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Thread: Pokémon: Mew and the Mysterious Draco Soul (Male's Story)

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    Default Pokémon: Mew and the Mysterious Draco Soul (Male's Story)

    Personal Ratings
    This fiction has been rated PG-14 as it contains mild swearing and may be inappropriate for young audiences. If you wish to read the fiction but are too worried about the inappropriateness, always have your parents’ permission before doing so.
    This fiction will be separated into 3 different stories. Currently, the only story available is the Male Story. And I will be working on this story first. The Female Story will be available soon after I finish this current one. There will also be a secret character’s story, but that will be a months or years to go from now. This fiction is the first fiction ever that is written by me, so please don't expect outstanding results, however, I will do my best to write as good as I can.

    There are a few personal rules set on this thread as well. They will be listed below.

    1- All SPPF rules apply. For more information, click HERE

    2- All Fan Fiction rules apply. For more information, click HERE

    3- This fiction is NOT CANON. This means that the fiction is unofficial and is written for entertainment purpose only. So comments such as ”Butterfree can’t legitimately learn Fire Blast, you’re just making stuff up” or ”The Dragonairs that Lance had in Pokemon Adventure Manga had the ability to change the weather, where are all the moves?” are not allowed.

    4- This fiction contains Pokémon up to the 5th Generation only, so please don't say something like "Froakie is also a Water type starter you idiot."

    5- To all the respected readers. Please leave a positive or negative comment after reading a chapter. Feel free to be honest and tell me what I’ve done wrong so I can improve. However, as mentioned in the Fan Fiction rules, comments such as “You suck at writing! Stop posting this kind of stuff on the forum!” are not allowed. At least provide evidence to support your opinion.

    That’s all and I hope you enjoy the fiction.
    Chapter 1 = HERE
    Chapter 2 = HERE
    Chapter 3 = HERE
    Chapter 4 = HERE
    Chapter 5 = Link Currently Unavailable
    Chapter 6 = Link Currently Unavailable
    Chapter 7 = Link Currently Unavailable
    Chapter 8 = Link Currently Unavailable
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    Chapter 10 = Link Currently Unavailable
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    Chapter 21 = Link Currently Unavailable
    Chapter 22 = Link Currently Unavailable

    CHAPTER 1: Introduction.
    ”Just one more test to go, and I will be qualified as a Pokémon Trainer!” I said.

    ”But you should know, this final challenge is a really challenging one.” My father replied.

    ”I don’t care, I just want to get my first Pokémon like other young Trainers!” I said as in I wasn’t worry about the challenge.

    ”In that case, good luck.” My father said before I took my departure.

    ”Thanks Dad! I will prove to ya I have the qualities to be a good Trainer!” I replied while waving my hand to my father.

    My name is Zackry Bane. I'm normally known as Zack by my family members and my friends. As you know, I am a boy. I have blue eyes, spiky hair... Let me just cut to the chase. I am Professor Bane's only son. Ever since I was small, I've been lending a hand to my father's project.

    My father's goal was to create a better world where Pokémon can live happily with mankind without the barrier made by the Pokéballs. My father deeply believed that even though Pokéballs could be used as a convenient tool, there must be a chance that Pokéballs are not required for wild Pokémon to stay in a peaceful world with mankind. To achieve this dream, my father had to collect datas from a lot of Pokémon using the sophisticated PokéDex, also known as the Pokémon Encyclopedia.

    However, due to my young age and misunderstanding personality, my father didn't feel safe to give me my first Pokémon and let me start a Pokémon Journey. This was a major disappointment, but still, I had no choice but to wait until I've become bigger and more mature.

    Truth to be told, I'd always hated helping my dad with his research. This was mainly because all I did was researching and researching... it was exciting at the beginning, but as time went by, it started to get more and more boring. Until one day, which it was a week ago. I asked my father for the permission to start my first ever journey as a Pokémon Trainer, I also requested for my first Pokémon.

    However, things weren't that easy. It seemed that I had to pass a few tests to be able to be considered a Pokémon Trainer and officially own a Pokémon.

