” She hit the button.

    Bright blue light erupted into my vision, and I could no longer see Alex and Haley staring at me through the glass. Suddenly, excruciating pain enveloped my entire body. It felt like someone had set me on fire and then proceeded to stab me repeatedly with thousands of tiny knives. I screamed and shut my eyes.

    “Stop it!” I heard Haley scream. “It’s hurting him!”

    “I can’t!” Lanette’s voice shouted over the noise of the machine. “If we stop the process now, he’ll--”

    Her voice cut off. I opened my eyes again, and the blue light was still covering my vision. I screamed again, barely on the verge of consciousness. My vision began to blacken.

    Suddenly, the blue light stopped. I was standing in an identical cylinder, but the room I was looking at was not Lanette’s. It was much cleaner, and Alex and Haley were not there.

    A blonde girl ran up to the door and pulled it open. “Are you okay!?” she asked frantically.

    I weakly nodded, then crumpled to the floor.


    I awoke in a small bed. Light shined in through the window to my right. I blinked several times and wiped the sleep out of my eyes. I sat up, finding it unusually difficult to do so.

    “Oh thank God you’re awake.”

    I looked up. The same blonde girl from before was sitting in a wooden chair next to my bed. She was wearing a tight orange tank top and jeans. Her lightly freckled face was smiling. She was strikingly pretty, even though she looked like she hadn't slept in decades.

    “Are you…are you Bebe?” I asked weakly. My voice was extremely weak, and I was finding it difficult to concentrate.

    “The one and only,” she said, grinning. “And you must be Tyler.”

    I chuckled. “Yeah, that’s me.”

    “Well, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Hearthome City.”

    I gasped, and I suddenly was able to think clearly again. “The teleportation worked!?”

    “Perfectly. We were slightly afraid that your molecules would be reassembled slightly incorrectly…or the decomposition of your molecules and the reassembling of them would kill you. But thankfully it didn’t.”

    I sighed. “Yeah. Thankfully.”

    “I already talked to Lanette, and everyone knows you made it here safely. It took a lot out of you though. You were obviously tired when you began the teleportation, and the actual teleportation just completely drained your energy. As soon as I opened the door you collapsed. I had to bring you over to my bed myself, which let me tell you was not an easy task.”

    I bolted to my feet, immediately regretting doing it so quickly. I stumbled, but Bebe helped me balance. I steadied myself. “Thanks. How long was I asleep?”

    “Several hours. Like six or seven.”

    I swore. “I need to go. Regirock may have totally destroyed Mauville by now!” I swore again. “I have to get to Snowpoint!”

    I started toward the door, but Bebe caught me by the hood of my hoody and pulled me back.

    “Hold on there hot shot,” she said. “You don’t even know where you’re going.”

    She reached into a nearby drawer and pulled out a large map of the Sinnoh Region. She laid it out on the bed. The Sinnoh Region looked like a square balancing on one of its corners with the top corner stretched up a bit. A large mountain range sliced through the middle of it. She pointed to a red dot in the middle of the map.

    “This is where you are,” she said. “Hearthome City. You have to go here…” She moved her finger north on the map and stopped on the dot at the northernmost tip of the landmass. “…Snowpoint City.”

    “So it’s just a straight shot north. Pretty much.”

    “Yes. You’ll have to be careful when flying over Routes 216 and 217, though. Those places have snow year-round, and I heard a massive snowstorm is supposed to hit there tonight. You’ll have to be careful.”

    I nodded. “Thanks Bebe,” I said. “I couldn’t have done this without you.”

    She smiled up at me. Intelligence was her strong suit. Height was not.

    “Do you know any way for me to get back to Hoenn within a reasonable amount of time?” I asked, walking toward the door.

    She followed me. “No I don’t. You might just have to wait for the teleporter to recharge.” She looked down, her blue eyes holding a hint of sadness.

    I put a hand on her shoulder. “It’s okay,” I said. “I’ll find a way.” I stepped outside, blinking a bit from the surprising sunlight. I released Braviary, who had had ample time to rest between our flight from Verdanturf to Lanette’s house. I mounted him, pulling my hood over my head. “Thanks Bebe.”

    “Good luck!” she called. “Use your PokéNav to navigate! And call me if you need anything!” She quickly gave me her phone number. I registered it in my PokéNav and thanked her.

    “All right Braviary,” I began, “let’s go!”

    Braviary screeched, and we shot into the sky.


    After an hour or so, we stopped in Celestic Town. I realized I hadn’t eaten in at least half a day, so I stopped at the Pokémon Center for some food for Braviary and me. We ate quickly, and once we’d eaten we continued our flight.

