Welcome, ladies and non-gentlemen, to your second Point Meter, and the first which wasn’t a complete flop! Oh, but before we go on to that, you know what I said about publishing one of the interviews? Well, with the help of the trusty RNG – I mean, Roulette – I concluded that Venus should be the one to have her secrets spoilt. Here it is:


An interesting read, for sure. Now, here are the results:


But as Charles pointed out last week, total scores mean little, if anything, at all, especially now that the teams are slightly uneven. So don’t worry, Team Sky. You’re not going straight to the chopping blocks. What matter are the average scores. And here they are:

Team Sky: 22
Team Sun: 32.75
Team Star: 19
Team Moon: 29.5

Well, we can confirm that, with an average of 19 points, Team Star is headed for the Elimination Gala, or whatever we’re supposed to call it, with the exception of… oh, no one. Doubly convenient for us! Also, with an average score of a whopping 32.75 points, Team Sun, which includes Vanek, Leo, Disgrace, and Gizmo, has Immunity for next week.

To vote for who you want to have their odds of being eliminated increased, you must PM me, giving a vote to one of the four members of Team Star, with a 15 word minimum reason why they deserve to be eliminated. You have 36 hours, and remember...

Not Voting Results in a Strike.

And last but certainly not least, we have our Featured Contestant of the week, Gizmo, who managed to earn 62 points this week! Special mention also goes to Mug, who was just one point away from tying with Gizmo. As a result, Gizmo will be receiving the Spinda Bracelet.
(Spinda Bracelet - the user swaps their team with another randomized player.)
No, this totally wasn’t intentional… like, totally…

So, we can confirm the morals of this week are:
• Being in a three-man team doesn’t necessarily suck… as long as your teammates aren’t lazy a—I mean, donkeys!
• Having the Featured Contestant on your team is always a good thing, even if you suck on your own!
• Never enter dangerous Uni Challenges! (Team Moon would have gained Immunity if Seth and Omen hadn’t entered the Uni Challenge, which cost the team 40 points. Seth also pretty much dug his grave by choosing the number 5.5, so…)
• Venus has a static, boring personality!

Remember guys, voting truly makes a difference! Or whatever slogan politicians use in their campaigns nowadays. So don’t forget to vote, or the wrath of a Strike shall rear its ugly head and unleash its rage upon you. Toodle-doo for now!

*somewhere else*
Finally… it’s over.