    ”Tests? No problem! I betcha I can pass with flying colours” That's what I told my father.

    Most of the challenges were a piece of cake, since I've been studying Pokémon with my father for a long time, basics such as weaknesses and resistances, physical attacks and special attacks and others were absolutely no problem to me.

    Until the time for the final challenge. I had to venture into the deepest part of the Evergrowing Forest, a big forest to the west of Biginia Town, to pick up 1 Cheri Berry, 3 Oran Berries and 1 Sitrus Berry.

    Yes, the word Beginia came from the word Beginner, which means the starting point for new trainers destined for different but meaningful journeys, it's also the place where the Bane's lab was located.

    If I could successfully complete this challenge, I would be given a Pokémon and the permission to go on a Pokémon Journey.

    Professor Bane, my father, had sent a girl to accompany me during the test due to her early acquisition of a Pokémon. Her name is Rayla Victor as known as Ray. She is one of my childhood best friends, my family has known her for a long time, the same way goes to her family.

    However, her father was said to always have important business overseas that he couldn’t come visit us often. To be honest, I haven’t seen Ray’s father before, Guess he must be unbelievably busy.

    The time had come for me to complete my test. I ran towards Evergrowing Forest.

    Location: Evergrowing Forest, Beginia Town
    Date: June 17th, 2017
    Time: 3:00 p.m.
    Weather: Clear
    Season: Summer

    The tall trees in the forest blocked most of the sunlight, even though it was summer, It's still pretty dark in there.

    I walked into the entrance of the Evergrowing Forest. I knew that I had to be really careful since wild Pokémon might attack me. After walking for a distance, I saw something shining in the deep forest.

    I walked towards the shining spot slowly and calmly. I could feel the spiky Tall Grasses hurting me. But that didn’t bother me.

    I saw 3 Oran Berries on the ground when I was walking, so I took them, kept them safely, and continue my search.

    As I was walking, I noticed that there were a lot of wild Pokémon like Exeggcute, Oddish, Shrromish and Venonat, but they seemed to be resting, this was probably because of the hot weather during the summer, everyone just didn’t have the energy to fight and just felt like lying down and rest.

    This was a golden opportunity, so I started the move faster and looked for the remaining berries. After a long time of searching, I sat down, took out a bottle of Lemonade I brought along, and started drinking it to regain my energy. I could easily feel sweat trickling down my head and my back, but that wouldn’t stop me from continuing my search.

    But then I thought, instead of finding the berries, I could find out which Pokémon had odds of holding one. So I took out my Pokémon records and started reading through.

    ”Aren’t you going to continue your search? Why are you sitting down and reading a book?” Rayla asked.

    ”I am going to, but instead of finding the berries itself, we can find Pokémon holding them.” I replied.

    And so I began to read through the berries section.

    ”C… C… C… got it! Cheri Berry. This berry can cure paralysis. When used as a Natural Gift, it will become a Fire-type move.” I mumbled to myself.

    ”Aha! Got it! Wild Emolgas have a really high odds of holding one,” I said.

    ”Emolga eh? Well, I’ve seen some Emolgas flying around deep in this forest before. Follow me.” Rayla stood up and said, and then started to walk into the deeper part of Evergrowing Forest.

    ”So uh… Zack?” Rayla asked suddenly while we were moving.

    ”Yes?” I answered curiously.

    ”Have you ever thought of the Starter Pokémon you might choose if you pass this test?” Rayla asked.

    ”Hmm… come to think about it, I haven’t thought of this yet,” I answered. “But all I know is we need to focus on the test right now.”

    Suddenly, I thought of another idea…

    ”Hey Rayla, do you have an electric type Pokémon with you?” I asked.

    "Yes… I have this Electrike with me. Why’d you ask?” She asked back.

    ”I’ve checked the Habitat List of Evergrowing Forest before. It seems that the only Electric type Pokémon living here is Emolga…”

    I then knelt down and touched Electrike’s fur softly, I could feel a little electrical static on its fur.

    ”Bingo!” I said. Rayla seemed to be confused.

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