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I absolutely adore the music video for 22; it's so fun, just like the song is. I'm a big fan of the confetti cannons I must admit, as well as Taylor's outfit (when she smiles when she's on the swing, omg that is perfection). All in all, it was a good music video - I think all of the Red videos thus far have been quite good, but then again throughout her career that's been the case so it's nothing to be surprised of :P

This is exciting news! Some part of me was clinging onto the hope that she'd come to Australia in 2013 (because of 13, really) but seeing her next year would be great as well! :)

I don't really want to watch any videos from the Red Tour because I don't want to spoil anything. But speaking of her tours:

Have you seen Taylor in concert before? If so, what are your most memorable experiences of her in concert?

(My apologies if this has been asked before; there's no list of topics in the OP and I don't want to look through all the pages to find out if this has been discussed yet.)

I went to her Melbourne concert last year (March 13th, funnily enough) and it was an amazing night. I was in the mosh pit and it was really amazing - I was so close to Taylor which was great. Her performances were really good and I loved the costumes and stage setting (especially in Speak Now and Haunted). She also sang Safe and Sound which was a nice surprise. Best moment of the night though? The friends who I went with and I knew that she walks around the crowd so we were poised at the edge of the mosh towards the end of the night. Later on she walked around the crowd - there were so many people and I just reached out my arm and to my immense surprise/shock I felt a warm hand grab mine for about a second or two. Taylor Swift held my hand! :D

Do you guys have any exciting tour-related tales?
I haven't seen her live yet /sob, your concert sounds like an amazing night lol I would die if Tay holds my hand!
I still hope she announces South American dates for the tour.