    Flying over the snowcapped mountains was absolutely gorgeous. I’d seen plenty of shots of mountaintops in movies before, but seeing them in real life was simply breathtaking. I only wished that Haley could be up there with me to see it.

    Once we passed the mountains, the sun had begun setting. Before long, the winds started picking up, and my hoody and jeans suddenly did a poor job of keeping me warm. Braviary was a strong flier and could handle a few winds, but once the snow started hitting us, he had trouble. I knew Flying type Pokémon were weak to Ice type moves, so the snow hurting Braviary didn’t surprise me. Once he started losing altitude and almost dropped me, I decided to take us down.

    We landed on the snow covered ground. The snow was significantly deeper than what I had expected, so my feet sank in up to me knees. My tennis shoes and jeans were not even slightly water resistant, so the snow began to seep through them. My shivering became more drastic.

    "No," I said to myself, trying to ignore the cold. "I can do this. I have to do this."

    I pulled my hood over my head. I thanked Braviary and returned him to his Pokéball, placing it back on my belt. I replaced Braviary with Castform as the white energy burst from his freezing Pokéball. After he materialized, Castform remained in his gray form for only a moment. Within a minute, his head had become a purple orb surrounded by greenish-gray, puffy cloud like features.

    "Form cast form!" he exclaimed, excited to be out in the weather. Castform hadn't gotten a chance to be in his snow/hail form in months. The last time either of us had seen snow was in Icirrus City five months ago.

    Castform immediately noticed my shivering and gave me a concerned look.

    "I'm ok-kay," I said, my teeth chattering. "I know someone who can warm me up."

    I pulled the Quick Ball from my belt and opened it. Arcanine materialized in front of me, and I immediately noticed its look of discomfort. I'm sure it would've much preferred to be walking through a desert or a volcanic cave rather than a blizzard, but I needed Arcanine's help.

    I climbed up onto its back, and its extremely warm body made me feel drastically warmer. The snow still bit into my cheeks however, so I leaned down and tried to keep all of my body as close to Arcanine as possible.

    "We need to get through this," I told it. "We can do this. You don't need to run. Conserve your energy. Use Flamethrower a few times to make the path in front of us more clear."

    Arcanine woofed in confirmation and began the trek forward. Castform floated at our side.

    For what seemed like eons, Arcanine would trot a few steps forward, blast another Flamethrower, and then continue. Even though Arcanine was warm and his frequent Flamethrowers would generate some extra heat that would be blown back into my face, I still felt myself getting colder and weaker.

    "Form cast?" Castform cried quietly, looking at me with concern.

    "I'm f-fine. Don't worry."

    I lost track of time in the storm. It was night, and I could not see any stars due to the blanket of clouds. Glancing at my PokéNav, I realized that that we had only made it about a third of the way up Route 217. I had difficulty putting it back onto my belt since I could barely feel my fingers. I cursed and felt my confidence plummeting.

    I suddenly noticed Arcanine's heavy breathing. It had stopped blasting Flamethrowers and was simply walking through the snow at a disturbingly slow pace. Why had it taken me so long to notice this?

    "Arcanine, what's wrong?"

    It looked back at me. It looked like it was using a Frost Breath attack from how much of its hot breath I could see. Its eyes were weary, and for the first time in my life I felt a Fire type shivering.

    "You need to rest," I stated, sliding off Arcanine and back into the snow. My shoes and pants immediately became wet again. I pulled out its Quick Ball. "Thank you for getting us this far."

    Arcanine began to protest, but I returned it to its Pokéball anyway.

    I looked at Castform. "Just you and me, buddy."

    Castform smiled in an attempt to hide the concerned look it had had this whole time, but it did not do an good job of it.

    I trudged on. My legs went through the snow slowly, making the trip terribly slow. I was shivering uncontrollably now as the icy wind felt like knives on my face. I held my arms tight around my body, and I noticed my hands were uncharacteristically pale. I stumbled and nearly fell, but I kept my balance and continued walking.

    "Cast form cast!" Castform cried, nudging me on the shoulder.

    "Imm okeey…iss find…" I answered, having serious difficulty speaking. I stumbled and fell to the ground, but with Castform's help I was able to get back up.

    "Cast form cast!!!" Castform appeared on the verge of tears.

    Under normal circumstances, I would have tried to console Castform. Anyone would want to hug Castform when his cute face was sad.

    But at that moment, I didn't care. I practically forgot he was there.

    Castform nudged me again. I ignored him. My movements became slower, and I could feel my heartbeat slowing down. Where was I again? What was I doing? Why was it so cold? Oh well. I didn't care though. Walking was fine. Just walking. Slowly. My fingers numb. My skin gray. My heartbeat slow. My concern for Hoenn gone.

    I stumbled again, but this time I didn't get back up. Within minutes, the white snow in my vision became black.
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