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    Pokémon Universe Season 13: Roulette

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    Hello everyone, and welcome to the thirteenth season of Pokémon Universe, which over the course of three and a half years and twelve seasons has crowned six very deserving winners – Rosso, Tori, Dash, Celeste, Evva and Iris, all taking home a grand prize of 1,000,000 PokeDollars and the pride and respect of fellow members – and has been the start of friendships, rivalries, romances, and drama. Hopefully, this season, run by myself and Ruby XIII (as Wormow seems to have vanished yet again), will be no different.

    This season will be focused on luck – one spin of the roulette could change your destiny, and greatly increase or decrease your odds. Challenges will be more challenging and creative than ever, ranging from the usual writing tasks to something more complex like making videos, but beware of what the gods may have in store for you; unexpected twists and turns may suddenly veer you off course. We will also be reintroducing the concept of teams this season; depending on who you are teamed up with, your chances of winning could be drastically changed. Will the odds be in your favour? Only time will tell…

    ...Anyway, crappy introduction aside, allons-y!

    Universe Rules:
    - You must be active on a regular basis (daily), be able to check the thread and be able to do all the challenges and anything you're told to do.
    - Keep in mind that this is a challenge game, not an RP game, and that the challenges will not be limited to just writing.
    - All Serebii Forums and Game rules apply.
    - Once you've been eliminated, you're allowed to make another two posts with your 'goodbye' message before you're officially eliminated from the game.
    - Be creative, and use your own ideas for any challenge. However, plagiarism (stealing someone else’s work) will NOT be tolerated; as soon as we find out, you WILL be kicked out and be banned from all future seasons, and a mod will be notified of the situation.
    - Feel free to roleplay in character and bring it to life. There’s no specific limit to the amount of roleplaying you can do, but please don’t go overboard and post like ten pages worth of posts in one day.
    - You must vote for someone to be eliminated, no matter what. No vote will result in a strike.
    - You must always include a reason when voting in elimination (a minimum of 15 words). Otherwise, the vote will be considered null.
    - Please use your icon (Pokémon sprite) while PMing and RPing.
    - Please listen to the host/co-host; any arguments/problems can be settled in PM. Be respectful.
    - You will get 2 strikes maximum this season, and then you get the boot for this and any future seasons.
    - No Italian. Honestly, no Italian.
    Breaking any of these rules will result in a strike, obviously. Three strikes and you're banned from this season and the next.

    Universe Elements:
    - Major Challenge: Is usually first in the week, every person participates in the contest as a team. The winning team usually wins power or an advantage at the Point Meter. Examples of challenges are course challenges, drawings, essays, translation, etc. The time limit is 48 hours.
    - Uni Challenge: Uni Challenge is a tempting challenge and is optional, as well as simpler than the Major Challenge. The prize is usually Immunity or something else that's favourable. Entering the Uni Challenge is risky due to the hidden point restrictions it may give. The time limit is 24 hours.
    - Team Contest: Each team must offer up one person from their team to participate in the contest. The winner of the contest will receive power that will affect the other teams. One cannot participate in the Team Contest more than once in a row. The time limit is 48 hours.
    - Roulette Challenge: One person is chosen at random to complete a challenge, usually a quiz or a writing challenge, in the space of 24 hours. If successfully completed, they will be awarded a boost in points, but failure to do so will result in a point deduction instead.
    - Interview: At the end of the week, usually before the Point Meter, each contestant does an interview. It is usually an overview of the week, and the contestant's opinion on what has happened so far. These interviews may influence our decisions, but don’t let that deter you from telling the truth!
    - Teams: Up until Week 9, there will be four teams: the Sky Team, the Sun Team, the Star Team, and the Moon Team. The members of the teams will be randomized at the start of every week. Every team will have at least two members at any time, and the average scores of each team will have an impact on who receives Immunity and who is eliminated (more on those later).
    - Point Meter: Contestants will be awarded points for each challenge they complete, the amounts varying according to the quality of the entry. The Point Meter, which is shown at the end of each week, will show the scores of all the contestants, including the average scores of each team.
    - Elimination: At the end of the week, the members of the worst performing team (based on the average score) will be put up for voting from the rest of the members. Based on the number of votes each nominee receives, their names will be put into an RNG, to determine the person eliminated: eg. A gets 2 votes, B gets 4 votes, C gets 5 votes, and D gets 1 vote. Then the numbers 1-12 will be RNG’d, and if numbers 1-2 are chosen A is eliminated, if numbers 3-6 are chosen B is eliminated, etc.
    - Immunity: Immunity prevents a contestant from being eliminated. The members of the top performing team at the end of each week will automatically be granted Immunity for the next week; Immunity will also sometimes be given out as rewards for challenges, usually the Uni Challenge.
    - Items: Items will play a greater role in the game this season than ever before, with most of them altering one’s odds of winning the game, and there will be a large variety of items to use. A list of these will be added as the items appear.
    - Featured Contestant: The top performing contestant at the end of each week will have their names displayed on the front page, and will receive an Item (see above) as their prize. To keep things fair, one cannot be the Featured Contestant twice in a row.

    Items Catalogue:

    Iris, the winner of Season 12, as well as an inventor with a strong reputation (Azran Flame)
    Charles, a talented yet arrogant, stuck-up and confident gentleman (Ruby XIII)


    Team Sky
    Omen (SenorLaughsaLot)
    Xero (MegaSerperior)
    Prince Allister (Feralninja)

    Team Sun
    Leo (Monster Guy)
    Disgrace (Shadeace)
    Legion (Billy Mays)

    Team Star
    Gizmo (Dracoste)
    Vanek (InfernalBlaze)

    Team Moon
    Cassidy Donatello (GalladeofSpades)
    Ramona St. Claire (Armando Payne)
    Mug (Mug)

    Eliminated Contestants:
    Week 1: Ezel Granada (Grim Heaper)
    Week 2: Venus Lis Esperer (Lost Requiem)
    Week 3: Seth (ansem the wise)

    Featured Contestants:
    Week 1: Mug (Mug) - 56 points
    Week 2: Gizmo (Dracoste) - 62 points
    Week 3: Xero (MegaSerperior) - 58 points

    Armando Payne: /
    Lost Requiem: /
    GalladeOfSpades: /
    Sir DJ: /// BANNED
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